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Lust for Darkness Game Guide

Lust for Darkness Game Guide

Lust for survival and escape! Lust for Darkness Game Guide contains a detailed walkthrough that will help you uncover the secrets of Yelverton estate. Among the tips and guidelines, you will find information about Wilard’s occultists, Lusst'ghaa dimension and how to save Amanda.

This game guide is a comprehensive walkthrough to the Lust for Darkness. This solution will help you to finish all chapters of the game and unravel all of its secrets and puzzles. The guide contains detailed descriptions of the most difficult parts of the game. Our guide contains a detailed walkthrough of the whole game and a list of all the puzzles, including a few basic tips and a chapter on the controls and system requirements.

Basic tips

A few basic tips will help you understand the main mechanics of the game and minimize the probability of failure. Our tips are designed to introduce you to the game and get a grasp of the rules governing the gameworld. Thanks to this, you'll lose less time reloading the game and respawning at checkpoints.

  1. You can hear a disturbing noise and the screen starts pulsing? Run! An approaching enemy is preceded by a sudden and eerie sound and a pulsating screen. If an enemy appears, it is best to run, because getting heat results in the death of your character and being sent back to the last checkpoint.
  2. Remember about sneaking. Sneaking significantly decreases the chance of being detected by enemies. Remember to use the environment to your advantage; if an enemy is getting too close try to hide behind a pillar of a piece of furniture.
  3. Using the mask for extensive periods of time leads to the game over screen. At some point during the game (described in part 4 of our walkthrough) you will find a mask which enables you to walk between dimensions. Thanks to it you will be able to see Bridges and passages, but you have to keep in mind that extended use can drive Jonathan insane, in this case you will respawn at the last checkpoint. Put on the mask, pass the bridge or take a passage, and then remember to take it off.
  4. Do not look at items when cultists are nearby. Having acquired a disguise (described in the second part of our walkthrough) you can move around the Yelvertons' mansion freely, but inspecting items when cultists are nearby leads to detection, which in turn results in a game over screen and a respawn at the last checkpoint.


Our detailed walkthrough will help you complete the dark history of Jonathan and Amanda. You will learn how to solve puzzles or how to avoid enemies. Thanks to this guide you will easily move through the game-world. You will learn how to deal with the dangers present at the Yelvertons' mansion and how to safely navigate the strange dimension crawling with mutants.

  1. Prologue - how to get out of prison?
  2. Part 1 - Jonathan's and Amanda's house
  3. Part 2 - The Yelverton mansion garden?
  4. Part 3 - The Yelverton mansion
  5. Part 4 - A mask from another dimension
  6. Part 5 - The room with the crown symbol.
  7. Part 6 - The Lusst'ghaa dimension.
  8. Part 7 - The finale.
  9. Puzzles - A description of all the puzzles in the game.


The appendix is devoted to the technical aspects of the game, there, you will find some important information about the game. This includes the system requirements, so that you can check whether the game will run smoothly on your setup, and the controls page will help you get the basic moveset in no time.

  1. Controls - How to move a character?
  2. System requirements - will Lust for Darkness run smoothly on my PC?

About Lust for Darkness

Lust for Darkness is a psychological horror created by independent indie studio Movie Games. The main character of the game is Jonathan Moon, who receives a mysterious letter from his wife and sets out to search for her. Following her instructions, he is taken to the gloomy Yelverton estate, where he discovers an occult organization geared to bodily pleasures. The game is based on the journey through the dark place of worship and the dimension inhabited by mutant beings.

About Lust for Darkness Game Guide

Author : Radoslaw "Wacha" Wasik for

last update : June 18, 2018

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Lust for Darkness Video Game

Lust for Darkness
  • genre: Adventure

  • developer: SimFabric
  • publisher: Movie Games
  • platform: PC, Switch, PS4, XONE

Lust for Darkness is an adventure game with a psychological horror setting. The game has been developed by the independent Movie Games studio and is now available on PC. In order to fund the production of the game, developers completed a Kickstarter campaign.

The story starts when the main protagonist – Jonathan Moon – receives a letter from his wife, who – under unknown circumstances – has gone missing over a year before. After following the information he received during the phone call, he gets to the grim Victorian mansion belonging to the Yelvertones, where a secret occult ceremony is taking place.

As it turns out, the main protagonist gets mixed up in a much deeper plot, in which dark forces out of this world are involved – the mansion is connected with an alternate dimension called Lusst'ghaa inhabited by degenerated beings – hundreds of years ago, these creatures have modified their bodies so that they could experience an everlasting ecstasy.

In the PC release of Lust for Darkness, a player observes the action from the first-person perspective (FPP). The gameplay revolves around the aspect of exploration – during the game, one traverses dark rooms within the mansion as well as the locations in the Lusst'ghaa dimension, which can be entered through the encountered portals. As the main protagonist is unable to fight and the aforementioned dimension is inhabited by the mutated beings, in case of a confrontation, a player is left with no other choice than to run for his life. It is much more reasonable to hide from the danger and sneak past the adversaries.

Also important in the game is the aspect of solving the puzzles by finding particular items – this way, a player can progress through the story as well as learn some useful information about the in-game world.

Lust for Darkness features high-quality 3D visuals inspired by the occult themes and erotic paintings by Zdzislaw Beksinski. During the game, players are accompanied by the dedicated soundtrack written by Draco Nared – his music is also featured in games such as Agony and Phantaruk.

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