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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Mission 28 - Code Talker | Walkthrough MGS V: TPP Guide

General information about the mission

The twenty-eighth mission in Metal Gear Solid V consists in finding Code Talker and exfiltrating him. In the first part of the mission, a Skulls squad will try to interrupt you. In the second part, you will have to sneak up to a large mansion. The situation gets complicated at the end, when reinforcements arrive. Good news is that all the optional objectives can be completed when you go to places connected to main objectives.

Mission objectives

  • PRIMARY (1/2): Made contact with Code Walker - you will find Code Talker in a large mansion, in the eastern part of the map. You have to sneak up to it and located the entrance to the basement.
  • PRIMARY (2/2): Extracted Code Talker - you have to bring him to one of two available exfiltration points. Enemy soldiers will interrupt you while you do this. It is better to choose the northern landing site, because you can Fulton an APC on the way (the fourth optional objective).
  • SECONDARY (1/4): Extracted Code Talker without him taking any damage - don't hurry when heading to the exfiltration point that you chose. You have to go past the enemies or neutralize them after telling Code Talker to lay down.
  • SECONDARY(2/4): Eliminated the Skulls - you will encounter Skulls female snipers shortly after starting the mission. You have to bring their hp bar or stamina bar to zero (this will knock them out). Note - you will complete the objective after killing the first sniper, but eliminating all of them will give you more points after the mission.
  • SECONDARY(3/4): Extracted the Skulls - you have to bring their stamina bar to zero and then Fulton them to the base. It is possible only if you have the proper upgrade.
  • SECONDARY(4/4): Extracted the armored vehicle sealing off Lufwa Valley - the vehicle will appear near a bridge, located to the north-west from the mansion, but only after you locate Code Talker. You need to have to CARGO 2 upgrade to Fulton it.

Mission preparations

Playing this mission at night can make it more difficult for you to deal with Skulls. However, it makes the whole next part of the mission easier, because you won't have to worry so much about being detected. You should select Quiet as your companion, who will help you fighting Skulls.

It is good to take the best sniper rifle that you have. Choose regular ammunition if you want to kill the Skulls, or non-lethal ammo if you want to knock them out.

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