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Pillars of Eternity Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Pillars of Eternity Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Side quests in Copperlane | Pillars of Eternity Pillars of Eternity Guide

His Old Self

You receive this quest from Kaenra (M18,2) at the "Goose and Fox" Inn. You learn that she has some problems with her husband - Purnisc - who turned their home into a drug den. Your task is to take back her engagement ring to the would-be husband who is in his house. (M18,6).

Purnisc is in the first room on the right. Give the ring back to him. During the conversation, Purnisc does not remember his fiancée. To find out what he means, you need to go to the upper floor of the building. At the foot of the stairs, you are halted by a mercenary, whom you need to pay 100 gold to avoid a fight, or use Resolution at the level of at least 14 points. As soon as you climb to the upper floor, you must fight with three mercenaries. One of them has a key to the locked room, in the eastern part of this floor.

After the conversation with Purnisc, return downstairs and talk to the man who claims to be the owner of the house. After you tell him what you have seen, he assumes his true form. You then learn that his real name is Nyrid. You cannot free Purnisc without fighting Nyrid and several more mercenaries. In the first place, focus on the mage himself. As soon as his Endurance becomes low, you will get to decide whether to kill him or to throw him into the dungeon in Caed Nua Keep - of course, assuming that you had built the dungeon earlier. If you throw Nyrid to the dungeon, after some time a slave hunter will arrive in the keep and offer a lot of gold for him.

Go upstairs again and tell Purnisc about the death of his double. He asks a favor of you. You need to go to Kaenra and ask her to return to him. However, you cannot tell her that Purnisc deals Svef, thanks to which you will get a discount on the goods.

Go to the "Goose and Fox Inn" (M18,2) and talk to Kaenra. Tell her that the real Purnisc has been imprisoned at the upper floor of the house. It is your decision whether to tell her that he deals Svef. Your decision will not have any effect on your reward or the future events. Either way, Kaenra gives you a medallion of Unwavering Resolve, which increases Intelligence +2 and Resolution +1.

Alternative solutions:

As soon as during the first conversation with the fake Purnisc, you can discover his actual identity. Handle the conversation so as to make him admit it himself. Fight the entire group, go upstairs to free the real Purnisc, and return to Kaenra.

After you discover Nyrid's identity, you can ask for a discount on Svef. However, to prove your good intentions, you will have to return upstairs and kill the real Purnisc. As soon as you do that, return to Nyrid. From now on, you will be allowed to buy Svef at a 50% discount. Kaenra is not going to be in the inn anymore so there is no way to tell her about the husband's death.

After you kill Nyrid, you can intimidate Purnisc while talking to him, provided that you have Power at the level of 14. Regardless of what you tell Kaenra, you will receive a discount on Svef.

A Two Story Job

You receive this quest automatically after you kill a group of thieves and take a letter from Langden's corpse (M18,4). You learn from the letter that the group has been planning to rob the house of Lord Reymont. Your task is to tell somebody about this.

Watch out for the trap in the crate. - Side quests in Copperlane | Pillars of Eternity - Defiance Bay - Pillars of Eternity Game Guide & Walkthrough
Watch out for the trap in the crate.

Before you move on, ransack the house where you can find quite a lot of gold. Watch out for the trap in one of the crates.

Knowing that the group has been planning a robbery and what they wanted to steal, you can do it yourself instead. In order to do that, you must go to Reymont Manor (M20,1) and climb to the first floor. As soon as you enter, Reymont's servant will come up to you and won't let you pass through. If you have Power at the level of 13 points, you can strike her and thus avoid getting into a fight. You can also simply attack her and kill her. Regardless of your decision, you will have to defeat two guards at the same floor.

The treasure is in a hidden room, which you can open with a switch on the wall. - Side quests in Copperlane | Pillars of Eternity - Defiance Bay - Pillars of Eternity Game Guide & Walkthrough
The treasure is in a hidden room, which you can open with a switch on the wall.

The room with the treasure is at the end of the corridor, behind a false wall. To move it aside, you need to pull the candlestick that is active only in the scouting mode. The gem that you are looking for is in the last crate that is secured with a trap. Do not forget to explore the entire floor to collect as much gold as possible. NPCs on the ground floor will not react, as if nothing really happened.

You can return the letter to the instigator of the theft, i.e. the Doemenel family. In order to do that, go to their manor (M20,3). Show the letter to the butler at the door and he will let you in. You need to find Abrecan Doemenel in the building and return the letter. He will want you to steal the gem for him. At this moment, you should already have it, so hand it over to him. You will receive quite a lot of gold for it.

Alternative solutions:

You can reach the first floor across the window on the side (examine the left wall of the building). To do this, you need to have a grappling hook on you.

You can take the letter to Lord Reymont (M20,1), who will thank you for your trouble and reward you with gold.

During the conversation with Abrecan Doemenel (M20,3), you can try your way out of the conversation, or refuse to steal the gem, but you will then have to fight him and his guards.

After you complete this quest, you will be able to select the Domenel family as your faction.

Rogue Knight

You receive this quest from Osric (M18,5). He will tell you that he wants to recover his breastplate, a family memento. At the moment it's in possession of Penhelm, one of the Crucible Knights. To get it back, you first need to find something to blackmail Penhelm with.

The location where you can find Penhelms Affidavit. - Side quests in Copperlane | Pillars of Eternity - Defiance Bay - Pillars of Eternity Game Guide & Walkthrough
The location where you can find Penhelm's Affidavit.

What you need is the document certifying that Penhelm has no associations with former authorities and that he can be trusted. The Affidavit is in one of the middle rooms in Crucible Keep (M22,1). The room is full of shelves with all sorts of documents. The Affidavit is on the second shelf from the entrance. There are no skills required to get it.

Once the affidavit as in your hands, you can find out whether its authentic. To do that, you need to go to the person who signed it - Kurren. He is in the Hadret House (M20,4) in Brackenbury, on the ground floor. Kurren will tell you that the document is, without any doubt, a forgery. As soon as you leave the building, Penhelm appears in front of you with two guards. He wants you to give him the affidavit back. If you don't agree, he will attack you. You will have to kill him. You can plunder his body to find Osric's family Breastplate. Now, return to Osric (M18,5). As soon as you give him back the breastplate, your reputation with Defiance Bay and with the Dozens will rise. You also receive 2000 gold and the option to trade with Sonild in the eastern part of the building.

Alternative solutions:

During the conversation in front of the Hadret House, you can return the affidavit to Penhlem. During the conversation, you will have an option to convince Penhelm to return the breastplate:

  • If you tell him to consider it as a favor for you, he will not give you the breastplate, but he will pay you 200 gold.
  • If you tell him to let the past go, he will give you the breastplate, and you will be able to return it to Osric.
  • If you tell him that the history of his family matters to Osric, Penhelm will neither return the breastplate, nor pay you anything.
  • If you tell him that you helped him and ask him to do the same for Osric, he will not return the breastplate, but he will reward you with 200 gold.

If you do not return the breastplate to Osric you will lose much of your reputation with the Dozens.

After you complete this quest, you will be able to select the Dozens as your faction.

The Bronze Beneath the Lake

Accepting this quest means choosing the Dozens as your faction in Defiance Bay.

To receive this quest, you first need to complete the Rogue knight quest, which you receive from Osric (M18,5).

Talk to Wenan, in the Admeth's Den (M18,5). He tells you that, some time ago, he has dispatched a group of adventurers for an ancient weapon. They have not been back, so far and your task is to find them and learn about what has happened.

First, you need to go to the Woodend Plains and find the encampment of the Giantslayers (M16,3). There is little chance of avoiding the fight, during the conversation. First of all, watch out for the mage. You should have little problems dealing with the rest of the fighter, although the entire group is quite strong. Loot the corpses for their equipment and, what is most important, the Engraved adra disc .

Go now to the Stormwall Gorge and locate the entrance to the Lle a Rhemen ruins (M28,1). Watch out, because there is a group of the Crucible Knights around, who attack you at first sight. They have lots of Endurance points and high defense but, they should not pose a major problem.

Approach the stone circle, to the South-West of the temple entrance. First of all, click the "Wait for Several Hours" option. Repeat several times, until the nightfall and until the ruins around start to glow. Now, slide the Engraved adra Disc into the slot. At this point, the water starts to fall from the reservoir, which reveals that descent into the underground. This may take several seconds.

Enter the temple. Now, you need to cut through into the Tunnel (M34,2). Watch out, because you may encounter several strong opponents, along you path. Take one of the options to get to the other side. The best option is to crawl under the cobwebs.

Now, enter the Southern Chamber (M34,3). Talk to Nridk; from the perspective of the quest completion, this does not matter, whether you kill him or let him walk. Approach the sarcophagus, at the end of the room, and collect the Ancient engwithan weapon .

Now, you need to return to Wenan (M18,5). Return the Engwithan weapon to him and you will gain reputation both with the Dozens and in Defiance Bay. Additionally, you receive the Cloudpiercer - a very good bow. After the conversation, you receive the Mob Justice Talent , which adds +5 to accuracy, if you attack an opponent that has already been attacked by a party member.

Alternative solutions:

During the conversation with the Giantslayers, you can avoid the fight. However, you require 16 Resolution, 16 Intellect, 17 Dexterity or 17 Power. You can then obtain the Engraved adra disc without the necessity to kill the opponents.

The Parable of Wael

You receive this quest from Grimd (M18,9). You learn that one of the legendary scrolls of Wael has been stolen. Your task is to find the thieves and return the scroll to its rightful owners.

Go to the Woodend Plains and head towards the Abandoned House (M16,2). In front of the building, there is a group of thieves, of 5 NPCs, and a bear. You need to defeat them. On one of them, you find the scroll.

As soon as you pick up the scroll, you hear a mysterious voice, which you can presume is Wael's. You learn that the scroll theft was no coincidence. You are to finish the job and take the scroll to Black Meadow where you bury it under the drake skull facing Eastwards (M11,5). Now you need to return to Grimda (M18,9). She will not be too happy with the course of events, but she will not hold it against you that you have made your choice. You will be rewarded with the rise in reputation, in Defiance Bay, a as well as the Foodpad's hood, which permanently increases Stealth by +2 and Perception by +1. Also, you receive the Key to the elder archive, which becomes useful in other quests.

Alternative solutions:

You can ignore Wael and return the scroll to Grimda. The reward will be the same, as in the case of burying the scroll.

A Voice from the Past

After the conversation with Dalton (M18,11), you will learn that he is looking for his friend. According to his visions, she is roaming the nearby Catacombs (M18,13). As soon as you enter there, go to Helig of Thein (M19, 2) whom you can ask about Rowyna (it's the name of the missing friend). He agrees to tell you everything he knows if you bring back Moedred's Grimoire to him. He will also give you the key that you need. Moedred is in the Sanitarium (M20,5) in his underground lab (M21,4).

He will tell you that it was him who killed Helig, through the experiments that he was conducting - Side quests in Copperlane | Pillars of Eternity - Defiance Bay - Pillars of Eternity Game Guide & Walkthrough

He will tell you that it was him who killed Helig, through the experiments that he was conducting. At this moment, you will have to choose whether to keep helping Helig or turn against him. If you choose the former, you can open the chest even without Moedred's consent. Inside, instead of the grimoire, you will find a monster - Wicht. He will attack and kill Moedred, and you will have to defeat him.

Now you have to return to Helig in the Catacombs. He will be very pleased with the course of the events and, as a reward, will give you a special amulet with the soul of Rowyna, the woman that you have been searching for. Now, return to Dalton. There are several options to choose from during the conversation:

  • Return the amulet to Dalton, which will make him happy, but Rowyna will remain imprisoned forever. You will receive reputation in Defiance Bay, and Dalton will give you a mace of Dia Ewn Dibit.
  • Keep the amulet for yourself. You will lose some reputation with Defiance Bay, but you will gain the amulet that provides +5 to Power and +5 to Will.
  • You can lie to Dalton, saying that all of this was just a dream. Thanks to this, you will gain the amulet, the weapon from Dalton and the rise in your reputation with Defiance Bay. Your "Deceptive" character trait will rise.
  • During the conversation with Dalton, you can convince him to destroy the amulet and free Rowyna. To do this, you require 13 Intelligence or 15 Resolution. Otherwise, you will have to choose between giving the amulet back, and destroying it, against his will. In the latter case, you lose your reputation in the Defiance Bay.

Alternative solutions:

If you choose to eliminate Helig, you need to return to the Catacombs. During the conversation, you can return the chest key to Moedred. After you are back in the Catacombs, talk to Helig and attack him. The fight should not be difficult, on condition that you first kill Helig. Plunder his corpse to find the amulet with Rowyna. The conversation with Dalton is then identical as in the case of leaving Helig alive.

Even if you free the Wicht and have Moedred die, you can tell Helig, after you return to him, that this was not the deal and you can attack him.

Something Secret

During the conversation with Gordy (M18,10), you learn that he knows the location of a stash with valuables. He will reveal it only if you bring him a knife made of March steel. The knife is in the possession of trader Igrun (M18,3). Igrun already sold the dagger to some adventurers currently staying at the Goose and Fox Inn (M18,2). You need to talk to Two-Tone Weaxel. You can either buy the knife from him or attack him, However, you will have to take on the entire group of adventurers. Then, you need to return the knife to Gordy. He will reveal the secret then.

Activate the sneaking mode to find the location of the treasure. - Side quests in Copperlane | Pillars of Eternity - Defiance Bay - Pillars of Eternity Game Guide & Walkthrough
Activate the sneaking mode to find the location of the treasure.

Gordy tells you that one of the actors hid something under a loose stone, close to the Theater. The stone is to the right of the stage that the actors perform on. To reveal it, you need to activate the sneaking mode; the stone will be highlighted in violet. It is impossible to find it in the normal mode.

After you return here later into the game, you will witness a situation in which a man - Hamor - takes the dagger away from Gordy and accuses him of theft. You can join the conversation and confirm that Gordy is telling the truth, or deny it. However, there is no greater significance to it.

Alternative solutions:

If you have Power at the level of 12, you can make Gordy tell you the secret without having to bring him the knife. This will automatically complete this quest.

With your Resolution at level 12, Gordy will tell you where the treasure is, but you will still be able to bring him the knife.


Exit the Temple of Woedica (M19,8) after you complete the Never Far from the Queen main quest. If Aloth is on the party, he will want to talk to you. You can now go to Brackenbury district and enter the Sanitarium (M20,5) where you need to talk to the Expert on Awakenings. At the upper level of the Sanitarium (M21,1) talk to Head Warden Ethelmoer, and you will be sent to the lower level to talk to Bellasege. You will find the woman in one of the animancers' labs (M21,3). Start a conversation and volunteer Aloth. During the session, you can select dialogue options freely and assure the elf that this is only a dream. This quest is completed once you have talked to Bellasege.

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