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Treasure Hunter Simulator Guide

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Character development system in Treasure Hunter Simulator Treasure Hunter Simulator Guide and Tips

Treasure Hunter Simulator has a very simple character development system called Prestige. This "Prestige" is nothing more than a level of your character. Players start at level 1, and they try to reach level 10. This chapter focuses on describing this system.

How does the character development system work?

Prestige is simply your character's level - present in, for example, RPG games. However, the system in Treasure Hunter Simulator is simplified - you don't get any skill points by leveling up. Instead, your level indicates your character's overall skills, and it determines which detectors you can use. Every new level unlocks a new detector (their descriptions are in "Available detectors" chapter) - level 8 gives you access to all available devices in the game.

Your current Prestige level is displayed in the upper left corner. - Character development system in Treasure Hunter Simulator - Gameplay mechanics - Treasure Hunter Simulator Guide
Your current Prestige level is displayed in the upper left corner.

Prestige can be increased only in one way - by doing main and side jobs. They are available in the EMAIL tab (use the computer in your base). Jobs are divided into two groups - main and side. Main jobs give you 10 times more Prestige points. You also need to complete them if you want to make progress in the storyline and unlock new locations. Side jobs offer a small amount of Prestige points, and they have no impact on the plot.

Your treasures have no impact on the Prestige level - it doesn't matter whether you found junk or legendary treasures. The only way to increase Prestige is to complete missions.

How to increase your Prestige quickly and efficiently?

Follow these tips to increase your Prestige fast:

  1. Don't waste your time on treasure hunting. If you currently have a job that requires you to dig out a specific number of treasures or trash, don't waste your time on it. Instead, you should go back to the base and activate more jobs. One of the reasons is that some of the jobs share their goals - you can get a main and a side job where you will have to get a specific number of the same treasure. This means that you will complete two missions at the same time.
  2. Follow this pattern: start with activating all jobs available in a given location and then head to that place. Focus on main jobs (and side too, provided that they are along the way or they don't require too much work - such as taking photos or time trial). Next, go back to the base and activate another main job (and side missions if you got new ones). Repeat the whole process. Thanks to this method you will complete all main jobs in a given location (every location has 3 main jobs) in only a dozen minutes. You will also reach at least one new Prestige rank.
  3. Focus on completing main jobs. They give you 10 times more XP than side jobs, and they will usually take several dozens of seconds. Many of the side jobs require you to find a few items (5-10) or to dig out a treasure of a specific category - the second example can be very time-consuming. This effort isn't worth the received amount of Prestige points.

Each location has 3 main jobs and from 2 to 5 side jobs. After completing a main job, you have to go back to the planning screen and activate another mission. Complete 3 main jobs in a given location to unlock access to a new terrain.

Note - access to locations doesn't depend on your current Prestige level. The only thing that depends on it is new detectors.

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