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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Mission 24 - Close Contact | Walkthrough MGS V: TPP Guide

General information on the mission

The mission area of the twenty fourth mission of Metal Gear Solid V is not too vast, but you need to move around very efficiently. This is especially important at the beginning of the mission, when it is of paramount importance that you reach the engineers quickly. When it comes to exploration of the map in order to complete secondary objectives, you should postpone it until you have liberated the engineers. The list of secondary objectives is long and it includes capturing wildlife animals, finding containers with materials and extraction of the enemy vehicles.

Mission objectives

  • PRIMARY (1/2): Extracted the male engineer - Engineers are being kept in the tent, in outpost 20. Soon after the mission starts, the man escapes from the tent and you need to locate him, and fulton him before he is located by the enemy and shot.
  • PRIMARY (2/2): Extracted the female engineer - At the beginning of the mission, you find her in the tent in outpost 20. If you do not manage to rescue her in time, she is loaded up onto the jeep and driven to Munoko ya Nioka Station. You can halt the jeep along its route, or go to the station (it is going to be more difficult to rescue her from here).
  • SECONDARY (1/5): Extracted 6 nubians near Ngumba Industrial Zone, SW Guard Post - you find them to the East and to the South-East of outpost 20, i.e. of the one where the engineers are being kept. Sneak up to them, restrain, and fulton them.
  • SECONDARY (2/5): Extracted 2 four-wheel drives - These are the two jeeps traveling across the map. You can extract them after appear near outpost 20, or find them elsewhere on the map. You need to have the CARGO 2 upgrade to fulton them to the Mother Base.
  • SECONDARY (3/5): Extracted 4 materials containers from Munoko ya Niako Station, NE Guard Post - The containers are in outpost 16 (they are in two different spots) and you require the CARGO 2 upgrade to fulton them.
  • SECONDARY (4/5): Picked an African peach near Munoko ya Nioka Station - To find the plant, you need to search the rocky ledge close to the Southern entrance of the station.
  • SECONDARY (5/5): Extracted a martial eagle near Munoko ya Nioka Station - There are several eagles circling around the station. You need to use a weapon with sleeping ammo (it is best to use the sniper rifle here) to shoot one of them down. Then, reach the spot where it landed and fulton it.

Mission preparations

The best idea is to play this mission after dark, because you will then have no greater problems rescuing both of the engineers while staying hidden. Apart from that, this should make it easier to complete secondary mission objectives connected with Munoko ya Nioka Station. As your buddy, pick the D-Dog, who will make it easier to locate POWs, as well as the goats and the eagle (secondary mission objectives).

If this is an option, take along a sniper rifle with sleeping ammo, thanks to which it will be easier for you to capture the animals alive. If you do not have such weaponry, take a rocket launcher, in case things at the Munoko ya Nioka Station go awry, because a combat helicopter would then arrive at the station.

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