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Sid Meier's Civilization VI Game Guide by

Sid Meier's Civilization VI Game Guide

Table of Contents

Civilization 6: China - Qin Shi Huang, nation overview, tips Civilization VI Game Guide

Last update: Monday, March 14, 2022

In this chapter of Civilization 6 game guide you will find useful information about China. Here, you will learn what sets China apart from other nations in Civilization VI and what is their greatest strength. Also, here you will find useful information about the easiest types of victory that China can achieve.

Nation description - Chinese

Name - Civilization 6: China - Qin Shi Huang, nation overview, tips - Nations - Sid Meiers Civilization VI Game Guide



Dynastic Cycles

Eureka and Inspiration bonuses reduces the research time by 60%, instead of 50%.

A very important and useful bonus that can be used regardless of you preferred way in wining a scenario. Obviously, it has the biggest potential when it comes to science victory but don't forget that in order to use it you must complete Eureka and Inspiration goals which is impossible to do if you focus only on science. A proper use of this ability can give you big advantage over other players or can help you to catch up to them if you are not good a game mechanics yet.



The First Emperor

When building Ancient and Classical wonders you may spend Builder charges to complete 15% of the original wonder cost. Builders have 4 charges instead of 3.

Another ability that can give a big advantage without any effort. Plan your districts beforehand and then build wonders. Thanks to that you can easily get good profits and, additionally, Chinese Builders have more charges. Just like the previous ability, this one is especially useful in hands of a player that is familiar with game mechanics. Utilizing its full potential may be hard for a beginner because to get all those profits you have to know which wonders are the most profitable for a given type of victory and which district gets the best profits for adjacent wonders. Notice, that this bonus is only for Ancient and Classical wonders which means that if you start the game from Medieval Era you will automatically loose all its profits.


China has a good chances in wining by both science and cultural victory. But this doesn't meant that you can't try to achieve other types, although religion victory may be the most difficult one to achieve. Reduced costs for researches mean that China can get new units, strategic resources and new governments faster. It is a good nation for beginners and in the hands of an advanced player may prove to be very strong to beat. If you play against China then try to defeat it by using military force. Do it as quick as possible, otherwise you may not win a scenario.

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