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Wasteland 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Wasteland 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough

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Help Kate Preston fix the irrigation system of Highpool / Highpool elections | Highpool - quests Wasteland 2 Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

IN the underground of Highpool, you meet Kate Preston, who is having difficulties with pressure - Help Kate Preston fix the irrigation system of Highpool / Highpool elections | Highpool - quests - Highpool - quests - Wasteland 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough

IN the underground of Highpool, you meet Kate Preston, who is having difficulties with pressure. To save the day, you need to open valves on five pumps (the blue lights). Note the two rows of buttons, on the screenshot, on the wall next to the main computer. They open gates to individual rooms (yellow lights) but, only 3 gates can be opened at the same time. Leave one character (the weakest one) to attend the buttons, whereas the others need to go ahead. In the rooms, there are swarms of mutated flies and larvae/ Nothing too demanding, but you should first visit the shop of Highpool, if you are suffering from shortages.

Hints provided below only work in the case of the basic version of the game. When it comes to Director's Cut, limit on the locks that can be raised simultaneously has been lifted. Therefore, you do not need to leave anybody by the main computer and you can explore the entire complex in any order you want.

Start in room 2, where you find a spare valve, which you are going to need in a moment. From here, go around the complex and head towards room five, where you find the first pump. Then, to room 9 with another pump, then through 8 to 10, where there is a damaged pump. Replace the valve with the one that you have found in 2. the last pump is in room 4. Also, remember to restore power supply, for the Radio Tower, in room 6. Once you save the day, there still is one more pump to start, close to the control panel. The happy Kathy returns to the surface to run in the elections for the new Major. You will witness the elections after you return to the surface.

Depending on whether you have already completed enough side quest, or not, before you fixed the system, Kathy will either win, lose or she will tie and the elections will be put off. Then, start helping the citizens, on a regular basis, talk often to Kathy - she will keep you informed on the polls in the town. Once she tells you that she is bound to win, you can start the elections. Kathy will become the new Mayor and the town will return under the jurisdiction of the Desert Rangers. Talk then to Kathy at her new office (the same building as the shop), and she will reward you.

Alternative solutions:

  • Do not fix the system - the reservoirs explode and the town loses its strategic value and, with time, will die out;
  • Act to the detriment of the citizens of Highpool - do not save the blazing house, dig open the graves of Bobby and Rex, give the cigarettes to the children that nag at Cry, etc. Then, Sean Bergin becomes the Mayor, the city will be seized by the Red Scorpions and you will be no longer welcome there.

Concerns the quests:

  • Talk to Kate Preston about the tunnels under Highpool;
  • Help Kate Preston fix the irrigation system of Highpool;
  • Help the people of Highpool elect a new Mayor
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