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Void Bastards Guide and Tips by

Void Bastards Guide and Tips

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Best projects (Upgrades) in Void Bastards Void Bastards guide, tips

Last update: 13 June 2019

On this page of our guide to Void Bastards you will find a combination and list of the best projects, which can be unlocked in the Workbench menu. We have prepared a table with a list of useful upgrades and our comment about their usefulness.

PROJECT - Best projects (Upgrades) in Void Bastards - Tables - Void Bastards Guide and Tips



Hefty Regulator and further upgrades

The default Regulator is available from the beginning of the game. However, it is a weak weapon with a low damage. It is worthwhile to strive for its regular upgrades. In particular, we recommend that you purchase a Legislator upgrade, which will increase the damage by as much as 75 percent.

Stapler and upgrades

Stapler will allow you to deal significantly more damage than regular gun. You will also be able to use these weapons alternately in case you run out of ammunition for any of them. Don't forget to buy Stapler upgrades to improve your Stapler stats.

Riveter and upgrades

The Riveter is an ideal weapon for continuous fire, although this is done at the cost of consuming large amounts of ammunition. But you'll need it to kill enemies that the Regulator or Stapler can handle on average. Buy the Riveter Pro upgrade which guarantees, among other things, double damage. You'll save a lot of ammunition.

Nebulator and upgrades

Nebulator is the most powerful firepower available in the game and will prove itself in the next levels of the Nebula Deep where you can meet stronger enemies. You can do even more when you unlock the Uberlator upgrade, which provides double damage and shorter recharges.

Rad Cream

This project reduces damage from radiation by 50%. This is particularly important for the rest of the campaign, as radiation is more common in later stages of the game. Note - This project may have a part in common with one of the quest items.

Bullet Hunter

This is a very useful project, thanks to which you can find more ammunition for the Regulator. To do this, visit the HAB rooms and look into the cabinets. By relying on this method, you can collect up to hundreds of ammunition in a few missions.

Rivet Hunter

Thanks to this project, more Riveter ammunition can be found - it will spawn in destroyed turrets and robots. This is a big help, because even in a single mission you use up the whole Riveter ammo.

Nebula Hunter

This project allows you to find Nebulator ammo more often, which can appear in the corpses of defeated enemies. The stock of ammunition for the Nebulator is always very limited, so any help you can get will be useful.

Asbestos Jacket

This is an extremely useful project that reduces fire damage by 50%. Burning rooms and corridors are more or less often encountered through the campaign and fire is much more dangerous in the game than radiation. Moreover, it is not always possible to avoid contact with it. Each damage limit is worth your effort.

Bushwhacker and upgrades

Bushwhacker is a very universal type of gadget and its project can be purchased at an early stage of the game. This item works well in the form of a trap, above all. You can throw a bomb into a room with enemies or leave it behind during your escape. Buy upgrades to this gadget, in particular, to increase its damage.

Banger and upgrades

Banger is a perfect grenade and can bounce off the surface to cover a greater distance before it finally explodes. It is a good idea to use Banger and Bushwhacker alternately.

Clusterflack and upgrades

Cluster bombs of Clusterflack are most useful for eliminating groups of enemies placed in small rooms. After throwing them inside just wait for a series of explosions. We recommend the Clusterfluck upgrade, which provides triple damage and reduces waiting time for charges to explode.

Part Locater

Thanks to this project, you can use the Locate Mode and find specific crafting parts much easier. This is especially helpful if you want to finish a useful project as soon as possible. When a project is selected, spaceships with parts will be marked on a nebula map.

Padded Jacket and upgrades

This is the most important group of projects from the whole game. "Basic" project and each subsequent upgrade permanently add health points. This significantly increases the chance of survival of the controlled character. We advise you to keep looking for new parts and install new upgrades. Eventually, you'll get 2000 extra health points - the latest Steel Carapace project is shown on the image above the table. Note - Some upgrades have common parts with quest items.

Fuel Scavenger

This is a passive project that gives you 25% chance of moving to another field without consuming ship's fuel. This can make it easier for you to play the game especially at the end of the campaign, when it will be harder for you to explore enemy ships in 100% and reach the fuel tanks.

Zapper and upgrades

Zapper is one of the most useful weapons in the game, thanks to which you can stun enemies (including the more elite ones) and sabotage turrets, cameras and robots. Once you immobilize the attacked enemy, you can quickly kill him with other weapons or ignore him and resume exploration.


Scrambler is a great weapon to neutralize troubles caused by real living enemies. Each successful hit will drag them to the controlled character's side as an temporary ally. This is just temporary, but it should reduce the difficulty level of the battles or give you a chance to safely leave the area.

Rebreather and upgrades

This is an excellent passive project, thanks to which the oxygen reserves are constantly increasing. This can make it easier for you to study enemy ships without having to complete missions or reach ATMO rooms prematurely. We also recommend purchasing a Re-Rebreather upgrade, which will allow you to double your oxygen reserves (relative to your starting value).

Zap Hunter

This project allows you to find more ammunition for the Zapper. You can search for it in GEN rooms. With a large amount of explosives, you will be able to stun all enemies you encounter, even if you need to do so many times.

Heart Starter and upgrades

This is an important project to keep the current character alive. Each of your heart starters allows you to resurrect your character at the moment of death. You will get revived to full health, and you can immediately continue the game. The quick unlocking of this upgrade is mandatory if you are playing with an Ironman setting that ends the game when the first prisoner dies.

Gunpoint MGR and upgrades

Unlocking this update can be very useful as it allows you to reprogram enemy towers. They stop attacking the controlled character and can fire at enemies. In order to make a "safe" update (authorization) of the turret, it is necessary to attack it with Zapper before hacking it.

Door Manager

It is a passive project that allows for quick opening and closing of doors with authorization. You'll need it especially on those enemy ships that have a unique feature in the form of all doors closed. By opening them quickly, you can save a lot of oxygen.

Secbot Manager and upgrades

This is similar to Gunpoint MGR because it allows you to reprogram enemy robots (Secbot, Warbot, etc.). Also in this case it is worth to use Zapper earlier. A sabotaged bot can start attacking enemies and killing them or at least distracting them. Note - V.P. Upgrade Bots of this project can have a common part with one of the quest items.

Colon Cleanser

This is one of the more valuable passive projects, thanks to which 50% health points get restored every day. We are talking about regeneration taking place after an order to rest is given and while traveling through the nebula. You can save many units of food.

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