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Mass Effect Guide & Walkthrough

Mass Effect Guide & Walkthrough

You must act without remorse Mass Effect Guide contains complete walkthrough to all quests and uncharted world; also system requirements and achievements list. Beginner's Guide and best tips for combat, persuasion, morality and talents.

Last update: Monday, May 24, 2021

The Mass Effect game guide will help you build a strong and versatile team of space mercenaries, as well as successfully complete the game's main storyline and discover all of its optional secrets and activities. This guide is also dedicated to players who are looking for beginner's tips and hints, as well as gamers interested in solving specific issues or puzzles. Our guide contains a detailed walkthrough, beginner's tips section and provides pages on creating and developing your hero, including the description of the morality system (Paragon's and Renegade's path). The guide also offers hints on how to engage in combat, how to choose a difficulty level, and what you should do in order to unlock the best talents.

The largest part of our guide is a comprehensive walkthrough that focuses on the main story, which has been divided into 12 major chapters (each chapter is a separate location visited during the main storyline). In the quest walkthroughs we have focused on important choices, puzzle solutions, as well as descriptions of battles and dialogues with important NPCs. Also, the guide contains detailed maps of all key locations, including additional information about important places to visit, loot and NPCs.

The next major section of the guide is the Uncharted Worlds section, which explains how to travel around the galaxy. We have included descriptions of all star clusters and planetary systems. You'll find out what you can discover on each planet, if the game lets you land on them and if there are any side quests available on a particular planet. You'll also find descriptions of minor quests in our walkthrough - the quests associated with Shepard background a.k.a. Pre-Service History, the Galaxy Collection Assignments, which let you collect a variety of loot and treasures, and the Bring Down the Sky DLC.

The whole thing is complemented by a trophy guide, and appendix that includes information on game length and system requirements.

Mass Effect: Beginner's Tips

Here are some simple hints and tips that can make it easier for you to play Mass Effect. These are general tips that may be useful regardless of the difficulty level or playing style. In order to find more advice and tips please refer to the Beginner's Guide section of our guide.

  1. Have a diverse team - the best approach is to have a soldier, a biotic, and a character with technical skills on your active team. This will allow you to be prepared for all types of encounters, including those against opponents with specific resistances.
  2. Save the game as often as possible. This will not only keep you from engaging in battles that are too difficult, but more importantly it can keep you safe from making poor decisions during moments when important choices await you.
  3. Carefully investigate all explored locations, this way you can find interactive devices, loot or opportunities to add new entries to the codex. All of this will be useful to you - you can gain XP and loot (which can be sold or used).
  4. Meet with other characters on Normandy. You can strengthen your relationship with them by doing so and in some cases it can even lead to a romance.
  5. Remember that the team inventory is not unlimited. Get rid of unnecessary equipment before every larger expedition, for example, by selling useless loot to one of the nearby vendors.

Mass Effect: Main Story Walkthrough

Below you will find a list of pages which include the main story walkthrough and detailed descriptions of each mission. We have divided the walkthrough into 12 separate chapters and each of them has been assigned to different location. The Citadel is unique in this regard, as it is visited at least 3 times throughout the game.

Chapter 1 - Prologue

  1. Normandy

Chapter 2 - Eden Prime

  1. Eden Prime

Chapter 3 - Citadel (first visit) - you will revisit this location in chapter 8 and 10 in order to complete new quests and explore new areas.

  1. Citadel - p. 1
  2. Citadel - p. 2
  3. Citadel - p. 3
  4. Citadel - p. 4

Chapter 4 - Normandy - the return

  1. Spacecraft's Map - rooms, quarters and interactions

Chapter 5 - Therum

  1. Therum Surface
  2. Entrance To The Ruins
  3. The Ruins

Chapter 6 - Feros

  1. Feros - p. 1
  2. Feros - p. 2
  3. Feros - p. 3
  4. Feros - p. 4
  5. Feros - p. 5
  6. Feros - p. 6

Chapter 7 - Noveria

  1. Noveria - p. 1
  2. Noveria - p. 2
  3. Noveria - p. 3
  4. Noveria - p. 4
  5. Noveria - p. 5
  6. Noveria - p. 6
  7. Noveria - p. 7
  8. Noveria - p. 8

Chapter 8 - Return to Citadel

  1. Return to the Citadel

Chapter 9 - Virmire

  1. Virmire - p. 1
  2. Virmire - p. 2
  3. Virmire - p. 3

Chapter 10 - Citadel - Third Visit

  1. Citadel Once More

Chapter 11 - Ilos

  1. Ilos

Chapter 12 - Final Battle

  1. Final fight

Mass Effect: Galaxy Exploration - Uncharted Worlds

Below you will find a list of pages related to Galaxy exploration - Uncharted Worlds. Each page is a separate cluster - you will learn about its planetary systems, planets to explore and available side quests.

  1. Argos Rho
  2. Armstrong Nebula
  3. Artemis Tau
  4. Attican Beta
  5. Exodus Cluster - it's a unique case, as this cluster is related to the planet Eden Prime from the main storyline
  6. Gemini Sigma
  7. Hades Gamma
  8. Hawking Eta
  9. Horse Head Nebula
  10. Kepler Verge
  11. Local Cluster - it includes the Solar System
  12. Maroon Sea
  13. Pangea - it's a unique case, as this cluster is related to the Ilos planet from the main storyline
  14. Sentry Omega - it's a unique case, as this cluster is related to the Virmire planet from the main storyline
  15. Styx Theta
  16. Serpent Nebula - it's a unique case because you won't find any planetary systems here, only the Citadel
  17. Voyager Cluster

Mass Effect: Secrets & Collectibles

In our game guide to Mass Effect you will find several pages related to collect it missions. They consist in finding objects, which can be considered as secrets and collectibles.

  1. League of One Medallions, Salarian ID Tags, Turian Insignias
  2. Locate Signs of Battle
  3. Light Mineral Deposits
  4. Heavy Mineral Deposits
  5. Gas Deposits, Prothean Data Discs, Asari Writings

Mass Effect: Basics

In this section of our guide you can find a lot of useful tips related to selected gameplay mechanics. They will allow you to know the game better.

  1. Hero - character classes - You will learn what classes and character specializations are available, how to choose the optimal team composition and how to collect XP.
  2. Morality - You will learn the basic principles of the morality system in the game and what Paragon and Renegade points are.
  3. Persuasion - We explain how to use the Charm and Intimidate skills during conversations and meetings with NPCs.
  4. Best Talents - We have prepared a list of the most useful talents that can be used frequently while playing the game.
  5. Combat - We have included various hints and tips on how to win battles in the game.
  6. Difficulty Levels - We explain how to set and change the difficulty level, and how it affects the game.

Mass Effect: Achievements & Trophies

Mass Effect allows you to unlock achievements and trophies - in the PS3 version you can unlock 1 platinum trophy, 2 gold, 13 silver and 31 bronze trophies. Achievements involve completing quests and performing actions during battles. You can find the full list of them on the Achievements / Trophies page.

Mass Effect: System Requirements (PC)

  1. Processor: Intel P4 2.4 GHz / AMD 2.0 GHz
  2. RAM: 1 GB (Windows XP) / 2 GB (Windows Vista or newer)
  3. Video card: Nvidia GeForce 6800 / ATI X1300 XT
  4. DirectX: 9.0c
  5. Free Storage Space: 12 GB
  6. OS: Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista

For more information, including recommended system requirements of Mass Effect and how to run the original game version on a modern rig, please visit the System Requirements page.

Mass Effect (2008) & Mass Effect Legendary Edition - Key Changes

The 2021 Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a collection that consists of advanced remasters of the first three installments of the series - Mass Effect Guide & Walkthrough

The 2021 Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a collection that consists of advanced remasters of the first three installments of the series. It introduces several significant changes in comparison to the original 2008 release of Mass Effect (the year the PC version was released).

  1. Significantly improved visuals & high-res graphics - Changes include, among other things, additional high-definition resolution support and ultra-widescreen display support, as well as improved texture quality and enhanced lighting visuals in the explored locations.
  2. Faster elevators in Citadel - You no longer have to wait a long time to reach another floor by elevator. You can also skip the entire elevator trip sequence.
  3. New Character Creation System - It is based on the character creator that originally debuted in Mass Effect 3.
  4. Improved Mako Steering & Controls - Exploration of planet surface should be more efficient in the remaster and less problematic in terms of vehicle controls.
  5. Lack of Pinnacle Station DLC - This is unfortunately due to the loss of some parts of the original source code. As a result, it could not be included in the remaster.

About Mass Effect Guide & Walkthrough

Author : Artur "Metatron" Falkowski for

last update : May 5, 2016

Guide contains : 61 pages, 179 images.

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

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Mass Effect Video Game

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