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The Serpent Rogue Guide

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The Serpent Rogue: Restless - transforming into a skeleton The Serpent Rogue guide, walkthrough

On this page of the guide to The Serpent Rogue, you will learn how to turn yourself or others into skeletons (Restless) and the benefits of doing so.

Last update: Monday, April 25, 2022

Here you will learn what the Restless mode is. You will learn how to transform yourself and others into a skeleton, and what benefits it brings in The Serpent Rogue. You will also learn how to reverse the change.

Features of the Restless mode

You can transform yourself or your allies into skeletons, both in human and animal forms. What does it do?


  1. Your health and base damage will increase.
  2. You will be immune to the ageing effect.
  3. You are resistant to drowning, so you can go through deep water.
  4. Other aggressive skeletons (if not Corrupted) will not attack you.


  1. You don't need to eat (no green bar), but your combat efficiency may also decrease a bit because of this; you will also not be able to sprint.
  2. You will not be able to restore energy through resting.
  3. You cannot use the bed to speed up the time.
Humans in Restless form have more health and more attack power without weapons - The Serpent Rogue: Restless - transforming into a skeleton - Combat - The Serpent Rogue Guide
Humans in Restless form have more health and more attack power without weapons

In addition, some animals or monsters in the Restless form can't use their special abilities: e.g. a hen cannot lay eggs. Others, on the other hand, receive unlimited access to special skills, such as toad or rat. In the Bestiary, you can read that not every monster and animal can take the skeleton form.

How to transform yourself and others into skeletons?

The easiest and cheapest way to enter the Restless mode is to exceed the creature's maximum age with an Ageing Potion. The second option is to prepare a Restless potion. The third method is to transform into a Restless entity, namely a Ghoul - after the transformation is complete, you will remain in the skeleton form.

  1. You can make the aging mixture by combining the following ingredients: Berry Shell / Fishbone / Claw Charcoal. This creates the phrase "Add" "5/10/20" "Age". This is one of the easiest potions to prepare.
  2. Restless Potion: Mandragore Restless Bone. You will get the phrase: "Change" "Restless". You will not come back to life with this potion.

Make a potion of your choice and consume it or throw it at your allies to transform them.

By turning a corpse into a skeleton, you will resurrect that character (provided it had a living form and has Restless form).

How to make a revival potion?

To reverse the Restless effect, turn into a monster that does not have a Restless form (e.g. Faun), die (the easiest option) or use the Vivify potion. To prepare it, you need a Mandragore Butterfly, which translates to "Change" "Vivid".

Vivify potion is very valuable - it can also revive (resurrect) people, not just change skeletons into people.

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