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Pillars of Eternity Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Pillars of Eternity Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Side quests in Ondra's Gift | Pillars of Eternity Pillars of Eternity Guide

At All Costs

To receive this quest you need to go to the Vailian Trading Company (M23,6) and talk to Mestre Verzano. He will tell you that he needs a courier to deliver a package to a client.

The delivery includes extremely valuable seeds and the client is Gareth. He is in the Copperlane in the "Goose and Fox" Inn (M18,2). Talk to him and give him the package. After the conversation the inn is stormed by a group of men who do not want trading in underhand goods to be done by someone other than them. The leader of the group is Danna Doemenel. She will ask you to kill Mestre Verzano for interfering with her business. To find him, go to the Vailian Trading Company (M23,6) in Ondra's Gift. After you get to Verzano and tell him about the Doemenel offer, a cutscene will start in which Pallegina will explain to you the situation Verzano is in. During the conversation, you will have to choose:

  • You can say that you will protect Verzano from the Doemenels. He will be grateful, but at this moment, Danna with her party will enter the building and you will have to fight them. First, eliminate the two mages, then Danna, and finally the rest of the fighters. You will be helped by Verzano's guards, so this should not be a difficult fight. Verzano will be grateful and will give you 1000 gold and the Forgiveness pistol.
  • You can tell Verzano that he is on his own now. The building will be stormed by Danna and her party, and you will be thrown out of the building. Your party will appear in front of the building. After you re-enter it, it will be completely empty. You can then loot it without any consequences.
  • You can do what Danna asks of you and attack Verzano. The building will be stormed by Danna and her party will help you. First of all, try to eliminate opponents fighting at range and then fighters. Danna will thank you for your help and tell you to go talk to her brother Abrecan. Thanks to this, you will gain access to the manor of the Doemenel family. Remember to collect valuables from the building.

After you complete the quest, remember to talk to Pallegina, who will be in front of the building, and ask her to join your party.

Alternative solutions:

During your conversation with Danna, you can lead to a situation in which you will have to fight her. First of all, focus on the two mages and then on Danna. Then, deal with the two fighters. After the fight, return to Mestre Verzano. In Ondra's Gift, you will be accosted by a group of bandits hired by the Doemenel family. You will have to kill them. Still, they should not be too much of a problem. After you reach Verzano (M23,6) and tell him about the offer of the Doemenels, a cutscene will start in which Pallegina will explain to you the situation Verzano is in. After he learns that you have already killed Danna Doemenel he will thank you, give you 1000 gold and the Forgiveness pistol. Then he will flee. Killing Danna does not affect your relationship with the Doemenel family.

Even if you kill Danna, you can also kill Verzano. You will be fighting Mestre Verzano and 4 guards, which may be quite difficult. You can plunder Verzano's corpse in search for the Forgiveness pistol and a pocket watch.

Brave Derrin

After the conversation with Odda (M23,4), you will learn that her husband and son went out for a hunting trip and have not returned yet. Your task is to find the son, first of all.

You will find the husband at the Salty Mast (M23,5), drinking at the bar. You will learn that his son was supposed to wait for him in front of the entrance to the bar, but he was gone after several minutes.

You can learn more from Imatl (M23,11) who says that Derrin always enjoyed playing near the ships in the dock. You will find him near the Salty Mast (M23,5). He is dead, but you can touch his soul and talk to him. You can also plunder the corpse of the boy and find a dagger that will tell you, more or less, who killed him. Important - You may be forbidden from reaching the corpse of Derrin if the current water level is too high. If that's the case you must wait until a different time of day (using the rest option is recommended).

Next, go near the house in Ondra's Gift (M23,9) and talk to Bragan. After you show the dagger to him, he will admit to having committed the murder. During a fight, you will have to kill him. Remember that you will be fighting an entire group of 5 thugs.

The last thing to do is return to Odda and tell her everything that you know. Regardless of what you say, you will receive a Sturdy Dagger and a Small Ring of Protection.

Alternative choices:

While talking to Bragan, you can forgive him for what he did and you will receive a Topaz from him.

Supply and Demand

You receive this quest after the conversation with the owner of the brothel - Maea - who complains that bandit attacks are becoming more and more frequent. Your task is to deal with the problem.

The bandits are by the monument, near Odda's house (M23,4). There are three of them and you should not have any problems dealing with them. One of them has a Rusty Bronze Key on him, thanks to which you can access the HQ of the thugs. You need to go to the Crumbling House (M23,7). Inside, there are two bandits and their leader - Aefra. If you want to complete Maea's quest, you will have to deal with the bandits. They should not pose too much of a challenge, but focus on killing Aefra first. When her health bar is low, you will get to choose whether to kill her or, provided that you have a dungeon in your keep, imprison her. Maea will give you 600 gold and your reputation in Defiance Bay will rise slightly.

Alternative solutions:

While talking to Aefra, accept the arguments she gives and talk to Maea about a drop in prices. If your reputation with the Doemenel family is, at least, +3, Maea will ask a favor of you. You need to go to Bricanta Doemenel (M20,3), at the first floor of the manor, and talk to her about the prices. Bricanta will agree to bring down the prices without any fuss, provided that you have completed the Hard Feelings quest for her. Return to Maea in Salty Mast (M23,4). She will give you 600 gold and your reputation in Defiance Bay will rise significantly.

Clandestine Cargo

During a conversation with Imatl (M23,11) you will learn that there has been an artifact in the ship that has crashed nearby. It has fallen apart into 4 parts - the man has one of them, and the others we will have to find. The fragments should be scattered on the rocks that you can walk onto only during low tide. This takes place only during the day.

One of the fragments is hidden right next to the ship, in a crate. The crate is not secured in any way. The second one is slightly to the south of a dilapidated house. The last one is near the very edge of the pier. To get to the location of this fragment, climb down the stairs near Imatl, and keep to the edge of the docks. The stash is in the corner.

While searching for the artifacts, you can also find stashes visible only in the sneaking mode. - Side quests in Ondras Gift | Pillars of Eternity - Defiance Bay - Pillars of Eternity Game Guide & Walkthrough
While searching for the artifacts, you can also find stashes visible only in the sneaking mode.

Additionally, while searching for the fragments, you can find stashes hidden at the bottom of the sea. You can only find them in you are in the sneaking mode. You'll either find gold or some item inside.

As soon as you find all three fragments, return to Imatl (M23,11).

All Hands on Deck

In the southern part of the Docks (M23,11), there is a sailor called Marceno. Him and the rest of the crew have unloaded cargo from the ship. Unfortunately, they let their eyes off the cargo for a moment and someone stole the captain's chest. Your task is to find the thieves and retrieve the stolen goods.

The chest is in the Eastern Docks (M23,12). It was stolen by Waldr "Three Fingers". He attacks you as soon as you come closer. His group is 6 men strong but they should not be a challenge to you. The stolen chest is several meters away from where Waldr stood.

Before you return the chest, you can borrow several items, on condition that you have Mechanics at level 4. - Side quests in Ondras Gift | Pillars of Eternity - Defiance Bay - Pillars of Eternity Game Guide & Walkthrough
Before you return the chest, you can borrow several items, on condition that you have Mechanics at level 4.

Now you only need to take the chest back to Marceno (M23,11). To show his gratitude, he will pay you 300 gold, and if you demand more, he will also give you the Drinking Horn of Moderation that increases, among others, Intellect by 2, when your Endurance is above 50%.

Alternative choices:

With Mechanics at level 4, you can open the chest and, before you return it, take out a rapier and a protective hat. Still, at the moment of returning the chest, you can admit to the theft and return the items.

The Wailing Banshee

In the central part of the Docks (M23,11) you will find Niah who is looking for workers. However, during a conversation, you will learn that the actual problem is the haunted lighthouse, which scares all of the potential workers away. Your mission is to clear the lighthouse of all the evil spirits.

In order to do that, you will need to go to the Lighthouse (M23,8). You can open the door with the key from Niah. The building consists of three levels and there are several opponents on each. Remember, however, that they appear only when you reach a certain spot, or do a certain thing.

Looting the chest results in the appearing of three Rain Blights - Side quests in Ondras Gift | Pillars of Eternity - Defiance Bay - Pillars of Eternity Game Guide & Walkthrough
Looting the chest results in the appearing of three Rain Blights

At the first level, the appearing of opponents is determined by the opening of the chest in the northern part of the map. Three Rain Blights will appear that you should be able to deal with without any problems, if only you eliminate them one by one. The second spot in which opponents appear is the door to the room with stairs. Then, 7-8 shadows and shades will appear which are immensely dangerous in such a big group. The best tactic is to position your party in the room which you have just cleared of Blights so as to make the characters fighting at range unreachable for the opponents. You have to use one of your characters to approach the stairs to make the opponents appear. Remember to eliminate the opponents one by one; however, even if you do it, the fight is still going to be very difficult.

At the second level of the Lighthouse, you can avoid getting into a fight altogether. The condition is that you have Mechanics at least at level 4, thanks to which you will be able to open the locked door. You can also use 4 lockpicks with Mechanics at level 3.

At the third, last, floor, you find Lilith. With Perception at level 12, at least, you can note that there is blood, or ink, on the hands of the apparition. Around, you can search for clues, pertaining to what you have just discovered. Enter the Stealth mode and collect a journal, from the table to the North of the room. After you read it, you learn that the apparition has been awaiting a ship.

Go to Niah, who should be near the lighthouse. She tells you that the ship is a pirate vessel,, commanded by Maerwith. It so happens that she is staying in the city, i.e. at the Charred Barrel Inn (M20,2) in Brackenbury.

Maerwith is at the upper floor, accompanied by three 3 pirates. Talk to her. If you play your cards well, Maerwith goes to the lighthouse. Do not suggest that she is afraid, or she will attack you, along with the pirates.

Now, you only need to return to the Lighthouse (M23,8) and talk to Niah nearby. You learn that the problem is non-existent anymore and you gain reputation in Defiance Bay, as well as 1000 gold. Remember to return to the, already restored, Lighthouse which is full of people now, and collect everything of value.

To the North of the room, there also is a locked chest, which requires 7 Mechanics. Inside, there is a very good medium armor - Jack of wide waters. On the table in the left part of the room, there is Lilith's Shawl, which adds +1 to Stealth and +3 to Perception.

Alternative solutions:

If you want to complete this quest quickly, you simply need to defeat Lilith. As soon as you come closer, she attacks you. After several seconds, she summons, around, 7 Shadows and Shades, which surround you. In this case, fighting will be more difficult than on the first floor, because there is nowhere to run here, with your ranged characters. After you dealt with all of the summons, and collected everything valuable, return to Niah.

The Child of Five Suns

This quest appears in your journal automatically, after you accept Pallegina into the party. To achieve this, first you need to complete the "At All Costs" quest. Pallegina is to the left of the entrance to the Vailian Trading Company (M23,6).

The first thing you need to do is go to the Vailian Embassy (M22,3) and talk to Agosti.

Your first step should be to go to the Vailian Embassy (M22,3) and talk to Agosti . The Ambassador tells Pallegina, and you, as a result, that you should go to Twin Elms to establish trading connections.

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