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Starfield Guide

Starfield Guide

You will never finish this game Starfield guide is the best tips for beginners, for character development, exploration, combat. We describe base creation, crafting, bosses, finds, factions, weapons, armor, companions, skills, quests, trophies, system requirements, controls, game length.

Last update: 21 September 2023

This is a comprehensive guide to Starfield - for all armchair explorers of the sprawling galaxy which is the background to this new adventure by Bethesda Softworks. You will learn how to start the adventure and how to deal with the most important gameplay mechanics, how to develop your character (powers, skills, traits), how to accumulate credits and XP, how to improve your ship and how to build relationships and romances with your companions. We have also prepared walkthroughs for main and side quests, lists of merchants in main cities, as well as information about secrets and unique treasures. We also have information about the achievements and a page dedicated to the game length - you can check how much time you'll need to dedicate to complete Starfield in 100%.

Our interactive maps of the game's largest cities will also help you explore space.

Starfield: Guide contents

On the first pages of the Starfield guide you will find starting tips , thanks to which you will learn about the most important game mechanics, potential common mistakes and how to have the best start. On other pages we have also described the basics like: character creator, difficulty levels, best powers, traits and skills, lockpicking and pickpocketing, healing, best ships and ship editor, cheats, shops and merchants, creating outposts, crafting, space combat, factions and NG+ mode.

As always, there is a large FAQ section with answers to popular questions. You can learn from, e.g.: how to use fast travel, how to use persuasion, how to read magazines, how to collect XP and credits, how to change the appearance of the character, where is the location map, how to recruit a crew, how to reset the character, how to quickly change weapons, how to increase the load limit, where to sell and how to hide contraband, how to save the game, how to change FOV , how to open the ship's inventory, how to join the Crimson Fleet, how to heal and how to repair the ship.

Another major part of the guide is a complete walkthrough for the game. It encompasses main story quests, faction quests, side quests, and companion quests. We inform of all major choices made during tasks and possible variations of them, as well as list rewards for completing them. Separate pages cover the ending, endgame and the New Game Plus mode. The guide also mentions secrets and collectibles, including legendary items and magazines with permanent bonuses to statistics.

In addition to the above content, we have also prepared a trophy guide which will help you in collecting 100% of achievements. We also described, among others: controls, PC system requirements, game length, FPP and TPP cameras, multiplayer modes and whether Starfield is similar to Fallout and TES in terms of gameplay.

Starfield: Tips and Tricks

  1. Use the hand scanner - It can be used not only to examine the planets you visit, but also to mark characters and all kinds of interactive objects.
  2. Focus on the starting main quests - Thanks to them, you can gain a lot of basic equipment and unlock the powers that will make the game easier.
  3. Learn Security and Pickpocketing - These skills will allow you to steal valuable items you can later use or sell.
  4. Avoid carrying contraband during the first few hours of the game - Illegal contraband items may be detected during scanning and you will lose them upon arrest.
  5. Keep discovering new systems - The game will reward you with XP every time you reach the orbit of a new planet or moon. This is a good way to quickly level up a character.

More tips and tricks can be found here: Tips and tricks.

Starfield: Walkthrough, all missions

Main storyline

  1. One Small Step - first story mission in the game that explains the absolute basics of the gameplay, such as controlling the hero and ship, combat, or talking to NPCs.
  2. The Old Neighborhood - first challenging mission of the game during which you'll visit locations such as Cydonia on Mars or the orbit of Venus. The objective of this mission is to acquire Artifact Beta and save the guardsman Moar.
  3. Into the Unknown - in this mission, you will learn your first unique power. We hint where to find the Iota and Zeta artifacts.
  4. The Empty Nest - this is a mission in which you travel with companions from the Coe family. Find out how to get Chi artifact.
  5. Job Gone Wrong - this is a short mission in which you have to talk to Shaw's gang.

Faction - UC Vanguard

  1. Supra Et Ultra - the first quest for the UC Vanguard faction. Learn where to find its headquarters is and how to start the exam.
  2. Grunt Work - on this page of the guide you will learn how to reach the outpost on Tau Ceti II, how to defeat the terramorph and how to find the sample.

Faction - Ryujin Industries

  1. Back to the Grind - the first mission in a series of quests for the Ryujin Industries faction. We tell you how to fill out the survey and how to win the confrontation with Tomo.
  2. One Step Ahead - on this page of the guide you will learn how to hack into a CeltCorp computer undetected.
  3. A New Narrative - we tell you how to steal Reisha Lance's key and how to place files in the Laredo Fireams store.

Misc - New Atlantis

  1. Distilling Confidence - a side quest picked up while on New Atlantis. Your task is to find Nyssa's package in a locked warehouse.
  2. The Art Dealer - quest received from Samson Cerbrail who is the clerk in Jemison Mercantile. During this quest, you're going to need to retrieve an art piece from Zoe Kaminski.
  3. Gem Jealousy - a small side errand which is initiated in Terrabrew Coffee in New Atlantis. The mission concerns the acquisition of an invaluable gem.
  4. Tapping the Grid - a side quest in which you open and turn off junction boxes.
  5. Alternating Currents - a task which you can pick up in The Well in New Atlantis. The quest involves opening junction boxes to break into an apartment with sought evidence.
  6. The Kindness of Strangers - a quest involving Andy, Singh, and Tahir. You can pick it up in The Well in New Atlantis.
  7. Beautiful Secrets - a quest that sees you search for a missing tablet containing Warner's data. You will find out here where Warner is staying and how to find his valuable tablet.
  8. Primary Sources - a quest that involves SSNN TV station. Here you can find the location of the broadcaster and which persons should be interviewed.
  9. Dream Home - we tell you how to pay off your mortgage and how to get access to one of the best houses in the game.

Misc - Porrima II

  1. First Contact - on this page of the guide, we describe all the possible choices you can make during this mission related to the colonists.

Starfield: Basics

  1. Best start - The page contains practical tips for the best start (hero's background and characteristics, starting skills, first levels and more).
  2. Character creator - We have described all of the creator's tabs, e.g. determining the hero's appearance, their background and 3 starting traits.
  3. Lockpicking - This page describes the lockpicking and computer hacking mini-games. You will also learn how to obtain Digipicks and how to avoid wasting them.
  4. Pickpocketing - We explain how to unlock pickpocketing, how to prepare for it, and what items you can steal from NPCs.
  5. Factions - We've compiled all the major factions in Starfield. You will also learn whether you can work for them, whether you can join factions, and what possible rewards may come from such an agreement.
  6. Landing on planets - This page answers how to land on a planet and whether it can be done automatically.
  7. Healing - We suggest how to heal a wounded hero and what are the most effective types of medicine available in the game.
  8. Difficulty levels - We have described all available difficulty levels and the main differences between them.
  9. Docking - We explain how to dock to a space station or other ship. This is not very intuitive and you could easily cause a collision.
  10. Merchants and shops - New Atlantis - We have prepared a list of merchants from the first major city visited in the game.
  11. Merchants and shops - Cydonia - The page contains a list of all merchants in the base on Mars.
  12. Best skills - This page has our recommended skills that you should unlock and develop as soon as possible by unlocking their higher ranks.
  13. Best traits - Here you can find our recommendations for the most interesting traits that can be selected in the character creator. You will find out how they can affect the course of the game.
  14. Best powers - We have included recommendations of the most useful ancient powers obtained by visiting temples on various planets.
  15. Best ship - On this page, we have described a recommended ship to purchase that can help you win battles, travel the galaxy, and transport goods.
  16. All houses - on this page you will find descriptions and locations of all houses that you can rent or buy in Starfield.
  17. Best reactor - here you will learn how to increase the list of reactors and where you can buy them.
  18. Outposts - We have described step by step how to build your own base. You will find out where you can build outposts and what options are available during base construction.
  19. Ship editor - This page explains the features of the ship editor. Moreover, we show the main elements that serve as foundation of ships and their possible requirements.
  20. Crafting - We explain what types of items can be crafted, how to learn crafting, and what are the skill and ingredient requirements for crafting.
  21. Best weapons - This page explains what the most powerful weapons are, as well as where to look for and how to obtain the rarest unique weapons.
  22. List of all companions - On this page we show where to look for companions, how to recruit them, and what unique traits they may have.

Starfield: Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Is fast travel available in the game? - The page comprehensively describes how fast travel works and how to activate it, as well as when fast travel can become unavailable.
  2. Jail and the crime system - On the page, we describe the penalties for committed crimes and what you can lose if you get arrested.
  3. How to change the time of day? - This page answers questions about how to check the current time and how to speed up the passage of time by using the waiting or sleeping option.
  4. How to succeed at the Persuasion mini-game? - On the page, we explain how to learn persuasion, how to activate it in conversations and how to pass the mini-game of convincing the interlocutor.
  5. How to read magazines? - Magazines are collectibles and we explain whether you only need to pick them up to receive a permanent stats bonus.
  6. How to open the map? - We inform you whether there are accurate maps of the visited locations, as well as how to open the map screen.
  7. How to explore 100% of a planet? - We explain what types of activities count as planet scanning and how to sell research data.
  8. Can you visit Earth? - This page explains what has happened to Earth in Starfield and whether you can land on its surface.
  9. How to move objects? - This is a simple page with information on how to remove potential obstacles from the game world.
  10. Where to find research materials? - On the page, we suggest how to obtain ingredients for research and where to find laboratories.
  11. Are there boundaries on maps? - This page explains whether you can reach the edge of the map - an invisible wall that prevents further exploration.
  12. Where to find power cells? - On this page, you will learn where to look for cells that can be placed in power receptacle to restore electricity supply.
  13. How does the open world work? - You will find out how the exploration of the open world looks like. We described traveling across the galaxy, exploring planets and moons.
  14. How to follow an NPC? - Following other characters may be difficult due to the way your character moves. On this page, you will learn how to deal with this problem.
  15. How to sell Survey Data? - Learn where you can sell data and how many credits you can get for it.

Character development and team

  1. How to get XP fast? - On this page, you will find tips on how to quickly gain experience points and level up.
  2. How to change the character's appearance? - You can find out if you can change the hero's appearance after exiting the character creator.
  3. How to remove a trait? - This page explains whether there is an option to delete traits selected in the character creator menu.
  4. How to improve relationships? - Learn how to notice changes in relationships with your companions and how to create the best relationships.
  5. How to remove a negative status? - We suggest how to check the current status of your character and how to get rid of negative states (e.g. broken limb, hypothermia).
  6. Which background to choose? - On this page, you will learn what the character's background means and which of the available backgrounds is the most interesting.
  7. What skills at the start of the game? - We have included recommendations for starting skills to unlock when you level up.
  8. How to recruit a crew? - On this page, you will learn where to look for new crew members, what the requirements may be to recruit them and what the best crew is.
  9. Can you respec? - This is an important page explaining whether you can reset the hero's skills and development (respec) to do it differently.
  10. How to get rid of radiation? - On this page, you will learn about radiation and other environmental hazards, as well as how to remove these negative effects.
  11. How to easily increase Piloting? - read this page if you want to pilot larger B and C class ships.
  12. What is the maximum character level? - on this guide page we write what is the character level cap in Starfield.
  13. How to heal? - on this page you will learn about all the ways to restore your character's health.

Equipment and inventory

  1. How to quickly change weapons? - Starfield has shortcuts to quickly swap weapons. We explain how to assign weapons to keys and how to select them quickly.
  2. How to increase maximum carrying capacity? - Learn how to increase the weight limit of your inventory.
  3. How to unlock boost pack? - Learn how to use boost packs, how to get your first boost pack and how to fly with them.
  4. Transferring items - On this page, you will learn how to transfer items to companions.
  5. How to hide a helmet? - We explain whether it is possible to hide or remove the helmet to better see the character's face.
  6. How to earn credits quickly? - This is an important page about how to get rich quickly. We described the best ways of collecting credits.
  7. Where to sell stolen items? - We have included tips on how to sell stolen items that will not be accepted by all merchants in the game world.
  8. Where to sell contraband? - Selling contraband,illegal smuggled goods, can be problematic. We provided examples of merchants who will accept contraband.
  9. How to unlock camouflage? - When sneaking, you can make yourself less visible by activating camouflage. Here you will learn how to get it.
  10. How to attach a suppressor? - Your weapons can be equipped with a suppressor to make the gunshots less noisy. Here you will learn how to do it.
  11. How to get digipicks? - on this page you will learn how to find digipicks necessary to disarm locks and other security measures.
  12. How to decorate houses? - a page devoted to arranging the properties that you can buy in Starfield.
  13. How to find structural components? - on this page you will learn how to obtain items useful for crafting.
  14. How to store items in an outpost? - here we explain how to store items off the ship.

Quests and campaign

  1. How to save the game? - Learn about quick, auto and manual saves, and when you should save your progress.
  2. How to visit parents? - This page explains where the hero's parents live, provided you have selected the Kid Stuff background.
  3. Photo mode - Learn how to activate the photo mode and what are its most important options.
  4. Can you create multiple characters? - You can find out if the game allows you to have several heroes created at the same time and switch between them.
  5. How to hide the HUD? - You may want to play the game without UI, so here we explain whether you can do that in Starfield.
  6. Is there a level scaling? - On this page, you will find out whether the enemy level scales to yours and whether you can fight against low-level enemies.
  7. How to join the Crimson Fleet? - We have included detailed instructions on where the space pirates are hiding and how to complete the spy mission by joining the fleet.
  8. How to open the Panel Door in the Well? - This is a potential problem regarding one of the locations of New Atlantis. You will find out whether you can open a panel door using a digipick.
  9. Can you play after finishing the storyline? - This page of the guide explains whether there is an endgame in Starfield so you can continue playing after the end credits.
  10. Where's Warner's Lost Data Slate? - We explain where to find the quest item from the Beautiful Secrets quest in New Atlantis.
  11. Are there randomly generated missions? - You can find out whether there are randomly generated quests in Starfield and whether they are worth doing.
  12. How to obtain citizenship? - learn how to obtain United Colonies citizenship and what bonuses it offers.
  13. How to get the Star Eagle ship? - on this page we describe how to obtain one of the best ships in Starfield.


  1. How to sheathe a weapon? - We show you how to holster a weapon.
  2. How to use med packs? - On this page, you will learn how to use med packs and heal yourself without interrupting the fight.
  3. Can you kill every character? - This page explains whether the game allows you to kill all NPCs, including key characters.
  4. How to use grenades and mines? - We explain how to use throwable items and explosives.
  5. How to target the engine? - learn how to attack a ship so you can, e.g. board it.

The Ship

  1. How to repair a ship? - This is an important page about how to repair a damaged ship hull - directly during combat or after it's ended.
  2. Grav jumps - On this page, you will learn how to redirect power to the drive and perform a grav jump.
  3. How to hide contraband from a scanner? - This page has instructions on how to install a scan jammer and a shielded cargo hold to reduce the risk of detecting your contraband.
  4. Where is the ship's cargo hold? - On this page, you will learn how to open the hold window when in your ship.
  5. How to get a free ship? - On this page, we advise whether it is possible to unlock new ships for free and how to do that.
  6. How to increase ship fuel capacity? - on this page we describe ways to increase the fuel capacity.
  7. How to redirect power to the different systems of the ship? - on this page you will learn how to increase and redirect the ship's power to other systems.
  8. How many spaceships can you have? - on this page we discuss the limit of vehicles that you can own.
  9. How to collect loot from a wrecked ship? - we suggest how to collect items that were transported by a destroyed enemy ship.

Starfield: Shops and services

  1. New Atlantis - on this page you will find a list of all merchants in the first location of the game.
  2. Cydonia - here you will find a list of shops in one of the larger cities in the game.
  3. Staryards - on this page you will find a list of places where you can buy, repair and improve your ships.

Starfield: Romances

  1. All romances - on this page you will find a list of characters with whom you can create a relationship.
  2. Can you romance multiple characters? - here, you will learn whether you can have more than one partner in the game.

Starfield: Achievements

Starfield has 50 achievements related to, among others: quests, character development and galaxy exploration.

Detailed descriptions of all achievements can be found on the page: Achievements.

Starfield: PC System Requirements

Below are the minimum system requirements of Starfield:

  1. CPU: Intel Core i7-6800K 3.4 GHz / AMD Ryzen 5 2600X 3.6 GHz
  2. RAM: 16 GB
  3. Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 1070 Ti / Radeon RX 5700 8 GB VRAM
  4. Operating System: Windows 10 / 11
  5. Disk Space: 125 GB SSD

More information is available on the System requirements page. On the same page we describe Xbox Series X/S versions and Steam Deck compatibility.

Starfield: Game Length

Starfield is another behemoth of a game from Bethesda Softworks. Completing the main storyline should take about 40 hours, and doing all the quests and detailed exploration of the galaxy will require over 100 hours.

You can find more detailed information regarding the length of the plot and other significant content on a dedicated page (Game length).

Starfield: Language Versions

Starfield offers 9 different language versions, with only English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese versions offering full voice acting. Remaining language versions - Polish, Italian, Brazilian, Chinese - must satisfy with a text-only translation.

You can find a complete list of available languages on a dedicated page (Language versions).

Starfield: Release Date

The official release date of the base edition of Starfield is set to September 6, 2023.

About Starfield Guide

Author : Jacek "Stranger" Halas for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update :

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Starfield Video Game

  • genre: RPG

  • developer: Bethesda Softworks
  • publisher: Bethesda Softworks
  • platform: PC, XSX

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