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SpellForce 3 Game Guide

Table of Contents

Camp management SpellForce 3 Guide

This chapter contains information that can help you in managing your camp in RTS mode. Building a base in SpellForce 3 is a little bit different when compared to other RTS games or the previous installments which is why you should learn more about this gameplay element.

Sectors and gathering resources

Capturing, developing and protecting sectors is the basis of your progress. - Camp management - Basics - SpellForce 3 Game Guide
Capturing, developing and protecting sectors is the basis of your progress.

Each map is divided into sectors. Your workers work only within a sector from which they come from. To get resources that are outside of your owned sectors you have to capture these sectors first (you will receive new workers). Sectors are captured by ordering one of your units to build an outpost - those places are marked with a green flag. If a sector is already captured by your enemy then you have to destroy their outpost first before you build your own.

You can expand your outposts in order to, e.g. increase number of workers available in a given sector. However, in order to expand an outpost, you need to upgrade the main building that is in your starting (main) sector. Note, upgrading your starting sector gives you access to higher level buildings. Capturing and upgrading main buildings in all sectors lets you increase population limit which allows you to recruit more units.

The most basic resources - wood and food. You should store them in your starting sector. - Camp management - Basics - SpellForce 3 Game Guide
The most basic resources - wood and food. You should store them in your starting sector.

Your currently owned resources are displayed in the upper part of the screen. However, you should remember that, in default, collected resources are stored in a sector in which they were gathered (select a main building to learn how many resources a given sector has). E.g. if one sector produces iron and you want to create units in another sector then your workers have to transport that resource to the sector before you can recruit new warriors. This is only possible if your sectors are connected by roads (for your carts).

You can select where you want to store your resources. Select a main building of a sector and click on an arrow below a resource. This option is useful when you are recruiting units in one sector and gathering resources in another one.

Note - when you lose a sector, you also lose all resources that were gathered there. This means that the option above can also be used for "evacuating" resources from sectors that are in danger. When it comes to the most frequently used resources - wood and food - you should immediately store them in your main sector. Remember that each sector can store only a limited amount of a given resource.

Note - you can assign workers to buildings that weren't constructed by you. This can be, e.g. a Godstone (which allows you to revive heroes) or a destroyed bridge (your workers can repair it and then you can assign them to other tasks).

Managing workers

Managing workers is slightly automatized - Camp management - Basics - SpellForce 3 Game Guide

Managing workers is slightly automatized. You don't order them directly, just point where you want something to be done. After that your free workers are send there. Click on a main building in a sector. This displays an information, on the left (1), about number of currently available workers (you can increase their number by upgrading your main building). In the middle, under a building's name (2), you can see workers assigned to it. Workers assigned to the main building transport goods and construct/repair buildings. If you want to assign workers to work somewhere then select a building and choose how many workers you want to work here - this number determines a building's effectiveness (3). Workers are necessary for all buildings - including barracks or defense buildings.

You should manage your workers well. For example, if you mine ores in two sectors then there is no point in building smelters in both of them. You can build it in one of them (or in a completely different sector) and order to transport ores to a sector with a smelter.

Note - you can toggle a number of currently available workers in buildings by clicking on Toggle economy view ("," key in default).

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