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Sea Of Thieves Guide

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Sea of Thieves: General tips Sea Of Thieves guide, walkthrough

Last update: Monday, July 13, 2020

In this chapter of the Sea of Thieves guide, the player will find many general tips that can be useful during gameplay and help familiarize themselves with some of the additional mechanics contained in the game.

Sea of Thieves is in many ways an extremely original game, as players have the opportunity to play in an open MMO world with a unique pirate atmosphere. In Sea of Thieves, players assume the roles of Corsairs and have the opportunity to participate in purely pirate activities, such as swimming on different ships in open waters, searching for treasures, fighting sea battles with other pirates, completing missions commissioned by different trading companies, and even forming alliances. There are also taverns in Sea of Thieves where pirates can drink Grog and tell each other their stories. In this chapter, the player will find a handful of general tips that can be useful during pirate escapades. The advice is dedicated mainly for new players who are just beginning their adventure with Sea of Thieves.

  1. Supplies - in Sea of Thieves, barrels of supplies can be found in each port, but also on smaller islets. Some of them are loaded with useful goods such as cannonballs, food or boards needed to repair a damaged ship. Some barrels are empty and you don't need to waste time searching them. When you walk up to the barrel and you see the sign "Empty" - it's a sign that you won't find anything inside;
  2. Quick ammo - if you run out of ammunition for a firearm, you are fighting another player, and you are near the Armory, go there and change the skin of the weapon to another. When you re-select your main weapon, it's ammunition will be replenished;
  3. Treasure Maps - you need to learn to read treasure maps correctly - the burial sites of the chests are marked with a characteristic Point X. Begin by getting to the right location, then open the map and try to find a specific point that will help you navigate, e.g. a large stone, an isolated tree, an extended piece of beach, etc.;
  4. Hiding - in Sea of Thieves, each player's name is displayed above him, making it very easy to spot an intruder trespassing on a enemy ship. If you want to hide your name you can use the Pirate Wheel of Emotions and choose the "Hide" emoji. The chapter dedicated to Tucking contains ways of getting the "hide" emoji completely for free;
  5. Skeletons - skeletons are simple opponents who are also not very intelligent. If you're fighting a larger group of skeletons you can swim to deeper waters. Without firearms, Skeletons won't reach you in a place where they don't have ground under their feet;
  6. Volcanoes - while swimming in the open waters of Sea of Thieves you can encounter active volcanoes that can shoot magma and lava balls at long distances. Try to sail beyond the range of fireballs, because they can damage your ship. If there is a fire on your ship, put water in a bucket, and try to put out the flames as soon as possible;
  7. Repairing ships - every Corsair must ensure that his ship is kept in the best condition possible. However, if the hull of your ship is damaged, e.g. by hitting a rock, you need to repair it quickly, because the ship will start to take on water and may sink. Use pieces of wood (one board per hole) to repair the ship, and pick water with a bucket and pour overboard;
  8. Gulls - seagulls betray the position of a shipwreck or floating supplies. You can easily distinguish the two because there are far more birds flying over a shipwreck than over floating supplies;
  9. Performing actions - some actions in Sea of Thieves take a few seconds and the player is forced to hold the appropriate button for a specified period of time in order to not interrupt the action. To make your life a little easier, go to Accessibility Settings and change the value "Reduce hold to interact" and "Reduce hold to use item" to " On " - then just use the button once without constantly holding it and waiting for the action to be done;
  10. Unlocking ships - if your ship is stuck in some strange place and there is no way to get it out, you can use the option to sink the ship. Go to menu, then select the "My Crew" tab and the "Scuttle Ship" option at the bottom. You'll lose all your supplies, but you'll be able to continue sailing;
  11. Rowing boat - if you want to transport more treasure chests to the ship you can use a rowing boat if of course there is one nearby. Unfortunately, such boat is very difficult to steer. Fortunately, you can help yourself by using the brake. If you start turning and hold the brake button at the same time, the rowing boat will behave much better on the water;
  12. Limited visibility - if you have to navigate through thick fog or got into the heart of a powerful storm, it will be difficult to navigate. If you want to figure out the situation and find a destination you can use a simple trick. Load your character into the cannon and shoot vertically up. From such a height, you can easily see your destination;
  13. Fall injuries - in Sea of Thieves, the player character can receive a certain amount of damage after falling from a large height. However, if you fall near an object, such as a steering wheel, cannon or ladder, you can catch it and avoid getting injured from falling;
  14. Boarding ships - if for some reason you can't board the ship in the normal way you can use the harpoon gun to attach to the enemy ship and then use the line to board. This technique is especially useful when you need to evacuate quickly from an island;
  15. Wind - the ship reaches its top speed when sailing with the wind. If you want to know which way the wind is blowing, watch the white lines that appear in the sail area and try to set it so that these lines pass centrally through the sail;
  16. Stay mobile - when swimming in open and extremely dangerous waters in Sea of Thieves you must stay in constant motion. There is no shortage of pirate ships around, waiting for their prey, and taking every opportunity to sink another ship. A target that is in constant motion is much harder to hit than one that is at anchor;
  17. Ship appearance - the appearance of a ship may indicate the player's level, as well as reveal what spoils he is carrying. The stylized ships attract far more attention than the ones that look like the boat every novice pirate receives.
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