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Prey Game Guide

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Exploration Prey Guide

This page includes various hints concerning exploration of the Talos I station in Prey. These hints will help you learn, for example, how to traverse the main areas of the station and what profits come from thorough exploration of the available locations.

Basic information on exploration

You can see the main area network at any moment. - Exploration - Gameplay basics - Prey Game Guide
You can see the main area network at any moment.

The world of Prey is quite specific in its construction because you can explore it more freely than that of, for example, the Dishonored series. The most important fact is that you can go back to many areas in the course of the game. All locations are connected, and the game doesn't restrict access to them once they've been visited. Of course, there are some limits and many areas connected to story progress are initially inaccessible. So, don't worry if you see that a path is blocked because you will be able to access it after you've unlocked a certain power or found a specific keycard.

Prey also offers quite a lot of freedom in terms of exploring rooms and areas. Apart from reaching story-related places, you should also try to visit as many other locations as possible. This can help you unlock side quests, obtain valuable items, or find various secrets.

Finding passwords and keycards

Many keycards just lie around. - Exploration - Gameplay basics - Prey Game Guide
Many keycards just lie around.

One of the difficulties connected to exploration in Prey is the fact that some devices or doors require you to have a four-digit keycode, a password, or a keycard. Such data has to be obtained by means of thorough exploration since only the most important passwords and keycards are located in clearly visible places and are nearly impossible to miss. Keycodes and passwords can be usually acquired by reading various notes and e-mails at computer workstations. Keycards, which let us open doord connected to them, are usually found in all kinds of offices and security stations.

Attention - a list of locations and places that require using a keycode, password, and keycards can be found in the "Secrets and important items" chapter of this guide.

Abilities useful in exploration

The game informs you about the Hacking level you need to hack a device. - Exploration - Gameplay basics - Prey Game Guide
The game informs you about the Hacking level you need to hack a device.

Some human abilities of the protagonist can help you reach places. The first ability that you should unlock early on is Hacking. As the name suggests, it lets you break into secure devices through solving mini-games (reach the destintion point and press the indicated button before the time runs out). Attention - every inaccessible device has a given level of security measures. The basic Hacking I ability lets you break into the simplest devices only. If you want to hack complex stuff, you need to spend neuromods on higher levels of this ability.

The heaviest objects require you to advance Leverage to the third level. - Exploration - Gameplay basics - Prey Game Guide
The heaviest objects require you to advance Leverage to the third level.

Another very useful ability is Leverage which allows you to lift heavy objects. It proves useful whenever access to a given room or area is obstructed by crates or other big objects. In this case, you also have to mind that the base level of this ability allows you to lift only light objects. You have to develop it further to carry the heavy stuff. Still, it is an advisable investment since many barricared locations contain valuable items.

A Gravity Shaft control panel - Exploration - Gameplay basics - Prey Game Guide
A Gravity Shaft control panel

Repair can also prove to be very useful during exploration, considering that the skill can be used in a number of situations, for example when unlocking the gravity shafts. Once you've made the necessary repairs, the shaft becomes operational, offering a new way of travelling through various levels of the station.

Note - The aforementioned skill can also be employed in a number of different situations, including repairing fabricators, turrets, or operators. However, these uses are somewhat separated from the actual exploration.


Observe the indications above enemies heads - they inform you how close to detection you are. - Exploration - Gameplay basics - Prey Game Guide
Observe the indications above enemies' heads - they inform you how close to detection you are.

In some situations, you might want to partially or completely avoid combat. It is possible in case of most of enemies, save for Mimics, since they are busy doing their own thing and won't attack the protagonist unless he/she gets into their field of view. Observe the icons above enemies' heads - they inform you how alarmed your opponents are. Human abilities from the Stealth category also help you avoid detection. You also might like to unlock Sneak Attack, as well, which grants you a bonus to damage when attacking a surprised enemy.

Apart from sneaking, remember that the game very often gives you a lot of choices in terms of finding a path to your objective. If particularly strong enemies that you don't want to fight are present in a loction, you can choose an alternate way to bypass them.

Environmental hazards

Information about the radiation sickness will appear in the Status menu - Exploration - Gameplay basics - Prey Game Guide
Information about the radiation sickness will appear in the Status menu

Exploration of Talos I station is connected with additional dangers so you should keep that in mind. The most important of them are:

  1. The possibility of falling from a high place - Your character has no problems with smaller jumps from higher places but jumps from a place that is really high can deal damage to your character or even kill it. You must help yourself with Artax Propulsion System that can be obtained in Hardware Labs (getting it is a part of the main story). You can activate small thrusters that slows you down during a fall which allows you to jump from really high places.
  2. Flames, gas and electricity - Flames, gas that comes out of a pipe and electric discharges can be encountered "immediately" after you reach a location or after damaging an environment object, e.g. by making a hole in a pipe. In all of the cases you must keep a safe distance. You can also get rid of those environmental hazards -the GLOO Cannon is perfect for that and it can be used, e.g. to glue electrical joint boxes or pipes with holes. Warning - in some cases this fix is only temporary.
  3. Explosive objects - Some environmental objects can explode easily, e.g. red petrol cans. Those objects can be used against enemies but sometimes they can be "turned" against you if an enemy attack it or you hit it with one of the weapons or abilities which can cause them to explode prematurely. Be very cautious when you are near them.
  4. Radiation - You can be exposed to radiation in two ways. The first is to enter a radiated area or get closer to crates with a radioactive substance. The second way is being too close to Cystoids or their nests. When those creatures explode they can expose your character to radiation. One dose of radiation can cause your character to lose health points. If you are exposed to radiation for a long time you can get radiation sickness which is treated as a negative status. If you get it you must quickly use Anti-Rad (you can find them in the game world or craft them if you have the right fabrication plan). This is important because the radiation sickness, e.g. hinders movement but also slows down your stamina and health regeneration.
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