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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Mission 30 - Skull Face | Walkthrough MGS V: TPP Guide

General information about the mission

The thirtieth mission of the Metal Gear Solid V is one of the most challenging in the game. The main task is to get to the other side of the base, where the Skull Face is located. There will be numerous obstacles on your way, such as significant enemy forces, especially given the fact, that besides normal soldiers, you will have to face enemy snipers, walker gears, as well as a helicopter flying over the base. Secondary tasks are almost entirely associated with fultoning enemy equipment. The only exception is the task to retrieve the cassette tape located in the base.

Mission objectives

  • PRIMARY (1/2): Made contact with Skull Face - Skull Face can be found on the helicopter landing pad, in the South-Eastern section of the OKB Zero base, and you "just" have to get to him.
  • PRIMARY (2/2): Got information from Skull Face - this task will be completed together with the previous one, as soon as you reach Skull Face.
  • SECONDARY (1/4): Extracted 4 Walker Gears - Three Walker Gears wander around different sections of the OKB ZERO base, and the fourth one should be located near the main entrance, just behind the third gate. Before you can retrieve them, you must first eliminate the operators of each mech. To fulton Walker Gears to your base, you will need the CARGO 2 upgrade.
  • SECONDARY (2/4): Obtained cassette tape at OKB Zero - The cassette tape can be acquired right before the end of the mission. Do not head towards the stairs leading to the landing pad, where the Skull Face is located, but instead go to the lower level and reach the cargo elevator.
  • SECONDARY (3/4): Extracted 7 red containers from OKB Zero - Four containers can be found behind the second gate of the base, while the three remaining ones can be found behind the third gate. To fulton them, you will need to complete the CARGO 2 upgrade.
  • SECONDARY (4/4): Extracted 3 tanks from OKB Zero - Tanks can be found behind the first, second and third gate. They aren't operated, so you won't have to sneak while you approach them. To fulton them, you will need to complete the CARGO 2 upgrade.

Mission preparations

Completing this mission during nighttime is highly recommended, as it focuses heavily on stealth, which will be severely hampered if the enemies have access to a wider field of view. As for your companion, you should choose D-Dog, which will be able to mark your enemies in advance, decreasing the likelihood of making a big mistake. Additionally, he will be able to detect landmines located near the starting location.

There should be a decent sniper rifle at Big Boss' disposal during this mission. It can be used to quietly eliminate enemy snipers, as well as the operators of Walker Gears. Despite the fact, that there will be a helicopter patrolling the area, refrain from taking and using a rocket launcher to shoot it down, as it will alarm the whole base.

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