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Sea Of Thieves Guide

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Sea of Thieves: Ship - how to choose your own? Sea Of Thieves guide, walkthrough

Last update: Monday, July 13, 2020

From this chapter of the guide, the player will learn what types of ships are available in Sea of Thieves and what are their advantages and disadvantages. This information will definitely help you choose the perfect ship.

Choosing a ship in Sea of Thieves is actually limited to deciding with how many people you want to go to sea, and whether with your friends or through matchmaking. Each vessel has the same functions handled in the same way, although differences in size are obviously reflected in some differences in navigation and the volume of stocks carried. On each ship you will find the captain's cabin with a box for your equipment, a faucet with grog, a stock of personal ammunition, a world map and a small table for purchased missions. In the hold, the barrels contain bananas renewing the health bar, cannonballs for fighting and planks for repairing damage. The available ships are:


The smallest single-mast ship for solo players and two-man crews*. It's designed so that a solo player can operate the sails, anchor and steering wheel on their own. It's fast and maneuverable, but has only two cannons and a rather fragile hull.

*Sloop versions for one and two players are identical


  1. Crew: 1-2;
  2. Masts: 1 (one small sail);
  3. Cannons: 2;
  4. Cannonballs: 2 barrels - 15 pieces;
  5. Food: 1 barrel - 15 bananas;
  6. Planks: 1 barrel - 15 pieces.

Due to its very small size, the Sloop is the fastest vessel to sail upwind. You can use this to your advantage when you have to quickly distance yourself from a larger enemy ship, such as a galleon.


A medium-sized ship with a maximum of 3 crew members. In terms of stats and capabilities, it is between a sloop and a galleon. Compared to the basic Sloop, the Brigantine has two masts and four cannons.


  1. Crew: 1-3 people;
  2. Masts: 2 (one large and one smaller sail);
  3. Cannons: 4;
  4. Cannonballs: 3 barrels - 45 cannonballs;
  5. Food: 2 barrels - 30 bananas;
  6. Boards: 1 barrel - 15 pieces.

Brigantine is faster than the Sloop so it is well suited for fast actions, such as attacking an enemy ship, robbing its storage, and escaping quickly. Unfortunately, due to the fact that Brigantine has only one level it sinks the fastest of all the types of ships available in Sea of Thieves.


The Galleon is a ship in Sea of Thieves designed by default for four-man crews. It has enormous firepower on both sides and a sturdy hull, and thanks to three masts full of sails it's also very fast. The price is much lower maneuverability compared to sloops. The galleon is the most difficult ship to sink or plunder in PvP combat.


  1. Crew: 3-4;
  2. Masts: 3 (one large sail and two medium-sized);
  3. Cannons: 8;
  4. Cannonballs: 3 barrels - 15 pieces;
  5. Food: 1 barrel - 15 bananas;
  6. Planks: 1 barrel - 15 pieces.

Galleons are the largest and best armed watercrafts that are very hard to sink. Unfortunately, they are not suitable for solo play and require the constant cooperation of a few crew members. Galleon's biggest downside is its maneuverability.

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