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Treasure Hunter Simulator Guide

I'll be watching for you! Treasure Hunter Simulator Guide is a compendium of knowledge for this extraordinary simulation game. You will learn here how to make money and gain more prestige, and of course how to find the most valuable treasures.

The guide for Treasure Hunter Simulator contains all the necessary pieces of information that will allow the player to become the next Indiana Jones. The initial chapters of the guide contain valuable advice and information regarding treasure hunting, character development (Prestige) or items that can be found while exploring the locations. The further chapters of the guide contain information regarding gameplay mechanics like exploration of the map, treasure searching, unearthing and selling items, completing missions, unlocking new worlds, character development, or ways of acquiring legendary treasure. Moreover, you'll also find a wide range of tips dedicated to each of the described mechanisms, as well as the list of all of the available tools and their influence on the gameplay. The guide is concluded by chapters dedicated to system requirements, controls, and achievements.

Treasure Hunter Simulator is a unique title that enables the player to take control of a treasure hunter equipped with a metal detector. The game offers rather simple mechanics of finding and acquiring treasures, and contains an uncomplicated character development system, allowing the player to ascend to new Prestige levels that unlock new locations and more powerful tools. The game is characteristic for its pleasant visuals and varied soundtrack - each of the available locations has its own theme.

The guide for Treasure Hunter Simulator contains:

  1. General Tips;
  2. Answers to various questions, such as "How to increase my prestige?", "How to unlock new locations?", or "How to find legendary items?";
  3. A list of the available tools, along with their characteristics;
  4. A walkthrough for the character development system and its benefits;
  5. A walkthrough for key game mechanics - exploration, finding items, unearthing, and selling treasure, completing missions, unlocking new locations, character development, or ways of acquiring legendary treasure;
  6. Achievements, along with tips on how to acquire them;
  7. Chapters on system requirements and controls.

About Treasure Hunter Simulator Guide

Author : Jakub "jbugielski" Bugielski for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update : December 13, 2018

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Treasure Hunter Simulator Video Game

Treasure Hunter Simulator
  • genre: Simulation

  • developer: Drago
  • publisher: Movie Games
  • platform: PC

Treasure Hunter is a simulator that allows us to assume the role of a treasure seeker equipped with a metal detector. The game was developed by Drago, and released by PlayWay S.A.

The gameplay of Treasure Hunter mainly focuses on the exploration of three-dimensional surroundings. The player searches for buried items that are found by using a metal detector. The found treasures can be kept aside, or identified and sold, giving us money that can be used to buy new equipment, as well as spent on journeys to other parts of the world that may hold valuable items. Interestingly enough, the found valuables are subjected to varying states of decay, which influences their price.

The authors prepared over a hundred artifacts to find (including unique legendary items), 8 types of metal detectors, as well as 10 detailed locations.

Treasure Hunter is characteristic for its detailed visuals which definitely make finding valuables a pleasant activity. The players will encounter deep forests, huge mountains and charming vistas.

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