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Navigating Miramar Island in PUBG PUBG Guide and Tips

Miramar differs significantly from Erangel, the "old" map, not only from a visual perspective but also in its topography. There are a lot of open spaces where it is hard to hide somewhere but the island also has tall mountains. When you are on their top, you can easily see even those players who are far away from you. However, these mountains are also deadly - you can fall down easily and die.

If these are you first steps on Miramar island, added in update 1.0, then remember about the following tips:

  1. If you see a hill then you can be almost certain that you will be able to climb it. You should do that because climbing a tall point lets you examine the area and see if there are any enemies or interesting places nearby.
  2. However, all high places are also a potential threat. Remember that you are not the only one who can climb them - someone can wait on a nearby hill and kill you with a few shots. Try to check out nearby hills if you can - it is better to approach a player from behind by climbing on the same hill from a different side rather than participating in a firefight when that enemy has a height advantage.
  3. Hills are also connected to another danger - falling from heights. It is easy to make a mistake while you are climbing down. You can fall down a few meters and die in a worst way. Plan your steps carefully when you are climbing down to a valley.
  4. Miramar is full of small hills and valleys that are as much of a threat as huge mountain slopes. It is easy to fall into a pit when you are sprinting through the entire map. This can lead to your death or get your character stuck due to a bug.
  5. Walking in open areas isn't recommended. On the "old" map, Erangel, you could have run between trees and crawl in dense grass. Of course, Miramar has similar terrains but they are less frequent. If you really have to run in an open area then try to at least check your surroundings first before you do that.
  6. Landing works in the same way is it did on Erangel - land in a big city if you want to fight with enemies instantly. If not then land on outskirts or in wilderness.
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