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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Mission 16 - Traitors' Caravan | Walkthrough MGS V: TPP Guide

General information on the mission

The sixteenth mission of Metal Gear Solid V may prove quite demanding, because you need to steal a truck with valuable cargo, which is going to be made more difficult by the Skulls troops around. What is even more, the mission will count as failed if the truck is destroyed. Therefore, you need to tone down your aggressive approach, and you need to make sure that it is not pounded accidentally. Also, you will spend some time with side missions. You can kidnap members of the elite troops, extract the truck driver and face the Skulls in open fight.

Mission objectives

PRIMARY (1/2): Identified transport truck - By default, the truck is parked in the North-Western part of Nova Braga Airport, but after the convoy arrives, it will head to Kiziba Camp. You complete this objective automatically after you get near the truck, or after you locate it with binoculars.

PRIMARY (2/2): Extracted transport truck - The easiest way to do this is to sneak up when the truck is parked on the airport and by fultoning it, but you need the CARGO 2 upgrade. Otherwise, you need to steal it and drive it out of the map. This is going to be more difficult, which is due to the Skulls and the APCs in the convoy.

SECONDARY (1/6): Identified escort unit - armored vehicle - The convoy starts its route next to outpost 18 and stops at Nova Braga Airport, from where it heads towards Kiziba Camp. You can identify the APCs at any point into the mission, preferably at a distance, using binoculars.

SECONDARY (2/6): Eliminated the Skulls - The Skulls appear on the map out of a sudden, after you approach main target 1. You need to pack a very good rocket launcher to stand any chance at defeating the "zombies".

SECONDARY (3/6): Extracted the transport truck driver - It is best to stun the driver when he is still at the airport. You need to fulton him before you are attacked by the Skulls.

SECONDARY (4/6): Pinpointed escort unit's estimated route from an intel file - The document is in the tent of outpost 14. It is best to do this right at the beginning of the mission, because the convoy will not be waiting around for you.

SECONDARY (5/6): Listened to all conversations between transport truck driver and outpost/guard post soldiers - You need to listen to the first conversation still at the airport. Next ones will be taking place in every bigger location that the convoy passes by. Each time, use binoculars to eavesdrop on the conversations at a safe distance.

SECONDARY (6/6): Extracted 3 Zero Risk Security soldiers - The soldiers travel in a jeep. At the beginning of the mission, you find them Eastwards of Nova Braga Airport. Then, they move to the fork to the North of the airport and join the convoy. Attack them, restrain them and fulton them at the beginning of the mission, or deploy an obstacle in the way of the convoy, which stops the jeep.

Mission preparations

Just like usually, starting the mission after dark can make things much easier. What is meant here is sneaking up into the airport and about following the convoy (e.g. in order to eavesdrop on the conversations). As your buddy for this mission, pick the D-Horse, thanks to which you will be able to cover distances easily and keep up with the convoy (if necessary).

While replaying the mission to complete its secondary objectives, you can decide to pick the D-Walker as your buddy. If only you have ensured its proper arming, defeating the Skulls will be much easier. If you still do not have good upgrades for the walker, take the best rocket launcher along, which you will then be able to use against the zombies.

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