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Mafia 1 Remake Guide, Walkthrough

Mafia 1 Remake Guide, Walkthrough

Welcome back to Lost Heaven Mafia 1 Remake guide is a complete walkthrough to main and side missions, beginner's guide and tips, all secrets and trophies, maps and system requirements.

This game guide to Mafia 1 Remake is a compendium of knowledge about the new version of the very popular gangster video game in which you can take part in various mob battles and interesting crime stories. By using the information prepared in our guide you will be able to complete all missions, find 100% of secrets, earn a platinum trophy, and get a closer look at the most important gameplay mechanics.

The first major chapter of our guide to Mafia Definitive Edition is a general walkthrough that describes all basic elements of the game. This chapter contains beginner's guide and tips - we have prepared valuable tips and hints on a variety of topics. In addition, we have comprehensively described such features as combat and stealth, map exploration, how to complete missions, and how to steal vehicles. Our guide includes a separate FAQ section that provides answers to frequently asked questions. Read our FAQ to find out, among other things, whether Mafia Final Edition is a full-fledged remake, how to heal your hero, how to avoid the police, whether you can repair cars, how to get a motorcycle, and how to win a race in the Fairplay mission.

The second chapter of the guide contains a detailed walkthrough of Mafia Definitive Edition story campaign. Our walkthrough contains a description of all main story missions, that is, missions which were based on the tasks from the original version of Mafia 1 and were required to complete the main story of the game. In addition, we have prepared detailed walkthrough of side missions that are a brand new feature in the remake. In our story walkthrough we have focused on describing the most problematic objectives of every mission, including how to win every battle and lose a police chase.

The last major chapter of the guide is the world atlas, in which you can find a completely new map of the in-game world. Some areas of the Lost Heaven city in the Mafia 1 Remake are slightly different from those which we have seen in the original version of the game. In the world atlas of our guide we have included information about the most important locations and indicated how to collect all secrets in the game - you can find such collectibles as Puls magazines, Comics, Cigarette Cards and Post Cards.

This game guide to Mafia 1 Remake also includes several smaller sections and chapters. First of all, we have prepared a trophy guide that should help you earn 100% of achievements and unlock the platinum trophy. Secondly, you can find out how long it takes to complete the main story campaign of Mafia Definitive Edition, as well as get information on the controls and system requirements of the remake.

Mafia Definitive Edition is a remake of the highly acclaimed Mafia The City of Lost Heaven mob video game from 2002. The game's action is set in the 1930s and takes the player to the fictional American city of Lost Heaven. We play the character of Tommy Angelo and observe his transformation from a legally working taxi driver into a member of one of the most influential gangster families. The remake of Mafia 1 does not change the main storyline in comparison to the original, but in addition to an entirely new visuals, it introduces many enhancements, modifications and new gameplay features. As a result, Mafia Definitive Edition may be interesting to even those players who have already completed the original version of Mafia 1 many times.

Coming Soon Mafia 1 Remake Guide, Walkthrough

This is upcoming Game Guide and Walkthrough for Mafia: Definitive Edition Video Game.

We are working on it now. We want to publish this Game Guide close to Mafia: Definitive Edition Release Date.

Mafia: Definitive Edition Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: Hangar 13
  • publisher: 2K Games
  • platform: PC, XONE, PS4

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