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World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth Game Guide by

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth Game Guide

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Ranking of the best DPS classes and specs in WOW Battle for Azeroth World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth Guide

Damage Per Second (DPS) classes and specializations have always competed with each other to achieve the best results. It is no different in Battle for Azeroth, where everyone try to overcome various challenges as soon as possible. Raids have not been released yet, but even so players are still looking for the class that performs best in the DPS role.

The ranking below is based on information from different, best guilds in the world and simulations. It's not a final revision cause it concerns the 8.0.1 version of the game. Future patches will most probably implement a lot of changes to some classes and specializations, so sooner or later the whole ranking may change drastically. Treat this section of guide as a concept and suggestion. Especially, since the differences between some of the top classes are marginal.

1 - Ranking of the best DPS classes and specs in WOW Battle for Azeroth - FAQ - World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth Game Guide

Ranking of best DPS classes (with specializations)

1. Assassination Rogue

2. Retribution Paladin

3. Havoc Demon Hunter

4. Windwalker Monk

5. Survival Hunter

6. Frost Death Knight

7. Fury Warrior

8. Affliction Warlock

9. Feral Druid

10. Outlaw Rogue

11. Subtlety Rogue

12. Fire Mage

13. Enhancement Shaman

14. Elemental Shaman

15. Beast Mastery Hunter

16. Shadow Priest

17. Unholy Death Knight

18. Frost Mage

19. Marksmanship Hunter

20. Arms Warrior

21. Arcane Mage

22. Destruction Warlock

23. Balance Druid

24. Demonology Warlock

25. Blood Death Knight

26. Protection Warrior

27. Vengeance Demon Hunter

28. Brewmaster Monk

29. Guardian Druid

30. Protection Paladin

It is worth noting that the above ranking concerns the PvE combat and bosses, where DPS is extremely important. However, sometimes circumstances may occur when a character or class that is ideal for dealing damage to one target does not necessarily work with more opponents (trash mobs and boss' sidekicks) due to low area of effect capabilities. This should be taken into account, because when doing dungeons and raids, the most important thing is to defeat the boss. Of course, you still have to get to him beforehand.

In addition, some of the final opponents like to summon a support that consists of few mobs. Then the above ranking becomes slightly less important, as classes specializing in area of effect skills and spells will definitely gain in importance. That is why the whole list should be treated as a guideline and not as a final game mechanics element.

For example, after the update 8.1 is going to hit the servers and Udir raid will be available - we may assume that Havoc Demon Hunter, Shadow Priest and Destruction Warlock will enter the TOP 3 positions in DPS ranking list. Assassination Rogue and Retribution Paladin, on the other hand, will definitely lose their strength. However, time will tell whether these forecasts are not bogus.

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