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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Game Guide by

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Game Guide

Table of Contents

List of all missions | The Elder Scrolls Skyrim TES V: Skyrim Guide

On this page of the guide for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you will find an overview of all the main quests in the game. Our list includes quests that can not be avoided and quests that are needed for the completing of additional requirements in the main quests.

Some preliminary information:

  1. Walkthrough for the main storyline in our guide includes additional goals and choices, which may affect the course of quests and unlocking of additional quests.
  2. In some of the main quests, you have to solve puzzles; we have prepared a detailed guide on how to solve each of them.
  3. Our guide takes into account all the main battles featured in the main storyline, including battles with all major bosses, which are, above all, the various, named dragons.

All main quests of Skyrim

  1. The prologue is a brief introduction to the story, involving the use of a character editor.
  2. Unbound on separate pages of the guide, we described the collaboration with Hadvar or Ralof (you can travel only with one of them).
  3. Before the Storm, this quest has a different beginning, depending on your choice in the previous quests. In the end, the protagonist can meet either with Alvor or Gerdur.
  4. Bleak Falls Barrow is the first major dungeon explored during the main quest.
  5. Dragon Rising in this task, the hero will face their first boss, the dragon attacking Whiterun.
  6. The Way of the Voice is the quest related to the first ascent to mount Hrothgar and unlocking of Dragon shouts.
  7. In The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller, the main character has to explore yet another dungeon to acquire the eponymous horn.
  8. A Blade in the Dark in cooperation with Delphine, you need to visit the grave of a dragon and defeat the next beast.
  9. Diplomatic Immunity is a difficult quest requiring us to infiltrate an Embassy and find information about dragons.
  10. A Cornered Rat requires the hero to find Esbern.
  11. A Chance Arrangement is an optional quest, which you may or may not be given. The task requires you to steal Madesi's ring.
  12. Alduin's Wall is another big quest, this time about reaching Karthspire in order to discover its secrets.
  13. The Throat of the World has the hero visit the eponymous location and meet the dragon Paarthurnax.
  14. Elder Knowledge is a long and complex quest that involves visiting Winterhold and exploring the ruins in search of an Elder Scroll.
  15. Alduin's Bane During this mission, you will have to face Alduin for the first time, but the boss fight will not end with the dragon's defeat.
  16. The Fallen is a mission whose objective is to capture the dragon Odahviing with the intention of interrogating the beast.
  17. Season Unending is an extensive quest, in which we participate in peace negotiations, which may end in several ways.
  18. Paarthurnaxis an additional quest that involves having to fight the eponymous dragon as an optional boss.
  19. The World-Eater's Eyrie will have the hero free Odahviing and go to Skuldafn.
  20. Sovngard is a quest that precedes the final boss battle. During doing this quest, you will have to defeat a mini-boss - Nord god called Tsun.
  21. Dragonslayer is the last main quest. The main character will face the final battle against the dragon Alduin.
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