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How to Regenerate Health in Outward? Outward Guide and Walkthrough

In Outward, you will lose health in many situations. Fighting opponents, diseases, and extreme weather conditions can significantly weaken your health. The game doesn't have an automatic health regeneration system, so you need to figure out how to restore the HP yourself. Below, you will find ways to replenish the health bar, and therefore the answer to the question - how to restore health in the Outward?


Sleep is the main way to restore health. - How to Regenerate Health in Outward? - FAQ - Outward Guide
Sleep is the main way to restore health.

Sleep restores a lot of health - just a few hours of sleep to restore the entire bar of HPs. You can sleep in four places:

  1. At home, there is a free way during which you are absolutely safe and your needs (hunger and thirst) are also fulfilled.
  2. In a tavern - same as the house, but you need to pay for accommodation.
  3. In a portable bed (Bedroll) - you can take the Bedroll with you for an expedition. It is a portable bed thanks to which you can sleep anywhere. However, remember that if you sleep outside safe zones, your character can be attacked by enemies during sleep (you can amend this by setting a watch in the sleep menu). Weather conditions can also be dangerous. Remember to sleep near a bonfire in cold weather. The Bedroll can be found in your house, i.e. in the Lighthouse in Cierzo.
  4. The tent is an improved version of the portable bed. Sleeping in a tent protects you from the weather, so you don't have to worry about the cold, or overheating of the character. You can buy a basic tent from a merchant named Doran, in Cierzo.

Health Regenerating Items

Outward offers a few items that can replenish health. - How to Regenerate Health in Outward? - FAQ - Outward Guide
Outward offers a few items that can replenish health.

The items that restore health compliment regeneration by sleeping. They are useful in situations, where you need to quickly replenish your health bar - for example, during a fight. Three types of items are used for regen:

  1. Bandages are used mostly for lifting negative effects such as bleeding (which can be applied in combat), but they also regenerate some health.
  2. Potions - healing potions are great for quickly restoring health during combat. The Life Potion can be bought from the alchemist Helmi in Cierzo.
  3. Food - some foods (such as Luxe Lichette) restore a large amount of health. They work just like potions.
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