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NiOh 2 Guide

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NiOh 2: Kodama Leader - achievements NiOh 2 guide, walkthrough

Kodama Leader is one of the achievements you can unlock in the game. With this page of the guide to NiOh 2, you will find the location of all little creatures.

In total, there are 150 Kodamas in the game. They are scattered across the main and side missions. Check the mission briefing panel to learn about how many of them are in a given level. In addition, the game informs you about finding all the creatures on a given map.


This level has 7 Kodamas. Their list is as follows:

  1. The first Kodama can be found right after you have beaten Gozuki. Head towards the wooden bridge and you will come across a fork. If you go right, you will find a dead end and a Kodama.
  2. After defeating Enki, head to the left. There is a path near the first human opponent. This Kodama is at the end of that path.
  3. The third Kodama is located in the settlement. You will find it behind the house just over the first bridge, where you will encounter two Rogues (including an archer).
  4. Another Kodama can be found in the first building on the right, just behind the second bridge. It is hidden in the corner, behind the baskets.
  5. The fifth Kodama is found just outside the Yokai Realm, which brings the enemy to the village. When you turn back to where you came from, you will find a path blocked by a box. Break it down and go forward - you will find the creature.
  6. Reach the group of opponents - one of them will shoot at you from top of a hill. Find a pole at the end of the path that leads to them. Kodama is behind it.
  7. The last Kodama will appear when you purify the area from the Yokai Realm. You will find it right at the gate - you have to open it with the key.
1 - NiOh 2: Kodama Leader - achievements - Achievements - NiOh 2 Guide
2 - NiOh 2: Kodama Leader - achievements - Achievements - NiOh 2 Guide
3 - NiOh 2: Kodama Leader - achievements - Achievements - NiOh 2 Guide
This side mission has two Kodamas - NiOh 2: Kodama Leader - achievements - Achievements - NiOh 2 Guide

The Forest Veiled in Darkness

This side mission has two Kodamas; their locations can be found below:

  1. The first Kodama can be found in the central part of the map. It is located next to a large fallen tree that towers above the path.
  2. The second Kodama can be found near the building built into a cliff. The creature is behind the chest located right in front of the building.
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