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The Serpent Rogue Guide

The Serpent Rogue Guide

Potions and transmutations in times of plague The Serpent Rogue guide, walkthrough is the best Beginner's Guide, tips for materials, dishes and potions, weapons and tools. We describe all mechanics, recipes, combat rules, transformation, taming animals, World Tomes, hardware requirements.

Last update: Thursday, June 2, 2022

The Serpent Rogue guide is designed to explain the mechanics of the game's world and its general gamplay rules. Here, you will learn about the most important aspects of the game like obtaining and researching materials and resources, creating new dishes and potions using ingredients such as plants, stones or other organic matter. On the appropriate pages, you will find ways to obtain blueprints, as well as a list of all potion blueprints and recipes. We have also included information about making weapons and tools as well as improving them.

You will learn the rules of combat and methods of how to improve your chances of winning, including dirty play that completely changes the balance of power in a match. You will also learn how to heal and resurrect allies. In addition, you can read about taming animals and gaining allies. You will also learn how the transformation works - including how to play as a skeleton. The guide also contains a complete bestiary with descriptions and characteristics of animals and monsters, as well as their special attacks. Here you will also learn about the methods of taming wild animals.

Here you will find answers to questions regarding earning gold through the Kiosk, and learn the location of secrets - World Tomes. We have also included a list of achievements/trophies with comments.

The Serpent Rogue: Quick beginner's guide

Below is a list of some useful tips for beginners:

  1. The game does not have an option of making manual saves - however, it often creates saves: when changing location, accepting/completing tasks, resting and doing other activities considered important by the game.
  2. The character can't be developed like in RPG games - you will not find classic skill trees here. Everything you can do depends on what you discover and what you create. However, you can find items that will, for example, increase your maximum health or provide resistance to given statuses.
  3. Knowledge is power - you can research your opponents and gather information about them in the Bestiary. You can also research the materials to discover new recipes and blueprints, or learn about effective methods of fighting enemies. Any data discovered is recorded in your journal.
  4. Don't forget about the activities - the game often requires you to grind - focusing on repetitive activities to obtain the right amount of raw materials or gold. However, it is worth constantly trying to discover new locations and face new challenges - you will often discover new ways to speed up the game and make it more interesting.
  5. Plants grow back - in most locations, such as the starting Abandoned House or Camp, plants will reappear in the same places when you move to another location and return soon afterwards. However, this does not apply to all items, only the basic resources.
  6. Ghoul army - use the ability to farm Ghouls and simply research their skins to create potions that summon a group of creatures. They are a big help in difficult battles.
  7. At the beginning, kill/steal - in order not to slow down the game, in the first stages you need to get basic tools from other NPCs.

For more tips, see the Beginner's Guide.

The Serpent Rogue: All quests

Here you will find descriptions of the main and side quests in The Serpent Rogue, how to complete them as well as tips.

  1. The Corrupted Land - the first part of the game, includes the Camp and the Wasteland.
  2. Through The Swamp - the second stage in which you travel through the swamps.
  3. Mill - the point where you will fight the final boss
  4. Side quests - a list of additional quests that are not required to complete the game.

The Serpent Rogue: Basics

Here you will find most of the information that will introduce you to the game world and explain its rules and mechanics. Topics that are more important have their own categories in the guide.

  1. Hunger bar and food - here you will learn how hunger works in The Serpent Rogue, what you can eat, how to restore it, when it is depleted.
  2. Healing and death - read how to restore your and Followers' health, and what happens after death.
  3. Sneaking and stealing - if you want to steal someone's belongings, read this chapter find out what options you have.
  4. Kiosk - the main place to earn gold and collect orders for potions.
  5. Lockpicking - use your lockpicks to open locks of treasure chests in Wasteland.
  6. Corruption - Purification - this important page will explain what the Corruption is and how to get rid of it through Purification.
  7. Moonchest - here you will learn what the mysterious chest above the fire in Wasteland and Swamp is and how to open it with Moonstones.
  8. Soul-Eater - a special item for catching souls. Find out how to use, receive and obtain Spectral Fuel from it.
  9. World Tomes - journal pages - World Tomes serve as secrets in The Serpent Rogue. They unlock the pages of the journal containing information about the plot and the world.
  10. Merchant - the only merchant in the game; you can spend gold to obtain various items. Read this page to learn his location and offer.

The Serpent Rogue: Combat

These pages are dedicated to the combat mechanic in The Serpent Rogue. You'll learn the basics - attacks, blocks, ranged attacks, stealth. But we'll also focus on the skeleton transformation and explain the icons, statuses, and invulnerability of monsters.

  1. Combat basics - a description of the basic rules and mechanics of combat.
  2. Transforming into a skeleton - the so-called Restless mode, in which your character does not get tired, but can't regain health.
  3. Statuses, immunities, icons - this page explains what the icons visible in the Bestiary mean regarding the animals as well as the statuses granted by some weapons.
  4. Best combat methods - tips that will increase your chances at winning fights.

The Serpent Rogue: Allies and monsters

Here you will learn all about monsters: read the complete Bestiary, learn about taming animals, summoning as well as morphing yourself, enemies and allies.

  1. Bestiary - find out detailed information about all monsters in the game.
  2. Taming animals - Most animals are peaceful and will gladly join you if they get treats.
  3. Morphing living beings - you can make permanent transmutation of yourself or allies, as well as some enemies.
  4. Summon monsters - you can summon creatures by creating them from simple ingredients as a temporary aid in combat or for carrying items.
  5. Recruiting allies - learn how to recruit people and monsters.
  6. Resurrecting allies - learn how to bring valuable allies back to life with the Undertaker or the Vivify potion.

The Serpent Rogue: Potions

These pages will teach you all about brewing potions in The Serpent Rogue.

  1. Research - learn about ingredient researching and how to do it.
  2. Brewing potions - here you can read about how to create new potions and what rules to follow when coming up with new recipes.
  3. Potion recipes - this page of the guide presents a complete list of recipes for potions.
  4. List of potion ingredients - on this page, you can read about all the ingredients available in the game - where to get them, how to use them.

The Serpent Rogue: Tools

In this section of the guide you will find a description and blueprints of tools, weapons, traps, and amulets. You will learn how upgrading and melting works.

  1. Tool melting - you will find here general information about crafting tools by melting.
  2. Enhancing weapons - learn how to improve weapons to increase their stats.
  3. Crafting materials list - read how to obtain specific materials that are often used in creating items and tools.
  4. Tools blueprints and descriptions - here you will find the list of blueprints for tools and weapons and how to find them.

The Serpent Rogue: Cooking

On these pages, you will read about restoring energy and hunger by using the stove and cooking dishes with recipes. Also, well-made meals will help you tame animals.

  1. Culinary ingredients - on this page, you can learn how to obtain ingredients - including fruit, vegetables and meat - to make delicious meals.
  2. Recipes - here you will find a list of recipes that you can cook with the available ingredients.

The Serpent Rogue: Trophies/Achievements

The Serpent Rogue has 42 achievements/trophies that can be unlocked during a single playthrough. Most of them require a little grinding, a few are related to story missions. The rest are puzzles - their solutions can be found on the Trophies/Achievements page.

The Serpent Rogue: Minimum PC system requirements

  1. Operating system: Windows 10 64-bits
  2. Processor: Intel Core i5-3470 or AMD FX-8350
  3. RAM: 6 GB
  4. Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce GTX 770 or AMD Radeon R9 280 (at least 2 GB VRAM) with DirectX 11 support.
  5. Disk space: 4 GB

More information about the requirements can be found on the page: System requirements.

About The Serpent Rogue Guide

Author : Patrick "yxu" Homa for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update : April 20, 2022

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

The Serpent Rogue Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: Sengi Games
  • publisher: Team17
  • platform: PC, Switch

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