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Weapon classes | Equipment NiOh Guide

There are two types of weapons - melee and ranged - Weapon classes | Equipment - Equipment - NiOh Game Guide
There are two types of weapons - melee and ranged

In the game, you can use two basic weapon types - melee and ranged. They are further broken down into classes. There are lots of melee weapons in the game and they are dropped by the majority of opponents that you fight with. It is a good idea to have several types of weapons on you. Whereas some opponents are easier to defeat with sword, others will be more vulnerable to axe. In itself, melee weapons have been divided into swords, axes spears and kusarigama. Swords are the most common type of weapons. You can wield either a single sword or two swords. In case of wielding two swords, your attacks are faster, but they are proportionately weaker. It is much better to use a single sword, as speed and power of attack are properly balanced. Another weapon class are axes and hammers. Power of attack with such weapons can be really high, yet it comes at the cost of speed. Due to their size, your character has to use a lot of strength to strike. Also, fighting with axe or hammer consumes more Ki. Still, appropriate tactics of dodging and landing well-timed blows may make this class of weapon handy. Kusarigama are also interesting weapons, because attacks performed with them are relatively fast and you can additionally pull the opponent towards you. While fighting slow and strong opponents, you can use a spear to increase range.

Among ranged weapons you can find e.g. bows and rifles - Weapon classes | Equipment - Equipment - NiOh Game Guide
Among ranged weapons you can find e.g. bows and rifles

Another group of weapons are ranged weapons. It encompasses bows, shotguns or blowguns. Unfortunately, since you can only carry a limited amount of ammo, there is no point in using them as your basic weapon. Using bows and rifles, you can eliminate other ranged units before they spot you. Combat is much easier when there is nobody to shoot at you. Often opponents use fire arrows, which deal even more damage to you. All you have to do to kill the oblivious opponent is aim at his head (a red dot appears at that moment). Also, it should be noted that there are certain differences between using a blowgun and a bow. While using a bow, you can freely move around the map while zoomed in. This is impossible in the case of a blowgun, where you have to stand still. Yet, the powerfulness in the case of the latter is incomparably higher.

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