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Wasteland 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Wasteland 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Characters Wasteland 2 Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

General Vargas

Vargas Snake was one of the four guards that blew up the Cochise Base. After the events of the first game, General Vargas continued his service to reach the rank of the General, after some time, and become the official leader of the Desert Rangers.

Vargas changed over the years. He cut off all his links between himself and the rest of the world, he shed his nickname and got involved, mainly, in paperwork in the Ranger's Citadel. There is still a sense of duty to protect the dwellers in him however, the death of his friend - Ace - made him realize that the Rangers are merely a shadow of their former selves. In spite of his age, he is still exceptionally tough and after he draws his handgun from his holster, he still knows how to use it.

Vargas is the leader of the DR and he is the one to task the party with key quests. It is also him that promotes the individual rangers.

Capt. Angela Deth

Angela also took part in the attack on the Cochise Base. Ever since then, she remained in the active service. She is good-spirited, although she is often uncouth and is no stranger to violence. She remained on good terms with Ace and wants to exact revenge on his killers, at all costs, even if it involves going against Vargas's orders. You can join her up right after the beginning of the game. She offers a good reinforcement to the party.

Sgt. Gilbert "Thrasher" Sagarra

Another Wasteland vet. Time has not been kind to him. He put on a lot of weight, wears a bathrobe and slippers. He is nothing of the hero that he used to be still, he plays a vital role at the Citadel, where he is the chief cartographer. You can give him the information of the newly-discovered places and he will offer you the story backdrop to the individual locations.

Dr Kathy Lawson

The main manager of the Ag Center, which provides food for the local dwellers. She conducts her research on genetically modified food. In general, she respects Rangers and, at the same time, she thinks world of the importance of the Ag Center and her work which, in her belief, is more important than anything.

Matt Forrestal

A former Ranger and the Ag Center administrator. He was shot on his knee, which confined him to the wheelchair. He has a close relationship with dr. Lawson.

Sean Bergin

The security chef of Highpool, a town that provides drinking water. Unpleasant and believes that to ensure peace in the wastes, one needs to rule with iron fist. He also holds a grudge against the Rangers that killed Bobby, a young boy, and his dog Rex, during the events of Wasteland.

Kate Preston

A young, intelligent engineer that manages the irrigation systems of Highpool. She is a complete opposite of Bergin's, she is more trusting and friendly. She has experienced much less than her colleague from security and does not believe his vision of law and order.

Master Kekkahbah

The leader of the Topekans at the Rail Nomad Camp. He lost his arm, as a result of a derailment, which was, in his opinion, a sabotage performed by the Atchisons. There is a rivalry between the two tribes. The Topekans have the Golden Spike - an Atchison artifact. The Atchisons, on the other hand, are in the possession of the brake shoe for the famous Topekan railway engine. Kekkahbah is powerful and he enjoys respect. At the same time, he is stubborn and proud - he does not wish the Rangers to intervene in the tribe's internal affairs.

Casey James

The leader of the Atchisons. Cunning and ruthless, he conducts a war of attrition against the Topekans, who are at a decisive advantage, when it comes to numbers and equipment. To make his chances even he does not shirk from sabotage and booby traps. He is not the supporter of violence, but he believes that the situation requires him to do so. He has the Topekan brake shoe who, in turn, have the Atchisonian artifact - the Golden Spike.

Commander Danforth

The current warden of the Prison- the headquarters of the Desert Rangers in Wasteland abandoned in favor of the Rangers' Citadel in Wasteland 2. The commander of the Red Scorpion Militia, which controls the nearby areas. They offer jobs, land freedom and protection, to the gullible, on the lands that belong to the prison. Still, the dwellers there are abused and intimidated. Danforth hates rangers.

Father Enola

The leader of the Servants of the Mushroom Cloud, whose part is formed by the M.A.D. Monks. It is a religious cult that serves the nuclear energy and praises "Titan", i.e. the pre war nuclear warhead.


The enigmatic Mathias exhorts to go to his New Citadel, over the radio. He speaks of immortality and indestructibility, by infusing the man with machine. It is unknown where he broadcasts from, because the signal is too weak to trace him.

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