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Viva Pinata Game Guide

Welcome to the unofficial guide to Viva Pinata. It is made for those, who after a short stay on the lovely island inhabited by animals filled with candies discovered, that taking care of them is not that easy as it seems. In order to lure to your garden new creatures and - which is far more difficult - make them want to romance, you need to know their demands and fill them out precisely.

That's why the main part of this guide is the list of all pinatas with precise information on what requirements should be filled in order to make specific animal come along, visit our garden, inhabit it and, last but not least, want to reproduce.

Not all the species live at large. Some of them might be bought in a shop. There are also few special ones, which could be gained only by executing a sequence of specific actions. Besides on the list you'll find the sour pinatas, which could be tamed and taken up. Furthermore we've tried to complete the information by conditions to achieve a different color variants of pinatas and notes about natural enemies of particular species, which is especially important when planning a dispositions of houses and fences in your garden.

Before we proceed with description of each species, please get to know some advices and hints which could be useful for every gardener. Applying to them will help you to gain and breed the species you like.

We must say at this point, that there's no way to complete or end Viva Pinata. You can play as long as you want achieving various goals, like creating the most valuable garden or pinata or just acquire all available species on the island. So - don't waste time, grab your shovel, watering can and packet of seeds. Get ready!

About Viva Pinata Game Guide

Author : Artur "Metatron" Falkowski & Marzena "Louvette" Falkowska for

last update : May 5, 2016

Guide contains : 36 pages, 79 images.

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

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Viva Pinata Video Game

Viva Pinata
  • genre: Puzzle

  • developer: Rare
  • publisher: Microsoft
  • platform: XBOX360
  • rated: PEGI 3+

"Viva Pinata", an original intellectual property and the latest innovative gaming experience from leading U.K.-based developer Rare Ltd., invites gamers to create an immersive world where living pinatas inhabit an ever-changing environment. Beginning with a few basic tools, players build and take control of this environment, using their creativity and imagination to attract, protect and manage over 60 different pinata species that can visit their world and make it their home. Utilizing hundreds of customizable elements, players can create a unique pinata paradise.
Pushing the capabilities of the hardware, “Viva Pinata” brings a vibrant and engaging gaming experience to the Xbox 360 platform. Appealing to kids, adults, casual gamers and enthusiasts alike, this uniquely customizable and social game rewards and challenges all players regardless of their skill level.
The “Viva Pinata” gameplay experience presents a customizable, social and spontaneous world in which gamers play an absolutely crucial role. The “Viva Pinata” world is an evolving paradise teeming with fantastic living pinata creatures and vibrant plant life, all determined by the player’s choices and actions. “Viva Pinata” boasts the following qualities:
- Customizable. “Viva Pinata” allows players’ imaginations to run wild by providing them with expansive freedom and choice:
- Your world. Your choice of contents will determine which of the pinata species are attracted to your world, since they all have individual requirements. Sowing grass, digging ponds, planting flowers and growing trees all affect which of the unique pinatas you will see. It’s not just about plants, either; there is a whole range of ornaments and structures that could be decisive. Your reward for creating an appealing paradise is to watch the pinatas visit and eventually reside there, which is where the fun really starts.
- Your pinatas. Once you have resident pinatas, you can begin to personalize your loyal community. Pinatas can be individually named and given their own personally designed tag to put on display as a declaration of their home turf. And the customization doesn’t end there. You can make the colorful critters more distinctive by customizing them with all kinds of costumes and accessories.
- Social. The “Viva Pinata” community is a rewarding place to be, whether you remain within the boundaries of your own world or venture out into the real world or your friend’s pinata world via Xbox Live, the first and only global, unified online console games service.
- Interact with the pinatas. Getting to know and understand the personalities and requirements of your pinatas is essential if you want them to stay happy and thrive. Make your world their ideal paradise, and they’ll want to raise a family and expand your community.
- Interact with the characters. Players decide how much help they want from the local guides, shopkeepers and work force. Go it alone or get them involved — you choose.
- Interact with other players online. Via the Xbox Live online community, players can contact other gamers to lend a hand, lay down a competitive challenge or trade items.
- Spontaneous. “Viva Pinata” is a constantly changing world where anything can and does happen:
- It’s happening outside. It’s not just new pinata species that are drawn to your world; untamed sour pinatas with bad attitudes and troublemaking ruffians do their worst to spoil your creation and must be dealt with.
- It’s happening inside. Maintaining harmony within a growing community isn’t always easy when rivalries, illness, injuries and even candy-spilling fights occur. If players turn their backs, who knows what their pinatas will do?

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