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This is the Police 2 Game Guide

This is the Police 2 Game Guide

Freeze, don't move! This is the Police 2 Game Guide is a complete set of tips and a detailed walkthrough for this unique indie game. Our solution explains how to manage your police station, solve all investigations and create a team of experienced and loyal police officers.

Welcome to Sharpwood. Jack Boyd is back in This Is The Police 2. As Warren Nash, he will assist the young sheriff - Lilly Reed. Together, they will try to stop criminals and deputies who don't want to accept the new sheriff.

The guide for This Is The Police 2 contains information that will help you manage your police officers in the best possible way. Learn about the basic gameplay mechanics such us, e.g. choosing the right police officers for specific missions or the tactical combat system. The guide also features a walkthrough - there, you can find descriptions of all in-game days along with tips on managing your shifts.

This Is The Police 2 was developed by Weappy Studio. Just like the previous game, it is a mix of a strategy and an adventure game. However, it also introduces a lot of new features and mechanics. Unlike in the predecessor, your success here doesn't depend only on experience points but also on skills of your police officers. The game also features a tactical combat mode where you can control your subordinates.

General tips

  1. Choose your shifts carefully - choosing police officers accordingly to their experience isn't the only thing that matters. Your subordinates are capricious. One of your police officers can refuse to work if you pair them up with someone who they don't like.
  2. Take care of your police officers' loyalty - it can decrease if you keep denying your police officers to have a few days off. This can lead to a situation where a police officer will refuse to fulfill your orders during tactical missions.
  3. Spend pop-tabs on a regular basis - a successful day should provide you with a lot of pop-tabs. Usually, after a day like that you will be able to afford another police officer. At the end of a shift you can choose one of the three subordinates. You get different police officers every day - collecting pop-tabs to have a specific officer is pointless.
  4. Don't forget to assign equipment to your police officers - you have to assign equipment to your subordinates at the beginning of every shift. You can do that yourself or you can use the option that assigns equipment randomly. Even if you forget to do that the game will still allow you to start this day. However, many of the potential solutions to the cases will become unavailable.
  5. Develop your police officers in the right way - every 50 experience points, your police officers get 1 skill point which can be spent on increasing one of the five attributes. Try to develop one of their skills to the maximum level as fast as you can to increase your success rate of completing a given case.
  6. Don't be afraid to send out larger squads with less-skilled officers - this will allow them to get experience points. Doing that also increases your chance to solve a given case. It can happen that one of your subordinates has enough points in a skill that is required to solve a given case.
  7. Avoid situations where you have a small number of police officers in a shift - usually, your subordinates either don't show up for work or they ask you for a day off. You also can't use detectives which means that all the cases have to be solved with an assigned shift. Having a small number of police officers in a shift can lead to a situation where you won't have any officers who can respond to a call etc.

Gameplay mechanics

In this chapter you can learn about the mechanics used in the game, e.g. descriptions of the cases along with their solutions or information about the tactical missions.

  1. Officers - in order to react efficiently to what's going on in the city, you need to build a reliable team. You will learn everything about how to do that in this section of the guide.
  2. Tactical missions - the game includes missions in which you take direct control of your officers. This chapter provides general information related to approaching those missions along with more detailed walkthroughs.


This part of the guide focuses on the walkthrough for each of the in-game days. Here, you can see how the following days look like and what challenges will await you. You can also find tips on which police officers should be assigned to a given case.

About This is the Police 2 Game Guide

Author : Agnieszka "aadamus" Adamus for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

This is the Police 2 Video Game

This is the Police 2
  • genre: Strategy

  • developer: Weappy Studio
  • publisher: THQ Nordic / Nordic Games
  • platform: PC, PS4, XONE, Switch

This is the Police 2 is a sequel to the well received game This is the Police. Similarly to its predecessor, the title is an unusual mix of features used in adventure games and strategy games. The title was developed by the creators of the first entry in the series, the independent studio Weappy. It was released on, among other platforms, PC, PS4 and etc.

This is the Police 2 for PC, PS4 and etc. takes place in Sharpwood – a small city located in the north of United States. The players assume the role of Lilly Reed, the new sheriff who will try bringing order to the city. Sadly, it won’t be easy as the city faces many problems. The citizens are struggling with the lack of food and the city became the home for many criminals. What’s more, the subordinates of the protagonist aren’t used to receiving orders from young women. Situation suddenly changes when mysterious Warren Nash appears in the city. During the game the players will discover how he will impact the citizens of the city.

Similarly to the first game in the series, the gameplay in the PC, PS4 and etc. version of This is the Police 2 is based on two pillars. During the game players are managing the law enforcers, giving them orders and securing better equipment. Each policeman features an individual set of advantages and weaknesses that make him seem more like a living being. The same goes for the citizens of the city whose sympathy must be earned – one never knows when a friendship with influential people might save life. In addition to that, players must make hard decisions that are usually very shady from the ethical point of view – the objectives can be achieved by sticking to the rules or by deciding to use controversial methods like cooperation with criminals.

The graphics of This is the Police 2 utilize style similar to the one used in the first game in the series. Despite its simplicity, the developers managed to create convincing characters and locations. It is worth mentioning that the main protagonist’s voice actor is Sarah Hamilton – the actress known from The Longest Journey series.

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