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Hints and guides for Miramar in PUBG PUBG Guide and Tips

Gameplay on Miramar isn't that different from Erangel island - you still have to fight for survival with other players. However, there are a few differences. Remember about the following tips when you are playing on this map:

  1. Remember that you can use Vaulting to jump over obstacles. Run towards it and press jump button in the right moment. If you do it too early, your character will simply jump on that obstacle.
  2. Sometimes, a regular jump is better than Vaulting. This maneuver is useful when you are sure that there is an enemy behind a cover - you can shoot in midair which is impossible while using Vault.
  3. You can't use Vaulting to cross an obstacle that is taller than your character. You won't be able to climb on a rooftop, a container or a balcony located on an upper floor of a building.
  4. Buildings play a more important role than on Erangel. Miramar has less buildings than the "old" map which means that each building located in a wasteland is a godsend and can offer you both a cover and supplies.
  5. Small buildings with single exits are now much safer than they were before. This is caused by Vaulting mechanic - simply jump out through a window if an enemy throws a grenade inside or attacks your position.
Keep an eye on hills while you are moving from one position to another. - Hints and guides for Miramar in PUBG - Miramar Island - PUBG Guide
Keep an eye on hills while you are moving from one position to another.
  1. If you see a hill then you can be almost certain that you will be able to climb it. PUBG's physics are pretty realistic but when it comes to climbing the developers gave a little bit more freedom to players. Thanks to that we can climb on almost all hills either by running or using Vault mechanic.
  2. Hills can give you a precious height advantage. Climbing on a tall side of a mountain gives you a chance to locate enemies over a great distance - with a bit of experience and the right equipment you will be able to eliminate them from those spots.
  3. Remember that you can get surprised easily if you stand on a hill and pay too much attention to terrains located below. If you managed to climb up, others will be able to do that too - they can also sneak on you and shoot at your back in the process.
  4. Select a place that isn't located in a city's center if you want to start a match a little bit more peacefully. However, if you want to land in a city then you should pay attention to where other players are flying and land in a place that has no enemies.
  5. Watch your steps when you are going through Miramar, especially while you are sprinting - it is easy to fall down from an inconspicuous stone ledge and lose most of your health points or die immediately. Don't rush forward if you aren't sure that the ground in front of you is safe.
  6. Landing works in the same way is it did on Erangel - land in a big city if you want to fight with enemies instantly. If not then land on outskirts or in wilderness.
  7. Decide where you want to land while you are still in the plane. You can go to a big city or open your parachute earlier and fly to a rarely-visited place where you can find equipment with ease.
Try all new pieces of equipment and vehicles. - Hints and guides for Miramar in PUBG - Miramar Island - PUBG Guide
Try all new pieces of equipment and vehicles.
  1. If you got hit and you can't locate an enemy then you should start zig-zagging and reach the nearest cover such as a haystack, a building or a hill. Do not prone - you will become an even easier target to hit.
  2. Remember that doors aren't the only way to get inside a building. Vaulting allows players to jump through windows which means that it is now much easier to be surprised by another player. If you are inside of a building and you hear a sound of glass being broken then this must mean that there is someone else in the building.
  3. Miramar offers a few new items and vehicles - try to test them in action. Their descriptions are in a separate chapter of this guide.
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