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Monster Hunter Rise Guide

Monster Hunter Rise Guide

The Witcher but Japanese Monster Hunter Rise guide contains complete walkthrough, Beginner's Guide, best tips to weapon creation, exploration and combat. We describe all monsters, regions, boss fights, secrets and controls.

Our guide to Monster Hunter Rise includes a detailed description of each region, along with tips on main and side quests from Kamura village and Gathering Hub. The information and tips contained in our guide will help you to learn all the most important mechanics, defeat all the large monsters (bosses), develop your character and produce the best armor, weapons, and items.

The first big chapter has the basics of Monster Hunter Rise. You will find a beginner's guide which should all who are just starting their adventure as a monster hunter. On the later pages of this chapter, we discuss such important topics as basics of combat, hunting-101, user interface, Wirebugs, character statistics, a list of available armor and weapons for you and your Palicos, Palamutes, and Petalaces. The Local fauna page contains information on all kinds of helpful creatures that you will come across on the hunting grounds.

The second chapter of the Monster Hunter Rise guide contains FAQ pages with answers to frequently asked questions. We explain, e.g. how to create items, how to sharpen weapons, how to make a well-cooked steak, how to regain strength, and where to find the Cohoot nest.

In Monster Hunter Rise, you will have to face many powerful monsters - we discuss them all in the boss fights chapter. There you will find detailed information about each beast that will help you defeat even the strongest monsters. This chapter also includes descriptions of smaller opponents.

In the maps chapter, you will find all Sub-camps and Old Messages, divided by hunting grounds.

The appendix has pages about the controls, available language versions, game editions, photo mode, as well as information about how long it will take to complete MH Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise: Quick beginner's guide

  1. Spend some time on practicing. After getting acquainted with the inhabitants of Kamura village, head to the training area in the eastern part of the village. There you will find a chest for items, in which you will change the type of weapon and a large training dummy, on which you will practice attacks;
  2. Before you go hunting, eat Bunny Dango. This meal, available in the tea room or in the Gathering Hub temporarily boosts statistics and gives many other bonuses;
  3. Start your adventure by doing the tasks in the village. Hinoa, the girl sitting on the main square offers single-player tasks. This is a great way to get acquainted with the game's mechanics, hunting, and have the first fights with monsters. Missions in the Gathering Hub require skill and are designed for multiplayer;
  4. Accept side quests. Before you go hunting, talk to Hinoa or Minoto to receive side quests. These are usually simple tasks, like collecting herbs or killing a few smaller monsters;
  5. Observe your enemies. Each large monster has its own set of moves and attacks. Take a moment to observe and learn them to do better in battle;
  6. Check out Hunter's notes - there you will find a lot of useful information about large and small monsters, encountered fauna during the hunt, and even the gameplay mechanics.

Read more tips for beginners on a separate page - Beginner's guide.

Monster Hunter Rise: All large monsters

Difficulty level 1/10:

  1. Arzuros,
  2. Great Izuchi,
  3. Great Baggi,
  4. Lagombi.

Difficulty level 2/10:

  1. Great Wroggi,
  2. Kulu-Ya-Ku,
  3. Aknosom,
  4. Tetranadon,
  5. Khezu.

Difficulty level 3/10:

  1. Royal Ludroth,
  2. Basarios,
  3. Barroth.

Difficulty level 4/10:

  1. Bishaten,
  2. Pukei-Pukei,
  3. Volvidon,
  4. Rathian,
  5. Jyuratodus.

Difficulty level 5/10:

  1. Somnacanth,
  2. Tobi-Kadachi,
  3. Barioth.

Difficulty level 6/10:

  1. Anjanath,
  2. Mizutsune,
  3. Rathalos,
  4. Zinogre,
  5. Nargacuga.

Difficulty level 7/10:

  1. Magnamalo,
  2. Goss Harag,
  3. Almudron,
  4. Tigrex,
  5. Diablos,
  6. Rakna-Kadaki.

Difficulty level 8/10:

  1. Bazelgeuse,
  2. Chameleos,
  3. Kushala Daora,
  4. Teostra,
  5. Rajang.

Difficulty level 9/10:

  1. Wind Serpent Ibushi.

Difficulty level 10/10:

  1. Thunder Serpent Narwa.

Monster Hunter Rise: Maps and collectibles

Shrine Ruins:

  1. Old Messages,
  2. Sub-camp.

Frost Islands:

  1. Old Messages,
  2. Sub-camp.

Flooded Forest:

  1. Old Messages,
  2. Sub-camp.

Sandy Plains:

  1. Old Messages,
  2. Sub-camp.

Lava Caverns:

  1. Old Messages,
  2. Sub-camp.

Monster Hunter Rise: Local fauna

Monster Hunter Rise has many small creatures that can help hunters in hunting. Local life forms are divided into several groups, depending on the characteristics of the creature. Some of them will strengthen your character until the end of the hunt, while others will help to trap the monster or grant a temporary power-up.

Read more about it on the Local fauna page.

Monster Hunter Rise: FAQ - I have a problem and I'm looking for answers

  1. Monster - how to capture? - some tasks require you to capture a living beast, so it is worth knowing how to recognize a weakened monster and what items to use to capture it;
  2. Weapons - how to sharpen? - as you fight, your weapon gradually loses its sharpness. On this page, we will tell you how to use a whetstone and how to sharpen weapons during a fight with a monster;
  3. Cohoot nest - where is it? - Cohoot, a new animal in the Monster Hunter series, stores in its nest interesting items. On this page, you will learn where to find them and when to check the nests;
  4. Stamina - how to increase? - the maximum level of stamina decreases with time spent on the hunt. On this page, you will learn how to restore and increase your stamina;
  5. How to craft items? - we explain how to craft items and where to find the necessary materials. We also discuss the Crafting List interface;
  6. Well-done steak - how to make it? - we explain what it is and how to make the perfect steak so that your hunter never goes hungry again!

For more answers to other important questions about Monster Hunter Rise, check out the separate pages in the FAQ section.

Monster Hunter Rise: Game length

Like the previous parts of the series, Monster Hunter Rise offers dozens of hours of gameplay. As you traverse the regions, you will encounter many huge beasts and smaller monsters.

Completing the main plot takes about 20 hours, but multiplayer mode and side quests can take you much longer. Learn more about how long it takes to beat MH Rise on the Game's length page.

Monster Hunter Rise: Language versions

Monster Hunter Rise offers subtitles in 9 different languages and voice-overs in 3 languages. Read more about this on a separate page of the guide: Language versions.

Coming Soon Monster Hunter Rise Guide

This is upcoming Game Guide and Walkthrough for Monster Hunter: Rise Video Game.

We are working on it now. We want to publish this Game Guide close to Monster Hunter: Rise Release Date.

Monster Hunter: Rise Video Game

  • genre: RPG

  • developer: Capcom
  • publisher: Capcom
  • platform: PC, Switch

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