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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Game Guide by

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Game Guide

Table of Contents

Introduction | World Atlas TES V: Skyrim Guide

Before you lies an enormous world atlas to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim video game. This guide will assist you in exploring all the major locations in Skyrim, to build a strong hero character properly, to find every important NPC character, to acquire the most valuable treasures and to become the master of crafting. Here's a complete content of the world atlas:

Skyrim world Atlas contents

  1. The first chapter of the atlas contains maps of Skyrim, as well as a list of all available locations. Each location has been described, so you'll know what type it is and what dangers to expect.
  2. The second chapter of the atlas is focused solely on the main character. It contains useful tips on how to create and develop your hero. A very important element of this chapter is a section about skills. You can find the list of all skill types and of all perks found in each group.
  3. The third chapter of the atlas has to offer various gameplay hints, concerning exploration of Skyrim and combat among other things. It also tells you everything you need to know about how to become a vampire or a werewolf.
  4. The fourth chapter of the atlas contains a lot of lists that may come in handy during the course of the game. Some of the examples are complete lists of all the traders in Skyrim, all dragon shouts, all skill books, all skill trainers, all companions and all magic spells.
  5. The final fifth chapter of the atlas is only about crafting elements present in the game. The main parts of the chapter are about smithing (manufacturing your own weapons and armors), alchemy (manufacturing your own potions and poisons) and enchanting (imbuing items with various magical effects). You can find out everything about each group of crafting, as well as find complete lists of all the ingredients and other objects you may need to have with you to assure that everything will go according to plan.
One of the most important sections of our atlas are the world maps - Introduction | World Atlas - World Atlas - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Game Guide

All locations

One of the most important sections of our atlas are the world maps. We have divided the in-game world into nine major sectors. The description of each sector has a separate map with selected sites and an overview of all available locations.

  1. List of all Skyrim locations - on the first page of the section you will find a table with all unique locations to visit.
  2. Sector 1: locations in the North-West Skyrim
  3. Sector 2: locations in North Skyrim
  4. Sector 3: locations in northeast Skyrim
  5. Sector 4: locations in Eastern Skyrim
  6. Sector 5: locations in Central Skyrim
  7. Sector 6: locations in Western Skyrim
  8. Sector 7: locations in South-Western Skyrim
  9. Sector 8: locations in southern Skyrim
  10. Sector 9: locations in South-Eastern Skyrim

How to develop a character, improve his or her skills?

In the Character Development section of our world Atlas you will find all the necessary information about creating a character, choosing the race and gender of the hero and developing the available skills.

  1. Character creator-choosing gender and race
  2. How to develop blacksmithing skills and heavy armor?
  3. How to develop Block and two-handed Weapons skills?
  4. How to develop one-handed weapon and archery skills?
  5. How to develop Light armor, Sneaking and Lockpicking skills ?
  6. How to develop Theft and Speech skills?
  7. How to develop Alchemy and Illusion skills?
  8. How to develop Conjuration and Destruction skills?
  9. How to develop Restoration and Alteration skills?
  10. How to develop Enchanting?
  11. Examples of character builds-we have prepared recommended character schemes to play as a warrior, a thief and a magician

Game guide

An important part of our world Atlas is the game guide, which can offer many clues about the gameplay mechanics. In addition to starting tips, this part of the tutorial also includes other useful pages:

  1. How to effectively explore the game world?
  2. How to act in combat?
  3. How to turn into a vampire?
  4. How to become a werewolf?
  5. How does the crime and punishment system work in the game?

Main specifications

In our Skyrim World Atlas we have prepared a variety of lists of the main elements of the game.

  1. All enemies and monsters - you can learn about the strengths and weaknesses of individual enemies.
  2. All merchants - you can learn about the location of merchants and the types of goods they offer.
  3. All the Shouts- you can learn how to unlock all the Shouts and how to strengthen them, thanks to the Words of Power.
  4. All skill books - you can learn where to look for books and develop hero skills faster.
  5. All ancient stones - you can find out where to find all 13 stones and what bonuses they offer.
  6. All potential companions-you can find out where to look for new members of your team.
  7. All skill coaches - you can find out where the coaches are and what type of training they offer.
  8. All spells - you can find out what spells a controlled character can learn.

Crafting in Skyrim

The last Chapter of our Atlas is entirely devoted to the topic of crafting. You will learn how to create and improve all sorts of items.

The main categories of crafting in Skyrim are:

  1. Smithing
  2. Alchemy
  3. Enchanting
  4. Woodcutter, tannery, cooking, mining, metallurgy
  5. We also described The Atronach Forge together with its location.

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