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Amrita and experience levels | Your character NiOh Guide

The chapter below is dedicated to experience points and the ways to utilize them. You’ll learn how and when to use the amassed experience, as well as receive some info on its unique properties.


The game introduces Amrita as a special type of resource that is desired by world’s superpowers, but when it comes to the game’s mechanics, we are more interested in its influence on the main hero. The most common source of Amrita are the corpses of defeated enemies, with the amount of released Amrita depending on the type of enemy. Aside from that, Amrita is found in special items, or a certain amount of it is given as a reward for the discovery of a new Shrine.

Amrita is used to increase the basic attributes of your hero, such as Skill, or Dexterity. You can do so only when visiting a Shrine, provided you have the necessary amount of points, which changes with each experience level.

Amassing experience points (Amrita) is strictly connected to the Guardian Spirit of your hero. Your Amrita points will fill up the Living Weapon bar. Depending on the requirements of the aforementioned ability, you’ll have to amass the necessary amount of experience to be able to utilize it. Your progress can be seen in the Guardian Spirit bar found in the upper left corner of the screen. Once you cross the necessary threshold, the spirit icon will receive a specific animation, which means you can utilize the skill once you press the necessary combination.

If you were defeated, your Guardian Spirit will guard your corpse so you are able to retrieve your Amrita and the Living Weapon charges. If you are unable to reach your corpse and retrieve the charges (e.g. you’ve died along the way), your spirit will return to the last encountered Shrine, which means losing unspent experience and Living Weapon uses. You can choose to send your spirit straight to the Shrine, if for example, the amount of left Amrita isn’t worth the trip.

More details on Living Weapon can be found in the chapter dedicated to combat.

Experience Cap

Each experience level enables you to add one point to one of the basic attributes of your hero - Amrita and experience levels | Your character - Your character - NiOh Game Guide

Each experience level enables you to add one point to one of the basic attributes of your hero. The table below shows the amount of experience needed to advance to further levels.


Required Amrita

















More along the way - chapter under construction.

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