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Valheim: Mountains - resources, opponents Valheim guide, walkthrough

Biomes: Mountains - available resources, animals, enemies

On this page of the Valheim game guide you will find information about the Mountains biome. Here you will learn about the resources found in the area. You can also check what kind of opponents you will meet there.

The mountains are the fourth biome you will encounter. To reach it, you will need to become resistant to frost (you can read about how to do that a separate page of the guide). It's here that you will encounter valuable resources such as silver. At the same time, the creatures you may encounter here will all be hostile towards you, which makes this area extremely dangerous.


The Mountains serve primarily as a source of metals. Within this area you will find:

  1. Silver - a metal mainly used to create armor. It may be found on the surface, but most of its deposits are located underground. Use the wishbone to find them. To extract this resource you need an iron pickaxe;
  2. Obsidian - you will use it to craft arrows. It can be found on the mountainsides in black lumps. You need an iron pickaxe to extract it.
Additionally, you will also find stone and wood in this area - Valheim: Mountains - resources, opponents - Biomes - Valheim Guide

Additionally, you will also find stone and wood in this area.

Creatures and animals

All of the creatures that inhabit the Mountains will be aggressive towards you. This means that you have to be especially careful when exploring this area. The creatures that live in this biome are:

  1. Wolf - the most common animal found in the Mountains. It is notable for its high speed and strength. Its drops include pelts and a trophy which are required to craft a frost-resistant cape. It can also be tamed;
  2. Fenring - a creature that resembles a werewolf. It only appears at night. It's as fast as a wolf, but deals more damage;
  3. Drake - a flying creature resembling a small dragon. It has the ability to spit icy projectiles. The easiest way to eliminate it is with a bow;
1 - Valheim: Mountains - resources, opponents - Biomes - Valheim Guide
  1. Stone Golem - a powerful creature that can cause serious area of effect damage. It is resistant to most attacks. The easiest way to eliminate it is with a pickaxe.
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