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Pillars of Eternity Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Pillars of Eternity Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Important choices | Pillars of Eternity Pillars of Eternity Guide

During the game, you get to make many choices, which affect the game world to a greater or lesser extent. Some of them are presented in the final summary, along with the effects that they take, in the long run. Below, you can view the majority of decisions that affect the game world.

Note! Spoiler alert!

  • The most important choice is what to do with the souls collected by Thaos. The choice is connected with the Memories of the Ancients quest. Important - List of options tied to the souls choice is dependant on how many gods from the Council of Stars main quest are currently supporting you (gain their support by completing their quests).
  • It also matters which deity you ask for help, in the Council of Stars quest, and whether you fulfilled the decision of that deity.
  • The second important decision is the faction selection in Defiance Bay. Basing on your help, one of them will seize power in the city, after the death of the Duke (end of Act II). You make your choice at the moment of being accepted into the faction, which in turn is dependent on accepting one of the quests: Winds of Steel for the Crucible Knights, The Changing of The Guard for House Doemenel and The Bronze Beneath the Lake for The Dozens.
  • Just as important is your decision concerning Lord Raedric (he's residing in Raedric's Hold). Depending on whether you leave him alive, or Kolsc will seize power, the future of the Gilded Vale is different. You take the decision during the Lord of a Barren Land quest.
  • It is important whether you destroyed the Engwithan machine, as a result of overloading, or only shut it down (in Heritage Hill). You make this choice during the Undying Heritage .
  • It is also important if you have expanded your keep at Caed Nua, or not. If you did, it becomes one of the most important political centers in the region.
  • It affects the events what you do with the Master Below, under the Caed Nua Keep - the adra dragon. You can let him go or kill him. This is connected with The Master Below quest.
  • Depending on the help that you render to Hiravias and the choices that you make his future different. This is connected with the True to Form quest.
  • What is of significance is also the quest that you complete for Pallegina. However, you can influence her decision in The Child of Five Suns quest.
  • The future life of Eder will depend on the help that you render to him. All depends on whether you complete the Fragments of a Scattered Faith quest.
  • You can help Aloth learn about himself and indirectly, decide his fate. This takes place in the Two-Sided quest.
  • By learning the secret of the Endless Paths, you help one of your party members - Kana Rua. His future depends on whether you complete the Time and Tide quest.
  • If you discover the secret of the Grieving mother and help her resolve the issue, this will determine her fate. You can do this during the Dream and Memory quest.
  • You can also affect the fate of Durance. All depends on you completing the Trials of Durance quest.
  • It is also important whether you help Sagani find Persoq. On this depends how soon he returns to the village. You do this in The Long Hunt quest.
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