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Ranger class javelin in Anthem Anthem Guide and Walkthrough

On this page of the Anthem game guide, you will find the description of the Ranger class. The Ranger is one of the four main classes of Javelins (exosuits). From our description, you will be able to learn about the general applications of the Ranger class and about the elements of this suit that make it stand out from the rest of the classes.

The description of the Ranger class is a work in progress. This section will be expanded in the near future to also include suggested builds for this particular class.

Who is the Ranger class for?

The Ranger is the most versatile class, designed to be the equivalent of a soldier on the battlefield - Ranger class javelin in Anthem - Javelin Classes - Anthem Guide

The Ranger is the most versatile class, designed to be the equivalent of a soldier on the battlefield. This versatility makes the Ranger one of the easier classes to play.

  1. Choosing the Ranger suit allows you to easily adapt to the current situation on the battlefield. You can fight effectively both by using melee and ranged attacks, and you have a wide range of defensive capabilities that will be useful if you run into any trouble.
  2. The Ranger works best when attacking single targets, however, the class is also quite proficient at dealing with smaller groups of enemies. When it comes to larger groups, you need to be a lot more careful.
  3. While playing this class you will enjoy a lot of manoeuvrability, allowing you to navigate the battlefield without many issues. The Ranger can perform both double jumps and traditional dodges.

What abilities does the Ranger class have?

The Ranger uses a shock mace to execute melee attacks. This piece of weaponry will allow you to deal substantial amounts of damage (which makes it useful for finishing off enemies), however, it does have a weakness in the form of slow attack speed.

The Ranger is equipped with a missile launcher, which is the perfect tool for ranged attacks. You can equip various versions of the assault launcher and, e.g. rely on homing missiles, poisoned attacks, or projectiles that generate an electrical discharge.

The Ranger can also carry grenades and they too come in several unique varieties. In addition to the standard fragmentation grenades, you can also use, e.g. incendiary grenades, frost grenades, and seeker grenades.

The Ranger has the ability to create an energy barrier. Depending on the installed armor upgrade, it can have different applications and, e.g. stop projectiles fired by enemies or increase the damage from firearms caused by those who are inside the barrier.

The Ranger's ultimate ability is the Multi-target Missile Battery. The projectiles can hit a single, powerful foe or be guided to strike a group of enemies all at once.

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