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The Last of Us Guide by

The Last of Us Guide

Table of Contents

How to start - starting tips | The Last of Us Guide The Last of Us Guide, Walkthrough

This page of The Last of Us game guide contains a list of starting tips. Reading through the chapter will allow you learn how to properly start your adventure with the game and how to avoid serious mistakes while playing through the initial chapters.

If you are looking for more advanced tips, check the separate chapter of our guide called The best tips.

1 - How to start - starting tips | The Last of Us Guide - Tips - The Last of Us Guide
  1. For the purpose of completing the game for the first time you should select normal or high difficulty level. Choosing normal difficulty level will allow you to complete the game without major complications, although this does not quite go along with the vision of the world in which the characters are constantly struggling and fighting for survival and are often on the losing position.
  2. In our opinion, the high difficulty level is the best choice. You will certain have problems during, for instance, the first meeting with the clickers, but thanks to that you will be able to learn how to better handle threats or how to avoid them. This knowledge can especially pay off when you will play the game on the Survivor or Grounded difficulty levels. Thanks to a better understanding of the game mechanics you will be doing better despite the higher difficulty level.
  3. Listening mode is practically like using cheats (its example can be seen in the above screenshot). It can greatly help you in detecting all potential threats, both from the living and the infected, track their movement and will help you in planning how to get rid or avoid any contact with them. It is worth noting that this mode is mandatory for the highest difficulty level - Grounded - although you should not bother yourself with it at all during the first playthrough of the game.
2 - How to start - starting tips | The Last of Us Guide - Tips - The Last of Us Guide
  1. Try to sneak as often as possible. The Last of Us is characterized by a completely different gameplay style than, for instance, the Uncharted franchise. Engaging in open encounters with the enemies should be your last resort, especially when you are dealing with groups of enemies or infected. Look for opportunities to sneak past enemies or eliminate them from hiding. In the case of the latter, focus your attention on lone targets and check whether you not in someone's field of view.
  2. Explore each visited area thoroughly. Rush is not advised in this game. Exploring the area is not just about finding collectibles. More important than finding secrets is finding resources (mainly ammo and shivs), as well as crafting materials. You are practically never rushed in any way and should be able to look into every corner and check every interactive drawer or chest. It is also worth noting that the amount of resources you find varies depending on the difficulty level. Do not worry if you cannot locate resources mentioned in this guide - their lack might be due to the said difficulty level.
  3. Rely on throwing items. Those can be both bricks or bottles. You can throw them at the enemies or use them to divert the enemy's attention. They are especially useful when dealing with the infected (and the highly dangerous clickers). You can use them to get rid of dangerous enemies or to drag them away to a specific location to avoid contact with them (when they, for instance, "blocked" entrance to a new location).
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