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How to get gold in NiOh?

Getting the gold in the game is connected with a certain set of behaviors that can very quickly become second nature to a player. The process itself is very simple and it is made easy because gold is indefeasible.

Every time you die, you lose your Amrita that you carry. But when it comes to gold, the situation is different. No matter how many times you die, you never lose your gold which makes a correlation that the more you die, the richer you are. This is because most of the enemies, after death, leaves a random amount of gold so replaying a single stage means that you get more money than when you complete that stage in one try. This means that one of the ways to get more gold is to kill all enemies in a given location and revive them by using Shrines. Enemies are revived, no matter how many time they were slew by you.

The second way is to sell the useless gear to the blacksmith. But in this case you must take into consideration your current needs. The selling method is not the best, especially in cases of rare weapons because it is more profitable to dismantle them and, from the newly acquired materials, forge an even more powerful weapon. But if you want to earn some gold thanks to this method, you should use Swordsman or Warrior blessing. Both increase your chance in getting items which leads to future profits.

Also, you can increase the amount of gold and items that you get by using reputation points - How to get gold in NiOh? - FAQ - NiOh Game Guide

Also, you can increase the amount of gold and items that you get by using reputation points. Getting Ungyo Titles is connected with reputation which means that you should stick to a given type of weapon for a longer period.

A very important habit you should have during the missions is to destroy all of the chests, barrels and other destructible objects because this can boost your income. Most of the times, by destroying them you can get a small amount of gold which, when compared to your overall gold, may seem nothing more than pennies but it can come in handy. Besides, those objects can also hold additional items or ammunition.

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