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Prey Game Guide

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First Day on the Job | Main Story Prey Guide

The page contains a walkthrough for the Frist Day on the Job quest in Prey. It's a quest from the main storyline and serves as a prologue. While playing this mission, you won't encounter any enemies and won't have to solve any puzzles. Instead, you have some exploration to do and several tests to complete. It's also a great opportunity to become acquainted with the basics of controls and gameplay mechanics.

Putting on the TranStar Uniform

Take the suit off the hanger. - First Day on the Job | Main Story - Main Story - Walkthrough - Prey Game Guide
Take the suit off the hanger.

The game starts with selecting the protagonist's gender and the difficulty level (suggestions concerning the difficulty level can be found in the Several general rules page). You are located in an apartment. You might want to look around since there is a lot of objects to collect, notes to add to the journal, and 3 e-mails on the computer to read in it. To advance the quest, interact with the Suit hung on the wall.

Reaching the chopper on the roof

Exit the apartment. On your way to the landing zone, you can talk to Patricia Varma but it's completely optional. Use the elevator to move to the roof. There, interact with the chopper and you will be taken to the TranStar Headquarters.

Going to the testing center

Once there, use the new elevator - First Day on the Job | Main Story - Main Story - Walkthrough - Prey Game Guide

Once there, use the new elevator. Meet with Alex Yu and go to the testing rooms. There are four tests for you to complete, and you can't fail them.

  • In Room A, push the button and then remove the three boxes from the red oval platform.
  • In Room B, you will be asked to hide. You can try to hide behind the chair by crouching (the above image).
  • In Room C, after pushing the first button, run up to the second one, jumping over the wall on your way.
  • In Room D, sit on the chair and give (any) answers to the questions that appear on the screen. Soon, one of the scientists will be attacked by a Mimic which concludes the prologue.
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