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Sims 4 Guide

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The Sims 4: Emotions Sims 4 Guide, tips

Last update: Wednesday, March 30, 2022

An innovative feature in the game are the Sims emotions - The Sims 4: Emotions - Sims life - Sims 4 Guide

An innovative feature in the game are the Sims emotions. The Sim's current mood is displayed as a text information and a specific color, next to the Sim's icon, on the bottom panel. The Sim's current mood depends on the situation that he is experiencing: social, professional, private, trifling matters, breakthrough moments, etc.

The so called, moodlets which affect the Sims mood are displayed as icons above the head of the Sim - The Sims 4: Emotions - Sims life - Sims 4 Guide

The so called, "moodlets" which affect the Sim's mood are displayed as icons above the head of the Sim. Together with the icon and the description, you also get the information on how long this particular mood will stay in effect. Some of the events are short-lasting, e.g. an hour or two. The other ones, the more important events, e.g. the wedding, the death of a friend, the cheating spouse, childbirth, reaching the peak of career may affect the Sim's mood for many hours and even one, or two days.

It is worth pointing out that the Sims mood translates into the Sims additional skills, e - The Sims 4: Emotions - Sims life - Sims 4 Guide

It is worth pointing out that the Sim's mood translates into the Sim's additional skills, e.g. additional interactions that are usually not available (possible only in one specific mood). There are a dozen-or-so moods available in the game and they may occur as either mild or acute, e.g. confident and more confident.

This is the list of the standard moods and their descriptions:

Fine - this is the standard mood of the Sim if no mood is affecting him at the moment.

Happy - any positive emotions of the Sim become even stronger.

Sad- it may be caused by sudden slight failures, or major events, such as the divorce of two Sims, or the death of a Sim friend.

Angry - anger can be brought about by a quarrel or a strife with another Sim, failure at work or at school etc. The Sim does not learn skills too well and experiences problems communicating with the other Sims. To calm down, it is best to take a shower, use the mirror or exhaust by training on a training machine.

Bored - may appear after a boring day at school or at work, or during too monotonous a conversation (selecting the same interactions over and over again).

Playful - to get this mood, you only need to joke around with the other Sims. It is easier for the Sim to Sim to cheer up the other Sims.

Focused - to get in the mood, play chess, look through the telescope or he microscope. n this state, the Sim develops his skills faster.

Flirty - Flirty interactions of the Sim take a better effect. To get into this mood, you Simply need to flirt around with another Sim.

Confident - it is easier for the Sim to succeed in all the interactions with the other Sims, he can develop charisma during conversations with the other Sims.

Embarrassed - an improper interaction, e.g. flirting with another, newly-met Sim, seeing the WooHoo of another Sim, can get the Sim into this mood.

Energized - an energized Sim is slower to get tired and his exercises yield better effects. To get energized, you Simly need to take a brisk shower or take a nap.

Dazed - appears, e.g. after a lost fight, such a Sim is less likely to do something useful. This can be averted with a nap or a bath.

Uncomfortable - appears when the Sim is put off by the surroundings, e.g. a mess, or when tired (low on energy).

Inspired - an inspired Sim is a creative one; to get into this mood, he Simply needs to think while taking a shower.

Tense - this may be caused by many factors, e.g. fire, reading too difficult a book , tough job or lack of promotion; to relieve the stress, you need to click the mirror and select "try to relax" or Simply take a bath. While tense, you cannot perform many activities, e.g. learn.

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