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Sid Meier's Civilization VI Game Guide by

Sid Meier's Civilization VI Game Guide

Table of Contents

Civilization 6: Spain - Philip II, nation overview, tips Civilization VI Game Guide

Last update: Monday, March 14, 2022

In this chapter of Civilization 6 game guide you will find useful information about Spain. Here, you will learn what sets Spain apart from other nations in Civilization VI and what is their greatest strength. Also, here you will find useful information about the easiest types of victory that Spain can achieve.

Nation description - Spanish

Name - Civilization 6: Spain - Philip II, nation overview, tips - Nations - Sid Meiers Civilization VI Game Guide



Treasure Fleets

The ability to build fleet and armadas faster than any nation. Trade routes between continents receive gold bonus if they connect your cities with settlements of other players. If the trade is domestic, the bonus is given to food and production points.

Although the ability to build fleets and armadas is available for all civilizations, Spain can access them much faster which more than once can decide about the naval battles. A fleet has more fire power and its production cost is slightly higher than for a single unit. Spain is concentrated on bigger water bodies so you should await a rivalry, especially when England is also in this scenario. The size of a map, unlike for many other nations, is important for Spain. The bigger the map, the greater are chances that, for this particular scenario, more than one continent was generated which allows for a proper use of the bonuses. A proper location is also important for Spain's unique improvement - Mission. For more information go to the chapter dedicated to improvements.



El Escorial

Inquisitors have one extra Remove Heresy charge. Combat units receive +4 to combat strength bonus against units following other religions.

This ability may be useful for those that pursuit religion victory. Like with the previous ability, the possibility of using those bonuses is much higher in scenarios with a greater number of players. Remove Heresy ability may speed up the process of achieving religion victory and removes the profits for other players from cities following their religion. But the most important aspect of this ability is the combat bonus against nations following different religions because it opens the path to domination.


For Spain, there is only one path that leads to victory. Almost all units, infrastructure elements and bonuses are related to religion but you can use them to something else. In any scenario you can leave out the religious units and create your religion just to have it in your cities. Thanks to that you can use the combat strength bonus against heretics. Four combat strength points do not equal domination but combined with technology development and military policies will boost your chances in winning against other players.

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