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Torment: Tides of Numenera Game Guide by

Torment: Tides of Numenera Game Guide

Table of Contents

One True Love - side quest walkthrough | Caravanserai Torment: Tides of Numenera Guide

Unlocked by: talking to Omahdon in Caravanserai (M7.3).

The location of Omahdon. - One True Love - side quest walkthrough | Caravanserai - Sagus Cliffs: Caravanserai - Torment: Tides of Numenera Game Guide
The location of Omahdon.

In order to start this quest you must speak to Omahdon. You can find him in the center of Caravanserai (M7.3). He will ask you to find a woman named Perseia. Finish the conversation and go to the southwestern part of the district (M7.4). There you will find a locker. Interact with it (a simple test to complete). Once you do it, you will receive an item - Antique Hair Clip.

Take the item and go back to speak to Omahdon. Tell him about what you discovered and then go to Idylla (M7.1). Confront her with your finding.

Now select one of the two dialogue options. You will have to choose - you can try to bring Omahdon and Perseia together or you can help the woman escape from the madman.

First option - Perseia escapes

Use persuation to convince Idylla to lead Omahdon into a trance. Then go back to the man and tell him that Idylla wants to see him (dialogue option based on a lie).

Select the third dialogue option that ends with [Persuasion]. Now simply go back to Omahdon and tell him that Tranqulity wants to see him (dialogue option that ends with [Lie]. The quest will end and you will receive 25EXP.

The second way for making Perseia escape is selecting the second dialogue option and giving a false trail to the man. Go to the man in love and give him the version of events you previously talked about with idylla. Omahdon will start searching for the woman and you will receive 25EXP.

Epilogue: If Persei ran away, you can find her in the upper walls in the east part of Valley of Dead Heroes (you get there after leaving Sagus Cliffs). You have the option to have a short conversation with her.

Second option - A relationship between Perseia and Omahdon

In order to complete this version of the quest, during the conversation with Tranquity you must select the following dialogue variations:

  • Say that you want to make the lovers reconcile
  • Admit that the man was misbehaving, but it doesn't mean that his love isn't true
  • Say that Perseia deserves such love and declare that you want to make Omahdon aware that he is obsessed
  • Select the first dialogue option and complete the intellect test

Now go back to Omhadon and select the dialogue option that starts with the truth. The quest will end - you will receive a cipher called Standstill and 25EXP.

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