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Neverwinter Nights 2: Mysteries of Westgate Game Guide by

Neverwinter Nights 2: Mysteries of Westgate Game Guide

Table of Contents

Main quests - Morningstar Haven | Main quests NWN2: MoW Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Quest: Morningstar Haven

Quest Given by: From the officer on the ship (at the beginning of the game).

Important: When you will complete this quest you won't be able to do quest: Ebon Claws anymore. Remember that you can only work with one side: Lathander Church or Ebon Claws.

Talk to Obid, you can find him in Morningstar Haven in Arena District.

Quest: Night Hounds

Quest Given by: Obid.

Step 1: You can start to seek Jeswick Salem on Market Triangle. You will find a sergeant Wickers there who is guarding an entrance to the Massacre House. Ask about the murder and tell him that Obid had sent you. Wickers will notice your mask and he will let you in.

Step 2: Sergeant Wickers is working for Night Masks and at this moment he will be thinking that you are their agent. He will order you to search Jeswick body and destroy all evidences that he was a spy. You can solve this problem in couple of ways:

1. Pretend that you are an agent [Rinara: influence +1], [Charissa: influence -1], [Mantides: influence -1]. Search Jeswick body, and give a paper that you will find to Sergeant.

2. Tell him that you are not an agent and take a bribe from him $ 300 [Rinara: influence +1], [Charissa: influence -1], [Mantides: influence -1].

3. Tell him that you won't take his gold [Rinara: influence-1], [Charissa: influence +1].

Before leaving the house do not forget to search Jeswick body a take a paper from him.

Step 3: Go to the City Watch barracks and tell Captain Fennesh that Sergeant Wickers is a traitor [Charissa: influence +1].

Step 4: Go to the southern side of the Harbor Loop. During the walk you will have an impression that someone is watching you. Don't worry about it. Find Greevel and talk to him. He will lead you to the Warrens. If want you can give him some gold for his help.

Step 5: When you will get there you will be attacked by Sergeant Wickers and some thugs. You have to kill his comrades, but Sergeant will run away anyway. Take items from corpses: Reflex Boots +2, Invisibility Potion, War Axe +1, Wand of Paralyze and go deeper into the Warrens.

Step 6: In the southern part of this location you will be attacked by huge shadow hounds led by Shadow Wolf. Kill them all and watch that Greevel is changing into the beautiful sorceress and Mantides thinks that this Shadow Wolf is a former pet of his girlfriend. The last thing to do is to take Wickers items - Long Sword +2, Cloak of protection +2 [Bonus to AC: +2 (Reflect)] and exit the Warrens.

Step 7: Speak with Obid. He will give you amulet Lathander Grace [Use: Blessing(2) 1 use/ day].

Quest: Deadly Games

Quest Given by: Obid after completing quest: Night Hounds

Step 1: Go to City Watch barracks and speak with Captain Fennesh about released murderer - Darius Falgar.

Step 2:

1 - Main quests - Morningstar Haven - Main quests - Neverwinter Nights 2: Mysteries of Westgate - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Sit in Bent Mermaid Inn and wait until Darius will leaving - Main quests - Morningstar Haven - Main quests - Neverwinter Nights 2: Mysteries of Westgate - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Sit in Bent Mermaid Inn and wait until Darius will leaving.

Follow him and you will get to Cormaeril Company Sheds.

Go to Bent Mermaid Inn and use your ability called Hearing. You will find that Darius is speaking with a girl. Then you will have a choice to listen Rinara or Charissa:

1. Rinara will suggest that you can seat at the table in the Inn and wait until Darius will be leaving [Charissa: influence -1].

2. Charissa will ask you to speak with Darius [Charissa: influence +1]. In fact, you will be able to do that because he is not very chatty at the moment. As a matter of fact you will have to seat at the table and wait until Darius will be leaving.

Step 3:

Cormaeril Company Sheds

1 - Main quests - Morningstar Haven - Main quests - Neverwinter Nights 2: Mysteries of Westgate - Game Guide and Walkthrough

1. Entrance

2. Darius and his comrades - $ 201, Adamantine Long Sword, Stein.

3. Chest x3 - Traps; Venoms; Thieves' Tools +6, Antidote; Potions: Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, Potion of Cure Critical Wounds, Potion of Lesser Restoration.

4. Variak - $ 53; Key (door number 5); Chain Shirt +2; Adamantine Short Sword; Potions: Potion of Speed, Potion of Cat's Grace.

5. Locked door.

6. Trap Room - Fires are exploding in a special way. Try to guess the rule.

7. Fire Knife instructors and apprentices - $ 50; Fire Knife Medallion [Bonus to ability: Craft: Trap skill +4, Set trap +4; Only for: Assassin, Rogue; Use: Flare (1) - unlimited quantity]; Topaz; Potions: Potion of Cure Serious Wounds, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds.

8. Entrance: Arena District.

Follow Darius until you will get to the Cormaeril Company Sheds. Use the same door and go to the next room (you will find some Night Masks apprentices here. After few seconds Fire Knifes will show up and they will tell you the rules. The main thing is to escape by the front door. It is a very difficult because there are lot of assassins there and corridors are full of traps.

Step 4: Now you have to get to the front door. First of all take all items from the chest in the next room. Then enter the Trap Room and find the rule to avoid damages. In the last room you will find some instructors and you have to fight with them.

Step 5: Exit the magazine and go to Captain Fennesh. Tell him about everything and you will get $ 300 . Go to Obid, and he will give you $ 1250.

Quest: Statue of Lathander

Quest Given by: Obid, after completing quest: Deadly Games.

Step 1: Tell Obid, that you are ready. You will be teleported to harbor, where both Night Masks and Ebon Claws will attack you. Kill them and you will have another vision.

Step 2: Return to Obid and take your reward - $ 5000.

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