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Rise of the Tomb Raider Guide by

Rise of the Tomb Raider Guide

Table of Contents

Rise of the Tomb Raider: Skills - how to unlock? Rise of the Tomb Raider guide, walkthrough

With your progres into the storyline in Rise of the Tomb Raider, your character gains new skills that allow for effective exploration and elimination of opponents. However, to progress in this matter, you also need to collect experience points that are alloted to you for various activities. Below, you can view the major ways to obtain new skills.

  • Completing various important storyline elements of the game - the story of the game has been divided into several plots, and these have been divided, in turn, into milestones completing of which results in awarding you experience points.
  • Eliminating enemies - number of experience points awarded for elimination of opponents depends on the type of the opponent and on the way in which you achieved that. Killing an opponent in a direct exchange of fire rewards you with less points than killing him in a stealthy way, or killing in a more complex way, such as hitting a group of opponents with a poison arrow, or setting them on fire.
  • Exploration of optional tombs - During the campaign, you encounter a dozen-or-so abandoned locations, where riches and knowledge, including skills, have been hidden. Thanks to exploring these places, Lara can obtain skills faster than as a result of gradually achieving experience points. Although they are optional, tombs are worth looting, but you also need to remember that you will not be able to access all of them alongside the storyline. Some of the tombs require specific equipment that Lara obtains only later on. However, after you obtain such gear, it is worthwhile to return to those places and try to comb through them.
  • Finding relics, documents ancient coins and monoliths - during the game, you will be constantly running into evidence of the presence of ancient people in the area. Searching for relics is one of the key activities in the game, which provides you not only with experience points, but also pose an interesting backdrop for the events of the storyline.
  • Side quests - In the storyline, Lara can also take on side quests from locals. Completing them not only rewards you with additional points, but sometimes also with additional gear. Therefore, it is worthwhile to find quest-givers and try to complete their quests.
  • Hunting and skinning animals - The game abounds with various animals: ranging from squirrels, through rabbits to dangerous bears. Animals are an important source of resources and killing them rewards you with additional experience.
  • Finding resources - Crafting in Rise of the Tomb Raider is immensely important. It is beneficial to spend some time and get all the necessary resources on a regular basis. You obtain resources from corpses of the defeated opponents.
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