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Hino-enma | NiOh Boss Encounters

This chapter provides a number of hints that will help you defeat the opponent.

The battle takes place in a huge stone groove. - Hino-enma | NiOh Boss Encounters - Boss Encounters - NiOh Game Guide
The battle takes place in a huge stone groove.

Before the battle

The opponent that you are to fight here uses dynamic attacks, but also wields magic.

The entire battle is based on hit-and-run tactics. For this reason, it is recommended that you choose a weapon of relatively long range and high damage, which does not use up too much Ki at the same time. An important factor here is the speed to actual damage ratio. For this reason, it is better not to use hammers and axes, because these are slow and it is easy to expose yourself to counterattack.

My weapons of choice are spear and two-handed sword, but all depends on your playing style. I picked the spear, because you can deal damage to the boss with standard blows, even during his dodges. It should be added that strong attack (thrust) is also highly useful, although marked. Therefore, you can use it effectively only when Hino-enma is performing her combo. The spear has a longer range, thanks to which you can deal damage without walking entirely into the radius of Yokai Realm.

Hino-enma opens up to three Yokai Realm portals. With each new one, an existing one is closed.

1. It is a good idea to get any firecrackers. They can disturb the boss's rhythm while she is charging at you. If you are cornered, this can get you some time to drink a potion. The dweller on the ledge by the bonfire often throws out 3 firecrackers.

2. Collect all Kodamas, which will give you additional elixirs. Whereabouts of all the spirits have been provided in the walkthrough in the specific chapter.

3. Pick a specific weapon and max out on its weapon familiarity level. You can use a whetstone if you want to speed it up.

4. If possible, put on a relatively lightweight armor. What matters for your success in this battle is the dynamics of your movements, and heavy armor may slow you down.

5. While deciding on what to wear, pay attention to resistance to paralysis. Most probably, you will be unable to dodge from all of the paralyzing projectiles and additional resistance will restrict damage you take and will shorten your paralysis.

The fight

At the very beginning, Hino-enma always dives towards your current position. It is a good idea to dodge in any direction, because the attack deals considerable damage and your Ki dwindles within a fraction of second. The boss has a wider array of attacks than the previous ones, but majority of them are marked beforehand.

The battle could be divided into two stages, but the difference between the two is so negligible that it is better to treat the battle as a whole. The only difference is the fact that after losing a half of her health, Hino-enma starts flying above you to gain advantage.

Below, you will find a list of attacks that Hino-enma can use against you:


The boss will make a characteristic roar and fire a paralyzing projectile at you, which deals lots of damage. If the distance between you and her is considerable, she can use the attack several times. The important thing is to stay away from the wall and dodge at the right moment. As soon as you hear the roar, wait for half a second and dodge in any direction.

Hino-enma attacks in the same way while airborne. The pattern is the same and the only difference is that you cannot get close to the opponent. The attack is especially dangerous when the boss is at a short range. She can then easily finish you out in a single special attack.

Airborne attacks

1. Diving - for a fraction of second, Hino-enma prepares the attack and dives at you. If you do not dodge, you will be knocked out of balance and will take considerable damage. After you succeed with the dodge, you can easily land two quick blows on the opponent, because the failed attack knocks her out of balance.

2. Spike throw - this attack is very dangerous, because it remains, practically, unmarked. If the boss is airborne, takes a swing, but does not roar, it is highly probable that she will throw spikes at you. They deal little damage, but she throws them twice. If both connect, you will be in trouble. You should always make sure that your health bar is full. After you take damage from this attack, while considerably weakened, you will die, because the attack is nearly impossible to dodge or block.

Short-range attacks

1. Spins - the boss kicks and spins several times. A Yokai Realm appears in the spot of the combo. The attack is marked, but there is little point in blocking it, because this will drive your Ki down quickly. It is best to dash away at the beginning of the combo and land a blow without walking onto Yokai.

2. Triple kick- the boss dashes up to you and lands kicks. Two of them are horizontal and the last one is vertical. It is easy to dodge this attack and counter it.

3. Umbrella attack - a combo of three strikes within short range. Very rarely, the boss uses the attacks intertwined with kicks. If, after a different combo, she spins silently, this means that she is reaching out for her umbrella.

4. Life drain (special attack) - the boss takes a small step back and leans forward, throwing her arms forward. If you are within range, Hino-enma will grab you and bite you on the neck. The attack damages you for 400-600 HP, after which you slump to the ground. It is a good idea to mash dodge button when this happens, because thanks to this, you will get up sooner. The attack is barely marked, but the range is short, so you are most likely to take the blow while paralyzed.

The key issue in this battle is to maintain medium range, which will lend you enough time to react. If you try and increase the distance, you will soon receive a hit from paralyzing projectile, the boss will dive at you and kill you. Watch the opponent closely, do not extend successful exchanges for too long and you are sure to win.

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