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Two Worlds Game Guide by

Two Worlds Game Guide

Table of Contents

Four Stones village | Quests Two Worlds Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The healers' meeting

Quest from: Mostrol Mirra

Mostrol Mirra lives in a house separated from Four Stones. He asks you to visit his fellow healers in Windbreak and inform them about the upcoming meeting. Denon Patera is indeed in Windbreak, but to find Famah Totem and Graham Magna you will have to visit Clovelly. Just talk to them and they will teleport to Four Stones.

Visit Mostrol once more and you'll find out that the whole meeting was a trap. Two of the wizards have been already killed. Talk to Graham and to Mostrol himself, then decide who you want to help. You can kill either of them. Actually, killing Graham pays more.

Black shadow

Quest from: Juna Evrist

Reputation: Society

This mission will be unavailable unless your reputation in the Society is quite high. If Juna doesn't want to talk to you, just find another quests that raise your reputation with the mages.

Juna wants you to deal with the problem of necromancers living by the tower to the West - Four Stones village - Quests - Two Worlds - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Juna wants you to deal with the problem of necromancers living by the tower to the West. You have to go there and kill all necromancers, zombies, ghouls, and generally every monster you'll find. It's a difficult battle for unexperienced hero, so don't feel bad is your character is too weak to handle it. You'll get it sooner or later.

I AM the real one!

Quest from: Annon Moha

In one of the houses in Four Stones you will meet a troubled mage who has a troublesome clone. His (their) student can't tell the real one from the clone and therefore refused to serve them anymore. The student - Esperon Hiatos - can be found in the center of the village. He will tell you that in order to solve this problem you will need an opinion from an Arch mage from Cathalon. Go there and find the mage. He won't be very helpful, as the Society clearly finds the two mages too useful to get rid of one of them.

Go back to Esperon and lie to him that the arch mage placed a mark on one of the mages to be able to tell the real one. He will give you a magical mirror. You can now either give the mirror to one of the Annons (the second one is in Windbreak) or give it to the arch mage in Cathalon. The latter seems to pay you more gold.


Quest from: Laza Larat

When you enter the Four Stones from the East, you'll be approached by a girl named Laza. She'll ask you for 5 gold pieces. Agree to that and she will give you some herbs each time you visit her.

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