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The Sinking City Guide by

The Sinking City Guide

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What happens after the hero dies in The Sinking City? The Sinking City guide, walkthrough

On this page of the guide to The Sinking City, we explain the consequences of the death of the protagonist. You will find out on what conditions you can continue playing the game.

You can die in two ways - What happens after the hero dies in The Sinking City? - FAQ - The Sinking City Guide

You can die in two ways:

  1. Depletion of the health bar. This red health bar can be regenerated with a first aid kit.
  2. Depletion of the mental bar. The blue bar - it is drained when the hero witnesses traumatic or events that impossible for him to comprehend. It will also drop significantly when you kill an innocent person. You can wait until it recovers on its own (in the meantime, move away from "aggressive" hallucinations) or help yourself with soothing drugs.

After the death of the character, you will return to the most recent save. This can be manual or auto save - the game autosaves every few minutes. Thus, you may be forced to repeat a certain portion of the game, but you do not need to be afraid that, for example, that you will have to start an investigation from the beginning. Important information is that you usually respawn on the nearest phone booth (fast travel point), not in the exact spot where you have saved the game. We recommend finding as many phone booths as possible. You will save yourself a lot of time, especially when you are traveling around the world map during investigations.

When you load the most recent save, you get back the items you had at that point. No need to be afraid of losing items that you have used since the creation of the last save to the death of your character. You will get them back.

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