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NiOh Game Guide

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Heir to the Nioh | Side missions NiOh Guide

This chapter is a complete guide for Heir to the Nioh quest. Here, you will find a walkthrough, as beneficial as possible, for this side quest.

Mission level



Hi-Nezumi Guardian Spirit

Furiwakegami Hiromitsu

Smithing text: Furiwakegami Hiromitsu

Master Samurai's Lock x1

Amrita - 7560

Gold - 16600

Mission objective

In this mission, you must defeat a group of enemies on the arena on which you fought with Umibozu. In order to complete this mission, you must eliminate all enemies. During it you can also explore areas connected to the second and the third Shrine from the mission called The Ocean Roars Again.

The course of the mission

The first thing that you should do is to fully explore the area of this mission - Heir to the Nioh | Side missions - Side missions - NiOh Game Guide

The first thing that you should do is to fully explore the area of this mission. Thanks to that you can light up the second and the third lantern from a main mission. Similarly, to that quest, you can set on fire the stacks that are located on the arena. Thanks to that, you will be able to enchant your weapon with fire element.

You should also collect all hidden treasures although you won't find anything that would help you in this mission.

Both Shrines are connected to the arena by similar paths. It should be noted that when the first enemy from the first wave appears, you won't be able to leave the area until you complete the mission.

Below, you can find tips for all final fights of each wave:

Phase 1: Two Lesser Umi-Bozu and Yoki. You should quickly approach one of the stacks and set your weapon on fire. Lesser Umi-Bozu are always first so run to them quickly and eliminate.

Phase 2: Similarly, to the previous wave, two Lesser Umi-Bozu appear first. If the fire on your weapon disappeared then you can approach another stack before you start this phase. Eliminate the slugs as fast as you can and be ready to face One-Eyed Oni.

Phase 3: You must face a Raven Tengu. The enemy has a very long reach and is one of the strongest enemies out of all regular ones. Use your petards and bombs. However, the most important thing is to enchant your weapon with an element. When you are choosing your equipment, you should pay attention to reduction of wind damage - this stat is very important when you face this enemy.

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