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Anthem Guide

Anthem Guide

Prepare your Javelin. Anthem guide helps you to understand the basic and advanced mechanics. Our tips will help you choose the best Javelin and take care of its development. You will learn here about microtransactions, skills and combat. Be sure to check our walkthrough.

Last update: Friday, March 8, 2019

Our guide to Anthem, developed by BioWare, contains all information about this game. Learn the game's basics and understand the most important aspects of the gameplay mechanics. The guide is recommended for both beginners and those who want to learn more advanced tactics and character builds.

The guide is divided into a few larger parts. One of the most important chapters is dedicated to the descriptions of the four available Javelin classes (futuristic armors used by the characters to explore the game's world). We have listed the pros and cons of every armor as well as their main roles and exemplary builds for each of the main Javelin classes. Our guide also includes descriptions of the most important gameplay mechanics such as flying, combat, getting loot, upgrading your Javelin or accepting missions. We have dedicated a separate page to Fort Tarsis - your main base. There, you can read about the NPCs, secrets or interactive areas found within the fort.

We have dedicated a large portion of the guide to describe the game's content. The most important part is the walkthrough for Anthem's every main mission. Besides that, we have also included walkthroughs for the strongholds, descriptions of the contracts and random events happening in the game's world which can give you various rewards (e.g. blueprints or new parts for your Javelin). Besides that, we have also included descriptions of more challenging puzzles you can encounter during the missions.

The FAQ section is another important part of the guide. Here, you can learn how to get XP fast, how to get coins, which Javelin class is the best, where you can find the forge, what is the recommended difficulty level, how to craft new weapons or how to extend your flight time. The guide also contains chapters dedicated to the controls, Anthem's system requirements, and a trophy/achievement guide where you can find detailed descriptions of the available trophies/achievements.

Anthem is a co-op TPP shooter with MMO elements. The story is set in far future where we control one of the Freelancers who use advanced armors to explore the dangerous world. These armors have advanced weaponry systems and they allow their users to fly. As the game progresses, we get access to new armor upgrades and classes which change the gameplay completely.

Which Javelin class should you pick?

In Anthem, there are four main types of exosuits available - Anthem Guide

In Anthem, there are four main types of exosuits available. The chance to unlock subsequent javelins appears after the hero advances to the 2nd, 12th, 20th and 28th experience level respectively.

  1. Which javelin for beginners?
  2. Ranger - Pick this class if you want to play a versatile character in the style of a soldier. This is the easiest class to master.
  3. Storm - Pick this class if you want to play a character who resembles a mage and defeats enemies with attacks based on the elements.
  4. Interceptor - Pick this class if you want to play a very agile character who can perform fast, precise attacks.
  5. Colossus - Pick this class if you want to play a tank and use the heaviest possible ordnance to defeat enemies.

How to choose the difficulty level?

The difficulty level of Anthem is a pretty complex matter - Anthem Guide

The difficulty level of Anthem is a pretty complex matter. You don't choose it just once for the entire campaign. Anthem lets you set the difficulty for each new expedition (i.e. every new mission, or free exploration). We strongly recommend using this functionality. Here's our remarks:

  1. Normal difficulty level is the best solution for exploring the game and playing its role-playing missions. You should be able to pass all new missions and contracts without any major problems. This is also a recommended level of difficulty if you are going to play some expeditions on your own.
  2. High difficulty level is recommend only if you feel that the missions are too easy. It can be a result of achieving a good build for your javelin or playing together with good players. However, it's a good idea to think twice if you're going to join a mission with strong enemies, or if you're going to play a task in a Stronghold. You may have huge problems if you encounter a powerful boss, for example.
  3. Grandmaster 1 is the optimal choice of difficulty level after you've reached the maximum level of experience (30). It increases the level of challenge, of course, but it also increases your chances of finding the quality items you will need to improve your javelin's power. Stronghold missions are a good combination with the this difficulty level.
  4. The Grand Master 2 and Grand Master 3 difficulty levels can be a considerable challenge even for a highly developed and well-coordinated team of players. However, you may decide to choose these if you have plans to reach the dungeon boxes during the free exploration of the game world. This will allow you to take advantage of the increased chances of finding master-class items. With such an action plan, however, you should avoid any confrontation and focus only on reaching locations with loot boxes.

I have questions and I am looking for answers

Some of the mechanics of Anthem may initially be incomprehensible or insufficiently clear. The FAQ section of our guide should help You with most of these issues. Here are some of the topics that we have decided to describe:

  1. Where is the Forge? - You can find it at the eastern end of Fort Tarsis. It is a control panel located next to Zoe and the currently displayed Javelin.
  2. How to change the Javelin and its loadout? - You must interact with the Forge panel. You can change the Javelin's loadout in the main menu. You can change the Javelin class only to one that you have already unlocked.
  3. How to get XP faster? - First of all, it is worth grouping up with other players and performing combo attacks with them. In addition, we also recommend visiting Strongholds and random events that you will come across during exploration.
  4. How to extend flight time? - The engines in your exosuit can be cooled down in several ways, e.g. by deciding to fly just above the surface of the water, by plunging the Javelin into water or by flying through a waterfall.
  5. Can you play Anthem solo? - Single player mode is unfortunately only available in a few specific game modes. These are mostly story missions, which can be completed without any assistance from other players (but playing through them alone will make it much harder to survive).
  6. How to complete Trial of Yvenia? - This might be the most difficult challenge connected with the Tombs of Legionnaires. The treasure chests can be found across the in-game world or reached when completing missions and encounter events.
  7. How to collect the pre-order and Legion of Dawn edition rewards? - Go to the in-game store (the one with the cosmetic items you can purchase with coins and shards) and navigate to the Rewards tab.
  8. Is it possible to lose found loot? - Yes. You can lose your loot if you do not pick it up when playing the mission. You will keep it, though, if you complete the expedition earlier and you keep the loot in your backpack.
  9. Are there any microtransactions in Anthem? - Yes. You can purchase shards with real money, however, they can only be spent on cosmetic items. These items can also be purchased with the in-game currency.
  10. Can you start a new game? - Yes. A single Origin account allows you to have three different pilots simultaneously and starting a new campaign with each one of them. You can create a new pilot in the main menu.
  11. How to quickly earn the in-game currency? Coins (the main currency in the game) are easiest to earn when completing contracts, challenges, and accepting other players to your Alliance.
  12. How to earn Ember? - You can find Ember when exploring the in-game world as well as in the Freeplay mode. Alternatively, you can purchase it with Coins in stores at Fort Tarsis.
  13. How to perform a combo? - You have to use the first ability properly that will make the opponent vulnerable to a combo, and then the second one that will lead to the proper combo.
  14. How to travel faster? - You can speed up using the javelin afterburners (this will increase the overheating of the engine), as well as choose other starting points on the map (free play mode) and fly through energy tunnels.
  15. What do I do when my javelin is locked-in on? - Defensive turrets can lock in on you. Usually it is too late to attack if that happens. The only solution is to evade the attack correctly (mid-air or on the ground).
  16. How to get master gear? - You must start by increasing the strength of your javelin to the Epic level. The chances of finding master loot can be increased by setting one of the difficulty levels to Grand Master, and repeating missions in Strongholds.
  17. Can a Titan be taken down alone? - Yes, it is possible, but very demanding at levels of difficulty higher than normal. You should fight at a distance, aim at Titan's weak points and correctly avoid its strong attacks.
  18. Can I replay missions? - Anthem unfortunately does not have the option of repeating missions that have already been completed. You can solve the problem by creating a new javelin and starting the campaign from scratch or by joining a session of another player who has not yet completed the mission.

Crafting in Anthem

Crafting in Anthem is used to create very good builds. In order to craft you need resources and blueprints. Our guide to Anthem contains crafting tips - you will learn here how to craft weapons and items , how to collect Ember and get the materials like chimeric alloy (plants), chimeric compound (minerals), weapon parts, javeling parts, ember and masterwork ember.

  1. Crafting guide
  2. Crafting materials and how to get them
  3. Ember - how to collect it?
  4. How to create new weapons?

Can you romance in Anthem?

No, Anthem doesnt offer players the option to romance NPCs - Anthem Guide

No, Anthem doesn't offer players the option to romance NPCs. Our character can only befriend and talk with NPCs to learn them better or give them advice. However, the developers are thinking about adding the option to romance characters after Anthem's release.

How to return to Fort Tarsis?

Fort Tarsis is your main hub - Anthem Guide

Fort Tarsis is your main hub. Usually, you can go back there after completing a mission. Freeplay mode is the exception. If you are playing in that mode, open the map and hold the button to end Freeplay (see the picture above - hold Square if you play on PS4). By doing that, you save your progress (gained XP, collected loot). If you close the game in any other way (you shut it down, go back to the main menu etc.), your progress will be lost.

Why didn't I get any XP after ending an expedition?

You get XP after you complete a mission or end Freeplay mode - Anthem Guide

You get XP after you complete a mission or end Freeplay mode. Go back to the Fort - the game will display a summary of your recent activities, including gained XP. If you leave the game before you go back to Fort Tarsis, you can lose your recent progress.

Can you run in Fort Tarsis?

Yes, you can move faster inside the Fort by holding the run button - Anthem Guide

Yes, you can move faster inside the Fort by holding the run button. However, you won't move much faster. Remember that you can follow the marker to your current objective. You should also memorize where the forge and your Javelin station are. You will visit these parts of the Fort a lot.

What versions of Anthem can I get?

Anthem has three versions - Anthem Guide

Anthem has three versions:

  1. Standard edition. Offers pre-order bonuses - Founders Player Banner, Legion of Dawn Legendary Armor pack and a weapon for Ranger class.
  2. Legion of Dawn edition. Offers the same bonuses as the Standard edition. However, this edition also comes with additional content - Legendary Armor + Legendary Weapon pack for the other three Javelin classes (Colossus, Storm, Interceptor), and a digital version of Anthem's soundtrack. The legendary armors and one of the weapons are presented in the picture above.
  3. Origin Access edition. Available only on PC and only for Origin Access Premier subscribers. This edition offers the same bonuses as Legion of Dawn edition. However, it also allows players to access the game on February, 15th 2019, a week before the game's official release date.

Can I pause the game?

No, Anthem doesn't have the option to pause the game. Even if you play solo and you open Cortex or the main menu, the game won't pause. This means that your character can, e.g. get attacked by an enemy. Open these windows only when you are in a safe location.

When can I play the full version of Anthem?

Your access to the full version of Anthem depends on which platform you own - Anthem Guide

Your access to the full version of Anthem depends on which platform you own:

  1. Anthem on PC - you can play the game in Early Access on February 15th, 2019 if you are subscribed to Origin Access. The Basic version gives you the option to play 10 hours trial. The Premier version is the only one that gives you unlimited access before the official release date. Otherwise, you will have to wait until February 22th, 2019 (the official release date).
  2. Anthem on Xbox One - You can play the game in Early Access on February 15th, 2019 if you are subscribed to EA Access. However, you will only be able to play the 10 hours trial. Otherwise, wait until February 22th, 2019 for the official release.
  3. Anthem on PS4 - Sadly, this console doesn't have any Early Access options. Regardless of which version you have, you need to wait until February 22th, 2019 for the official release.

Can I play the Anthem demo?

Unfortunately, no, you can't play the demo anymore. Anthem's demo was released two times, first for VIPs (January 25-27th, 2019) and then for everyone (February 1-3th, 2019). The publisher isn't planning on releasing the demo again. If you still have the demo client still installed, you won't be able to play it - the demo's servers are inactive.

About Anthem Guide

Author : Jacek "Stranger" Halas & Patrick "yxu" Homa for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Anthem Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: BioWare Corporation
  • publisher: Electronic Arts Inc.
  • platform: XONE, PC, PS4

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